Yandex To Sell Russian Businesses At A Steep Discount Following Sanctions


Yandex N.V., the Dutch parent company of the Russian internet giant, is set to sell its remaining Russian businesses at a significant markdown. This move comes in the wake of sanctions imposed on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine two years ago.

Key Takeaway

Yandex N.V. is selling its Russian businesses at a steep discount following sanctions, with the transaction amounting to roughly half of its market capitalization.


Yandex, often referred to as “The Google of Russia,” offers a wide range of products and services similar to its U.S. counterpart. The company went public on the Nasdaq in 2011 and later listed on the Moscow Exchange. However, its shares plummeted after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, leading to its delisting from the Nasdaq.

The Sale

The transaction, valued at around $5.2 billion, will include the sale of all Yandex N.V. businesses in Russia and neighboring markets. This amount is approximately half of its market capitalization due to a mandatory discount imposed by the Russian Government on the sale of Russian assets by parent companies incorporated in “unfriendly” countries.

The Buyers

The buyers, a consortium led by senior managers from Yandex’s Russian businesses, will pay at least 230 billion rubles ($2.5 billion) in cash, transacted in Chinese Yuan (CNH). Other investors in the consortium include entities owned by prominent figures in the Russian business and investment landscape.

Remaining Assets

Following the sale, Yandex N.V. will retain its non-Russian assets, including early-stage technology businesses and investments in various technology companies. The company plans to use a portion of the proceeds to further develop its remaining businesses and deliver a return to its shareholders.


The proposed transaction is subject to regulatory and shareholder approval and is expected to close in two stages. Yandex N.V. aims to recover value for the businesses being divested while unlocking new growth potential for its international businesses and enabling the divested businesses to operate under new ownership.

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