Ray-Ban Meta Vs. Amazon’s Echo Frames 3: A Comparison


April marked the 10th anniversary since Google released the first generation of Glass, and it’s interesting to reflect on the journey of smartglasses over the past decade. The limited release “Explorer’s Edition” of Google Glass was once highly coveted, but the last 10 years have been a mixed bag for smartglasses, with more misses than hits. Despite this, companies like Google, Meta, and Amazon continue to innovate in this space.

Key Takeaway

Despite the differences in features and pricing, the Ray-Ban Meta and Amazon Echo Frames represent the latest advancements in smart eyewear, catering to different user preferences and needs.

The Evolution of Smartglasses

Google Glass, despite its initial hype, never achieved the critical mass required for a commercial product. However, the company continues to make attempts every few years. Other players like Meta, Microsoft, and Magic Leap have also entered the AR market with varying degrees of success. The upcoming release of Apple Vision Pro next year is expected to make significant advancements in this space.

Ray-Ban Meta and Amazon Echo Frames

Meta’s recent hardware event introduced the Quest 3, a VR headset with AR capabilities, and the Ray-Ban Meta, a smart eyewear that focuses on content capture. On the other hand, Amazon’s Echo Frames 3, while lacking video capture, offer a similar audio setup with speakers located in the temples. Unlike traditional headphones, they provide situational awareness but compromise on immersive sound.

Audio and Echo Functionality

The Echo Frames prioritize Echo functionality, offering a hands-free voice assistant experience with Alexa. They provide features such as play/pause, calls, and reminders. The Frames come in five different styles and can be customized with prescription lenses, blue light filtering, or sunglasses.

Battery Life and Pricing

The Echo Frames boast a battery life of 14 hours with moderate usage. They are priced at $270, $30 cheaper than the Ray-Ban Meta, but Amazon is currently offering them at a discounted price of $200.

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