New AI-Powered Search By Catch+Release Revolutionizes User-Generated Content


Catch+Release, the innovative startup that allows brands to license creator content, has unveiled its latest feature – an AI-powered search engine that enables users to search for user-generated content using natural language queries. This groundbreaking development eliminates the need for brands to navigate different platforms in search of suitable content for their marketing campaigns.

Key Takeaway

Catch+Release revolutionizes the way brands discover and license user-generated content with its AI-powered search engine. By enabling natural language queries and leveraging image recognition technology, marketers can easily find relevant and captivating content from platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Though still refining its video recognition capabilities, Catch+Release’s innovative solution promises to redefine content curation for brands.

Enhancing Content Discovery for Marketers

Traditionally, marketers have had to rely on keywords and tags to find content on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. However, this often proves to be limiting, as creators may not always accurately tag their images or videos. Catch+Release aims to overcome these challenges by utilizing image recognition technology to identify scenes and objects in user-generated media assets.

By leveraging this AI-powered search engine, marketers can effortlessly search for queries like “children at a birthday party” on Instagram, streamlining the content discovery process. Catch+Release’s innovative solution empowers brands to curate compelling and relevant user-generated content without the hassle of navigating multiple platforms.

Current Limitations and Future Improvements

While the AI-powered search engine shows promise, there are some limitations to its capabilities. Currently, it is unable to search the broader internet for content. Catch+Release primarily focuses on onboarding creators to its platform, where they can license their assets and link their social accounts for easy access. With 600 creators and over 300,000 indexed items, the platform provides a curated collection of content for brands to choose from.

In testing the search engine, we found that it excelled in finding images related to our queries. However, there were some inconsistencies in locating videos accurately. Catch+Release acknowledges this and is actively working on improving its recognition capabilities to ensure a more precise and comprehensive search experience.

Securing Strong Investor Support

Catch+Release has successfully raised a total of $31.3 million in funding, with its most recent extension round bringing in $8 million. The company has garnered support from notable investors, including Accel, Cervin, Stagwell, HarbourVest Partners, 35V (venture firm of NBA star Kevin Durant), and Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta. This funding will drive the continuous development of Catch+Release’s groundbreaking technology and further propel its expansion.

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