New Release: Soundboks Launches Fourth Generation Bluetooth Speaker


Norwegian company Soundboks has unveiled its highly anticipated fourth-generation Bluetooth speaker. The latest offering from the popular brand retains its signature black box design and powerful sound, making it the ultimate party accessory.

Key Takeaway

Soundboks has released its fourth-generation Bluetooth speaker, offering even more powerful sound and extended battery life. The company’s success in Scandinavia has been driven by its association with festivals, while the US market has gravitated towards using the speakers for parties and sporting events. Soundboks is focused on sustainable growth as a hardware company, prioritizing profitability and community-building.

The Ultimate Party Starter

The Soundboks speaker has long been recognized for its ability to deliver high volume levels, capable of waking up an entire neighborhood. The fourth-generation speaker takes this to the next level with upgraded amplifiers and 10-inch woofers, providing an even more powerful and immersive sound experience. With an impressive battery life of up to 40 hours, users can keep the party going all night long. And as a fun nod to the cult movie classic “Spinal Tap,” Soundboks has cranked up the volume to eleven.

Born out of Festivals

CEO and co-founder Jesper Thomsen attributes the success of Soundboks to its origins in the festival scene. The speakers were initially designed for the Danish music festival, Roskilde Festival, where they quickly gained popularity. Today, you can find thousands of Soundboks speakers at festivals across Scandinavia. The company has achieved an impressive market penetration of 1% of Danish households.

A Tale of Two Markets

While Soundboks has seen tremendous success in its home market of Scandinavia, it has faced challenges in the United States. Thomsen explains that the difference in festival and outdoor culture between Europe and the US has influenced the company’s strategy. In Europe, the speakers are essential for camping and festival experiences, while in the US, they are used more for parties and sporting events.

Building a Healthy Hardware Company

Soundboks’ journey began in 2014 as a direct-to-consumer hardware startup, launching through a successful Kickstarter campaign. Unlike many of its contemporaries, Soundboks has flourished and is now focused on sustainable growth as a hardware company. Thomsen highlights the importance of profitability and building a strong brand connection with the community.

With its latest product release, Soundboks continues to dominate the high-volume, high-energy speaker market. As the company looks to expand its reach internationally, it remains committed to providing users with a powerful and immersive sound experience, no matter the occasion.

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