Say Goodbye To Period Pain: Samphire Neuroscience Introduces Innovative Wearable Solution


It’s a harsh reality that many women endure excruciating period pain each month, often resorting to painkillers or hot water bottles for relief. For some, the pain is so severe that it forces them to stay in bed for days, with over-the-counter medications providing little to no respite. In addition to physical discomfort, individuals who menstruate may also grapple with mood swings and emotional sensitivity associated with PMS or the more severe PMDD. Traditional treatment options for these issues are limited, leading some to consider hormonal birth control, which comes with its own set of risks.

Key Takeaway

Samphire Neuroscience is developing a non-invasive, drug-free wearable device, Nettle, designed to alleviate period pain and mood disorders through targeted brain stimulation.

Revolutionizing Women’s Health

Samphire Neuroscience, a UK-based medtech startup, is pioneering a novel approach to address these longstanding women’s health challenges. The company has developed Nettle, a head-mounted therapeutic wearable that leverages transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) to target brain regions associated with pain perception and mood regulation. By applying non-pharmaceutical neuromodulation, the device aims to provide effective relief for period pain and PMS.

Understanding the Science

tDCS works by applying a constant electrical current to enhance the brain’s neuroplasticity, allowing it to adapt and reorganize synaptic connections. Samphire contends that hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle can impact brain activity, influencing mood, energy levels, and sensitivity. Nettle is specifically designed to be used before the onset of the menstrual period, targeting the luteal phase when hormone levels fluctuate significantly.

The Nettle Device

The Nettle wearable, resembling a sleek headband, is battery-operated and is worn for treatment sessions over several days before the start of the period. It targets the motor cortex for pain perception and the prefrontal cortex for mood regulation, addressing both physical and psychological symptoms.

Scientific Backing and Future Prospects

Samphire has conducted a clinical trial demonstrating promising results in reducing period pain and PMS symptoms. The startup is working towards obtaining a CE mark from European medical device regulators, with plans to make Nettle available for direct consumer purchase. The company also aims to expand its product line to address other women’s health issues, such as female insomnia and the perimenopause.

Looking Ahead

While the Nettle headband is not yet available for purchase, Samphire Neuroscience’s innovative approach to women’s health holds significant promise. By combining neuroscience and technology, the company is striving to provide a drug-free and effective solution for individuals experiencing period pain and related mood disorders.

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