X Now Allows Users To Broadcast Community Posts To All Followers


X, formerly known as Twitter, has introduced a new feature that enables users to share their community posts with all of their followers. This feature serves a similar purpose to posting a message in a Slack channel, allowing for broader dissemination of information to a wider audience.

Key Takeaway

X now offers a new option that allows users to share their community posts with all of their followers. This feature enhances the reach and visibility of community posts, enabling users to engage with a broader audience.

An X engineer made the announcement, stating that the feature is initially available on iOS and will soon be accessible on the web and Android platforms. To broadcast a community post, individuals need to select the “Also send to followers” option while posting within a community. The post will then be visible on the user’s profile.

Considering that communities on X are public, any user can view the posts within them. However, unless a user is a member of the community, they are unable to respond directly to the broadcasted posts. If users wish to engage with a community post that has been shared, they have the option to quote it. It remains uncertain whether X will implement any features allowing communities to block broadcasts.

In recent months, X has focused on enhancing communities, introducing new features, and competing more effectively with platforms like Reddit and Facebook. The company has implemented various improvements, including the ability to sort posts within pinned communities, the option to highlight communities on user profiles, and the ability for private accounts to join communities.

Additionally, X unveiled a gatekeeping feature in October that enables admins of restricted communities to request answers to specific questions before admitting new members. Admins can then decide whether to approve or deny access based on the responses given.

While community creation on X was previously limited to Premium accounts, the company recently expanded this capability to users in Japan. X has also been displaying posts from joined communities in the algorithmic feed (“For You”) in recent months, allowing for greater exposure to relevant content.

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