Land Moto Secures $3M Investment To Boost Electric Bike Battery Development


Cleveland-based electric motorcycle startup Land Moto has recently announced a significant milestone in its journey to enhance the battery design aspect of its technology. The company has successfully secured a $3 million investment, adding to the $7 million raised last summer, to further its endeavors in 2024.

Key Takeaway

Land Moto has secured a $3 million investment to bolster its battery manufacturing and design capabilities, aiming to expand the utility of its electric bike batteries beyond transportation.

Enhancing Battery Technology

Land Moto’s flagship product, the District electric motorbike, has been a standout in the market, offering a unique blend of e-bike and motorcycle features. The vehicle is powered by one or two large Land-designed batteries, providing versatility in its operation. It can function as a Class 2 vehicle, eliminating the need for a permit, or deliver high-performance speeds exceeding 70 MPH.

Diversification into Home Utility

Recognizing the potential for home utility beyond transportation, Land Moto is exploring the concept of leveraging its batteries for off-grid purposes. The Core batteries, available in various sizes including a 5.5 kWh option, offer a range of 80-100 miles. Additionally, they can power household devices such as phones and coffee makers, showcasing their versatility.

Introducing the Power Tap

As part of their efforts to promote the multifaceted use of their batteries, Land Moto has introduced a new accessory called the Power Tap. This device, available for pre-order, features a 400W, three-prong outlet and four USB-C plugs, expanding the capabilities of the electric bike beyond transportation.

Investing in Battery Manufacturing

The recent $3 million investment will not only facilitate the production of the Power Tap but also enable Land Moto to focus on enhancing battery manufacturing and design. Evan Painter, Land’s head of design, emphasized the significance of in-house battery production, highlighting its potential to drive innovation and improve the intuitive design of the battery.

Future Prospects

With the electric ecosystem evolving to encompass diverse transport solutions and off-grid applications, Land Moto is poised to capitalize on these emerging trends. The company showcased a newly redesigned battery at CES, featuring advanced inputs and outputs, including USB-C, USB-A, an AC outlet, and solar input ports, hinting at its potential for home integration.

The $3 million funding round, led by Nunc Coepi Ventures, brings Land Moto’s total funding to $10 million, signaling a promising trajectory for the company’s expansion and innovation in the electric vehicle sector.

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