Sonos Move 2: The Best Rugged Smart Speaker Gets Even Better


Sonos, renowned for its high-quality audio products, has done it again with the release of the Sonos Move 2. This rugged, weather-resistant smart speaker is the successor to the original Sonos Move, and it is packed with improvements that take an already exceptional speaker to new heights.

Key Takeaway

The Sonos Move 2 sets a new standard for rugged smart speakers with its outstanding sound quality and durability. Packed with improvements, it delivers excellent audio performance both indoors and outdoors, surpassing its competitors in every aspect that matters. If you’re willing to invest in a speaker that offers exceptional sound, durability, and versatility, the Sonos Move 2 is well worth the price tag.

The Basics

The Sonos Move 2 builds on the success of its predecessor, offering the same durable external case and IP56 water resistance. It can seamlessly integrate into your Sonos system via Wi-Fi and also provides Bluetooth connectivity for on-the-go flexibility. With AirPlay 2 built-in and automatic Trueplay technology, you can expect the best sound quality regardless of your environment. While it supports voice control, Google Assistant is not available in this version.

This new model features a USB-C port on the back, which not only allows for charging but also line-in functionality when paired with Sonos’ USB-C to 3.5mm aux adapter. It can be charged using the included base, which now supports a removable USB-C end on the side of the cable that goes into the charging brick.

Sonos has made significant improvements to the internals of the Move 2. It now houses two tweeters instead of one, positioned at a greater distance from each other within the case. Additionally, the battery life has been extended, offering up to 24 hours of continuous playback on a single charge, more than double the expected battery life of the original model.


Visually, the Move 2 closely resembles its predecessor, but it does come in a new Olive color option in addition to the classic black and white. The ruggedized exterior features a matte finish and a rubberized base and top, while the solid metal construction ensures durability. The speaker comes with a weighted base that keeps it securely in place, and it is drop-resistant in case of accidental falls.

The top of the speaker features touch controls for play/pause, skip tracks, and volume adjustment, along with a mute/unmute option for the microphone and voice assistants. One tip to keep in mind is that it’s best to disable the touch controls when using the speaker in wet conditions to avoid accidental activation.

The Move 2 includes a built-in handle on the back, which serves as a mount point for Sonos’ first-party wall mounts. Despite its relatively heavy weight of 6.61 lbs, the speaker’s enhanced battery life is a testament to its efficient design. Its larger size and weight contribute to delivering superior sound quality compared to smaller outdoor Bluetooth speakers at a comparable price point.


The sound quality of the Move 2 is exceptional. Building on the already impressive audio performance of the original Move, the addition of the second tweeter and the physical separation between the two speakers result in enhanced depth and overall sound quality. While the Move 2 comes close to replicating the stereo sound of two original Move speakers paired together, true stereo separation can still be achieved by purchasing two units of this new generation.

In terms of durability, the Move 2 is unrivaled. Users of the original Move have reported excellent performance and minimal weathering even after continuous outdoor use in various climates. The Move 2 retains the same rugged design and IP56 rating, ensuring exceptional resistance to the elements.

Furthermore, the Move 2 comes with additional perks such as line-in functionality and a detachable USB-C charging base, improving convenience and portability. The speaker’s connectivity is flawless, as expected from Sonos.

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