Parachute: The Enduring Success Of A Home Lifestyle Brand


After a decade in the industry, Parachute, the home lifestyle brand, continues to thrive amidst the aftermath of the direct-to-consumer boom. Founded by Ariel Kaye in 2012, the brand has solidified its position in the market, offering high-quality bedding, towels, and robes that have garnered a loyal customer base. As the company expands into new product categories and establishes retail presence globally, its resilience and longevity come to the forefront.

Key Takeaway

Parachute, under the leadership of Ariel Kaye, has defied the odds and flourished in the competitive home lifestyle market, showcasing the enduring appeal of its products and the founder’s entrepreneurial acumen.

Building a Lasting Brand

From its inception, Parachute resonated with consumers seeking personalized and millennial-centric home products. The brand’s immediate appeal and the enthusiastic reception from customers underscored its unique positioning in the market. Kaye’s relentless pursuit of the finest materials and her adeptness in managing logistics and team building have been pivotal in shaping Parachute’s journey.

Lessons from a Decade of Entrepreneurship

As a solo founder, Kaye’s entrepreneurial odyssey has been marked by valuable insights and hard-earned triumphs. Navigating through the intricacies of managing a business, she has honed her skills in hiring, fundraising, and sustaining relevance in a dynamic industry. Her resilience and adaptability have been instrumental in steering Parachute through the evolving landscape of direct-to-consumer brands.

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