Poor Credit, No Love: The Exclusive Dating App


Welcome to the latest edition of Startups Weekly, your go-to source for all the buzz in the startup world. This week, we’re diving into the controversial launch of Score, a dating app that’s making waves for its exclusive approach to matchmaking. But that’s not all – we’ve also got the latest on some dramatic developments in the world of tech, from Tesla’s Super Bowl ad fiasco to the unexpected closure of a major VC firm.

Key Takeaway

Score, the exclusive dating app, is making headlines for its controversial approach of considering credit scores in matchmaking, sparking a heated debate about the intersection of love and finance.

The Exclusive Dating App That’s Raising Eyebrows

Score, the latest player in the dating app scene, is turning heads with its unique approach to finding love. Unlike traditional dating apps, Score puts a new spin on matchmaking by taking credit scores into account. In a world where swiping right is the norm, Score adds a twist by requiring users to have a decent credit score to join. And here’s the kicker – if your credit score doesn’t make the cut, you’re sent off to financial literacy boot camp. It’s a bold move that’s sparking a heated debate about the intersection of love and finance.

Controversy in the Tech World

Meanwhile, in the tech world, drama is unfolding as the Dawn Project, a safety advocacy group, faces backlash for its Super Bowl ad targeting Tesla’s Full Self-Driving software. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has issued a stern rebuke, highlighting the tension between tech companies and regulatory agencies. And that’s not all – we’ve got the inside scoop on some major fundraises and a surprising trend in the hardware sector that’s shaking things up.

From the rise of exclusive dating apps to the latest developments in the tech and startup world, this week has been nothing short of eventful. Stay tuned for more updates on the ever-evolving landscape of startups and technology.

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