The Ongoing Battle: Open Source Vs. Proprietary Software


Throughout 2023, we have witnessed the ongoing struggle between open source and proprietary software, as major technology disruptions have led to a surge in interest for open alternatives. Let’s delve into some of the key events that have highlighted this eternal tug-of-war.

Key Takeaway

The events of 2023 have underscored the enduring struggle between open source and proprietary software, revealing the complexities and implications of embracing either approach. The industry’s ongoing evolution continues to shape the landscape of technology and software development.

Twitter’s Chaos and the Rise of Open Alternatives

Twitter’s tumultuous journey under Elon Musk’s leadership prompted users to explore open alternatives like Mastodon and Bluesky, signaling a shift towards open source platforms in the face of uncertainty.

OpenAI’s Turmoil and the Quest for “Open” Solutions

The upheaval at OpenAI, following the departure of key figures, sparked concerns among businesses relying on its technology, leading them to consider “open” alternatives such as Meta’s Llama-branded language models.

Adobe’s Bid and the Open Source Figma Challenger

Adobe’s failed attempt to acquire Figma paved the way for open source Figma challenger Penpot to gain traction, reflecting a growing interest in open source solutions amidst industry shake-ups.

Unity’s Fee Structure and the Appeal of Open Source Rival Godot

Unity’s controversial fee changes prompted developers to explore open source alternative Godot, showcasing the resilience of open platforms in the face of industry disruptions.

The (Not So) Open Source Factor

Amidst the open source vs proprietary software debate, internal conflicts within the open source community were also brought to the forefront, often stemming from actions by proprietary companies.

Challenges in Embracing Open Source Ethos

Companies like HashiCorp and Sentry’s licensing changes underscored the challenges of embracing open source principles while safeguarding commercial interests, shedding light on the complex dynamics at play.

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