The Power Of NFT Communities: Fueling The Survival Of NFTs Amidst Challenges


NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have faced their fair share of challenges, from skepticism and fraudulent activities to a significant decline in demand during the crypto winter. Despite this, the NFT sector has endured and is now experiencing a resurgence of interest, driven by investors, community members, and onlookers within the crypto space.

Key Takeaway

NFTs continue to thrive, propelled by the enduring belief in their underlying value, the sense of social validation they offer, and the growing interest and activity within their communities.

The Enduring Value of NFTs

While NFTs often receive criticism for the seemingly frivolous nature of some digital assets, there is a prevailing belief in the industry that these tokens hold substantial underlying value and offer a range of practical applications.

I think NFTs are just cultural artifacts of crypto at this point. When people have fun, it’s easier with a JPEG than just a token,” shared Ilja Moisejevs, co-founder and CEO of NFT marketplace Tensor.

According to Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, many NFT holders are motivated by factors beyond monetary gain. The ownership of NFTs is often driven by the desire for social validation and a sense of belonging, similar to the allure of investing in items such as diamonds.

“Some are basically just fraternity clubs; just people having fun with similar interests,” Moisejevs added. “It’s not a crazy idea, but NFTs make [the experience] more powerful by bonding them together. You either lose money together or make money together.”

Rising Interest and Activity

Recent trends indicate a growing influx of participants eager to engage in the NFT market. Over the past 30 days, the number of NFT buyers has surpassed sellers by approximately 120,000, and sales volumes have surged by 72.7% to around $1.66 billion, as reported by NFT aggregator CryptoSlam.

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