Regulatory Approval Paves The Way For Solar Subscription Boom In The UK


In a landmark decision, the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has granted regulatory approval to Sunsave, a startup that offers solar panels and batteries on a subscription model. This move is expected to open up an exciting new market for solar subscription services, providing both competition and investment opportunities in the tech industry.

Key Takeaway

The FCA’s approval of Sunsave’s subscription model for solar panels and batteries marks a significant milestone in the UK energy industry. It opens up new possibilities for widespread adoption of solar power and encourages competition in the market. This development is expected to attract additional investment and spur the growth of subscription-based solar startups, fostering a more sustainable future.

Subscription Model Breakthrough

Sunsave, based in Oxford, secured the FCA’s go-ahead this week for its innovative proposal. Unlike traditional solar installations that require upfront payment, subscribers to Sunsave’s service can enjoy the benefits of solar power without the need for a lump sum investment. This subscription model is similar to successful ventures in the U.S. and Continental Europe, such as Enpal in Germany and SolarMente in Spain, which have already gained significant traction.

The approval from the FCA is a crucial milestone for Sunsave, which has also raised an impressive £5.4 million ($6.7 million) seed funding round from notable investors including Norrsken, IPGL, Plug and Play, and a group of angel investors comprising Stuart Rose, Michael Spencer, Roland Rudd, and Bill Nussey. In total, Sunsave has raised £9.2 million ($11.5 million) in the 18 months since its inception.

Turning the Tide in the UK Market

Until now, the dominant model in the UK has been solar leasing, in which customers do not own the panels installed on their rooftops. However, this arrangement has proven to be unpopular due to its lack of flexibility and the inability for consumers to easily terminate the leases. Consequently, domestic adoption of solar power has been sluggish in the country.

With Sunsave’s innovative subscription model, customers have full ownership of the solar power system without any early repayment fees or penalties. This customer-centric approach, coupled with the FCA’s approval, is expected to create a surge of interest in solar subscription services throughout the UK.

Expanding Opportunities for Renewable Energy

The success of Sunsave and the subsequent regulatory approval have sent a strong signal to other solar startups in the UK. This breakthrough could catalyze the emergence of more subscription-based solar initiatives, potentially even enabling the creation of micro-grids that sell surplus energy back to larger suppliers.

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