Luxury Clothing Distributors Embrace Virtual Try-On Technology, Securing $15M Series A Funding


In a revolutionary move within the luxury fashion industry, Sandy Sholl and Adam Freede, the duo behind MadaLuxe Group, a prominent luxury distribution platform for fashion and accessories, have unveiled their latest venture. Zelig, a groundbreaking AI-powered virtual try-on and styling technology, aims to provide customers with a personalized online shopping experience that simulates the act of trying on clothes in a physical store.

Key Takeaway:

Zelig, an AI-powered virtual try-on and styling technology, provides customers with a hyper-personalized online shopping experience. By allowing users to visualize how clothes, shoes, and accessories look on their specific body type, Zelig revolutionizes the way luxury clothing is purchased online. The recent

5 million Series A funding reinforces Zelig’s potential to transform the retail industry and attract partnerships with renowned brands.

Revolutionizing Online Shopping with AI Technology

Zelig’s cutting-edge technology combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision to allow consumers to upload a photo and visualize how different clothing items, shoes, and accessories would look on their specific body type. With an initial selection of over 40 diverse models representing various body types, skin tones, and hair colors, customers can create different outfit combinations and save their preferences to their profile.

Unlike other virtual try-on platforms in the market, Zelig aims to provide a comprehensive shopping journey for its users. Sandy Sholl describes it as a “hyper-personalized online shopping experience,” emphasizing the unique ability of Zelig to cater to customers’ engagement and preference. By incorporating visual reporting tools, Zelig aims to push the boundaries of personalized online shopping in the next decade.

$15M Series A Funding Paves the Way for Expansion

After three years of private funding, Zelig recently announced a successful Series A funding round, raising $15 million. The pre-revenue company is now valued at an impressive $100 million. Leading this funding round is financial services firm Hilco Global, along with the participation of global luxury investor Bezikian Zareh. The backing from Hilco Global, a trusted partner with Sandy Sholl and Adam Freede, adds further credibility to Zelig’s potential to transform the retail industry.

Future Prospects and Partnerships

While specific brands have not been disclosed, it is reasonable to assume that Zelig will collaborate with luxury brands represented by MadaLuxe, such as Versace, Gucci, and Cartier. As Zelig continues to develop its technology and enhance its personalization capabilities, it is anticipated that renowned retailers and department stores will eagerly join forces with the platform.

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