The Future Of Customer Experience: Sierra’s Approach To AI Agents


Former Salesforce executive Bret Taylor and Google AR/VR veteran Clay Bavor have joined forces to launch Sierra, a startup aiming to revolutionize customer experience through AI agents. Sierra’s vision is to redefine customer interactions with brands by leveraging conversational AI as the primary means of engagement. Taylor and Bavor believe that AI agents will not only enhance customer service but will also play a pivotal role in shaping the overall customer experience.

Key Takeaway

Sierra, led by industry veterans Bret Taylor and Clay Bavor, aims to harness the potential of AI agents to redefine customer experience. By addressing the challenges associated with AI deployment and embracing outcome-based pricing, Sierra seeks to carve a distinct path in the evolving landscape of customer interactions.

Redefining Customer Interaction

Sierra’s approach centers around the use of AI agents to facilitate seamless and intuitive interactions between customers and brands. By enabling customers to input free-form queries and requests, Sierra’s AI agents are designed to comprehend and execute tasks by interfacing with relevant transactional systems. This includes activities such as accessing order information or managing delivery schedules, ultimately streamlining the customer experience.

Challenges and Mitigation

While the potential of AI agents is substantial, Taylor and Bavor acknowledge the challenges associated with their deployment. One such concern is the risk of AI-generated misinformation, commonly referred to as “hallucinations.” Sierra addresses this by employing a multi-model approach, incorporating a supervisory mechanism to assess response quality and mitigate the impact of erroneous information.

Embracing New Technology Models

Taylor envisions the emergence of several innovative enterprise software companies driven by the advancements in conversational AI. He compares this shift to the transformative impact of cloud and mobile technologies, emphasizing the vast opportunities presented by the evolving AI landscape.

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