X Introduces New Feature Allowing Paid Users To Hide Likes


A new feature has been introduced on X, formerly known as Twitter, allowing paid users to hide their likes. This update comes in response to recent rollouts by rival social networks Threads and Bluesky, which gave users the ability to view their own likes.

Users who have opted for the paid tier on X now have the option to hide the likes tab under profile customization. According to the feature description, the likes tab on a user’s profile will only be visible to them, and their likes timeline will also be hidden from X’s APIs. However, individual likes will still be visible on posts.

Key Takeaway

X, formerly Twitter, is introducing a feature for paid users that allows them to hide their likes. This update follows similar moves by rival social networks and aims to give users more control over their liking activity.

Previously, likes on X were public, and anyone could visit a user’s profile to view the posts they had liked. With this new feature, paid users can now like posts without worrying about others seeing their activity.

Earlier this month, X also implemented the option for subscribers to hide their verification checkmark, possibly to avoid a popular meme. However, users who choose to hide their likes tab may unintentionally disclose that they are paid subscribers.

On Threads, liked posts can be viewed through the “Your Likes” tab in the settings, and these likes are private. Bluesky’s own app and website also keep likes private, but the platform has stated that likes are public, and apps using the Bluesky API can choose to display a likes tab on a user’s profile.

These recent updates reflect the ongoing efforts by social networks to provide users with more customization options and control over their online presence. Offering paid users the ability to hide their likes is an enticing feature that allows for a more private and personal experience on X.

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