Hundreds Of AI Experts Call For Legislation Against Deepfakes


Hundreds of experts in the field of artificial intelligence have come together to advocate for strict regulations against AI-generated impersonations, also known as deepfakes. The open letter, signed by over 500 individuals within and adjacent to the AI industry, emphasizes the growing threat of deepfakes to society and urges governments to impose obligations across the supply chain to curb their proliferation.

Key Takeaway

The AI community, including prominent figures such as Jaron Lanier, Frances Haugen, and Stuart Russell, is calling for criminalization of deepfake child sexual abuse materials and strict penalties for those involved in creating or spreading harmful deepfakes. The letter serves as a significant indication of the industry’s stance on combating the misuse of AI technology.

Urgent Need for Regulation

The signatories of the letter are advocating for the full criminalization of deepfake child sexual abuse materials, irrespective of the authenticity of the depicted figures. They are also pushing for severe penalties in cases where individuals are involved in the creation or dissemination of harmful deepfakes. Furthermore, developers are urged to implement measures to prevent the production of harmful deepfakes using their products, with the threat of penalties for inadequate preventive actions.

Prominent Signatories

Notable figures such as Jaron Lanier, Frances Haugen, Stuart Russell, Andrew Yang, and Marietje Schaake, along with hundreds of academics from various disciplines, have lent their support to this crucial initiative. The letter also highlights the absence of signatories from major tech companies, raising questions about their stance on the issue.

Global Impact

While this call for regulation is not the first of its kind, the EU has been actively deliberating and recently proposed formal measures to address the issue. The willingness of the EU to take action has likely spurred the AI community to voice their concerns and recommendations.

Challenges and Future Outlook

Despite the urgency expressed in the letter, the likelihood of immediate legislative action remains uncertain, particularly in the midst of an election year and a divided congress. However, the collective voice of the AI community, as demonstrated in this letter, serves as a significant indicator of the industry’s stance on addressing the misuse of AI technology.

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