HMD Global Begins Manufacturing In Europe With The ‘Made In Hungary’ Nokia XR21 5G Phone


HMD Global, the company behind the iconic Nokia brand, has made a significant move in its manufacturing operations by launching its first smartphone manufactured in Europe. This decision comes in response to the increasing demand from enterprises for locally-made hardware as a means to address concerns over security and sustainability. While the company previously chose to withhold information about its European manufacturing facility due to security reasons, it has now confirmed that at least one of its manufacturing locations is in Hungary.

Key Takeaway

HMD Global has started manufacturing its smartphones in Europe to meet the demand for locally-made hardware from enterprises. The first smartphone produced in Europe is the limited edition Nokia XR21 5G, which offers military-grade durability and is made from 100% recycled aluminum. The move to Europe aligns with HMD Global’s commitment to security and sustainability.

The Nokia XR21: Limited Edition

The first device produced in Europe is the limited edition 5G Nokia XR21. Only 50 units of this phone have been made initially, with 30 units already on sale through the Nokia phone store. The Frosted Platinum variant of the device is available in several European countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, and Finland. It carries a price tag of €699 (£599).

Expansion of Availability

In addition to the initial limited edition batch, HMD Global has announced plans to make another 302 smartphones, branded as the “European Edition,” available for purchase. These devices will be priced at €649 (£549) and will be released soon in the market.

HMD Global’s Journey

HMD Global emerged as a key player in the mobile phone industry following Nokia’s ill-fated acquisition by Microsoft. In 2016, HMD Global took on the Nokia brand and focused primarily on feature phones and budget smartphones. However, with the backing of investors such as Google, Qualcomm, and Nokia itself, HMD Global recently confirmed plans to introduce own-brand devices to the market.

The Emphasis on Durability and Sustainability

The Nokia XR21 boasts “military-grade durability,” with an IP69K rating that makes it suitable for high-risk environments with factors such as dust, heat, moisture, and impact. Moreover, the phone is constructed from 100% recycled aluminum, showcasing HMD Global’s commitment to sustainability.

While the materials used in the device may come from different parts of the world, including China, the assembly, calibration, and testing take place at HMD Global’s European manufacturing facility. This move allows the company to meet the security requirements of its enterprise customers, who prefer locally-made products.

The Future of HMD Global’s Manufacturing

It is important to note that HMD Global’s transition to manufacturing in Europe does not mean a complete shift from its existing manufacturing capacity in China and India. The move instead caters to the specific demands of certain customers who prioritize sovereignty and localization. The Asian market remains a significant focus for the company, and building all its phones in Europe for shipment back to Asia would not be a practical strategy.

In conclusion, HMD Global’s decision to manufacture its smartphones in Europe represents a significant development in its operations. The launch of the ‘Made in Hungary’ Nokia XR21 5G phone showcases the company’s commitment to security, sustainability, and meeting the demands of specific customers.

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