LimeLoop’s Sustainable Solution: Reusable Mailers To Replace Cardboard Boxes


In the age of e-commerce, the excessive use of cardboard boxes has become a pressing concern. This is where LimeLoop comes in, offering a sleek and innovative solution to replace traditional single-use packaging. Co-founders Chantal Emmanuel and Ashley Etling have developed reusable mailers that not only contribute to sustainability efforts but also provide real-time tracking capabilities.

Key Takeaway

LimeLoop offers a sustainable and technologically advanced alternative to cardboard packaging for e-commerce. Their reusable mailers, made from upcycled materials, have a significantly lower carbon footprint and can be tracked in real-time. With increasing concerns about environmental impact, LimeLoop provides a practical solution that benefits both businesses and consumers.

Creating a Sustainable Business Model

The story of LimeLoop began when Emmanuel and Etling worked together at an industrial design firm that utilized reusable packaging for shipping samples. Years later, the pair realized the potential of reusable packaging in the e-commerce industry. They decided to create a company centered around the idea of reducing waste and carbon emissions.

LimeLoop’s mailers are made from upcycled plastics and incorporate LoRaWAN modules for seamless tracking. The company leverages networks like Helium and Amazon’s Sidewalk to collect real-time data from their mailers’ journeys. This tracking feature is not only beneficial for e-commerce but also serves industries such as healthcare that require precise delivery timelines.

Two Types of Mailers with Impressive Lifespans

LimeLoop offers two primary types of reusable packaging. The first is designed for business-to-consumer shipments. These smaller mailers can withstand at least 100 trips and significantly reduce a consumer’s carbon footprint. The second type consists of larger totes used for fulfillment routes within or between companies. These totes can hold up to 40 pounds and have an average lifespan of 50 trips.

Return shipping is made easy for both types of mailers. Consumers can simply hand over the used mailers to their mail carrier from the U.S. Postal Service during regular deliveries. On the business-to-business side, the totes can be conveniently collapsed and packed in another tote. This efficiency allows for the return of up to 10 collapsed totes at a time.

Impressive Environmental Impact

LimeLoop’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the significant reduction of their mailers’ carbon footprint compared to cardboard. Even when factoring in return shipping, the company’s mailers have a carbon footprint that is approximately 90% lower. This makes LimeLoop’s solution an ideal choice for environmentally-conscious companies.

The company has already gained traction with customers such as Toad&Co., a sustainable clothing retailer, and Topo Designs, an outdoor gear company. The success of LimeLoop is not only attributed to their innovative packaging, but also to the intelligence of their tracking platform. The ability to keep packages in circulation through real-time tracking ensures the effectiveness of their circular system.

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