Silverfort Raises $116M To Revolutionize Identity Security


Silverfort, the Israeli/U.S. startup, has recently secured a substantial $116 million in funding to further develop its innovative approach to identity security. The company’s unique strategy encompasses a comprehensive view of identity security within organizations, aiming to provide protection across all potential points of vulnerability.

Key Takeaway

Silverfort’s holistic approach to identity security, coupled with its rapid growth and substantial funding, positions the company as a significant player in addressing the escalating challenges of modern cybersecurity threats.

Expanding Customer Base and Rapid Revenue Growth

Despite the increasing complexity of security threats, Silverfort has been successfully onboarding new customers at a rate of 100 per quarter. The company’s revenues are experiencing remarkable growth, with an annual increase of 100% and an Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) reaching the tens of millions of dollars.

Investment and Valuation

The impressive performance of Silverfort has attracted significant attention from investors, leading to the recent $116 million funding round. This funding has reportedly propelled the company to a valuation of approximately $1 billion.

Leading the Funding Round

Brighton Park Capital has taken the lead in this all-equity round, with participation from previous backers, including a mix of strategic and financial investors such as Acrew Capital, Greenfield Partners, Citi Ventures, General Motors Ventures, Maor Investments, Vintage Investment Partners, and Singtel Innov8.

Addressing the Growing Significance of Identity Security

The evolving landscape of cloud architecture and interconnectivity between various business software and applications has underscored the critical importance of identity security. Silverfort’s CEO and co-founder, Hed Kovetz, emphasized the increasing prevalence of identity-based attacks, particularly in the context of ransomware incidents.

Comprehensive Security Solutions

Silverfort’s approach encompasses Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) and Identity Threat Prevention (ITP) capabilities, providing a holistic security layer that covers all facets of an organization’s infrastructure. The company’s solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing identity management products, offering enhanced observation and response capabilities.

Recognition and Future Outlook

The company’s visionary approach and exceptional market expertise have garnered recognition from industry experts. Mike Gregoire, a partner at Brighton Park Capital, commended Silverfort’s innovative products and its potential to lead the identity security market.

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