Shure Introduces MoveMic: A New Player In The Wireless Lavalier Microphone Market


Consumer lapel microphones have become a popular trend in recent years, expanding from professional film crews to everyday consumers. While there have been plug-in solutions for smartphones, the availability of affordable sets for capturing high-quality two-way conversations has been limited until now.

Key Takeaway

Shure, a trusted audio brand, has introduced the MoveMic, a wireless lavalier microphone, to compete in the consumer market, offering high-quality audio solutions for interviews and in-person recordings.

Trusted Brand Enters the Fray

Shure, a well-respected audio brand with a nearly 100-year history, has entered the wireless lavalier microphone market with its latest offering, the MoveMic. Unlike many of its competitors, which include companies like Anker and DJI, Shure is known for its high-quality microphones across various industries.

Competition and Expectations

Rode, another high-end microphone manufacturer, is a direct competitor in this space. While the competition has seen mixed reviews, Shure’s MoveMic aims to set a new standard for wireless lavalier microphones. The MoveMic will be put to the test at Modex in Atlanta, where its performance in noisy environments and potential wireless interference will be evaluated.

Performance and Pricing

The MoveMic system starts at $249 for a single clip-on microphone, with a pair priced at $249 and a bundle with the receiver available for $499. While the receiver does not fit into the charging case, the mics can pair directly with a phone without the need for the receiver. However, the receiver is essential for connecting to cameras, computers, and non-Shure apps. Currently, the system supports up to two mics at a time, with the potential for future expansion.

One notable feature of the DJI unit, which the MoveMic currently lacks, is the ability to plug a wired lav mic directly into the clip-on, making it more camera-ready. As the wireless lavalier microphone market continues to evolve, Shure’s entry with the MoveMic is poised to make a significant impact.

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