Google Introduces New 3D Logo And Branding For Android


Google has announced a rebranding for its popular mobile operating system, Android. The search giant is making significant changes to the Android branding, adopting a new logo with a capital “A” instead of the previous all-lowercase lettering. In addition, the bug droid logo, which has been a prominent symbol of Android, will be replaced with a new 3D avatar.

Key Takeaway

Google is revamping the Android brand with a new logo featuring a capital “A” and a 3D bug droid avatar. This rebranding aligns Android more closely with Google’s Material design system and overall branding. The changes reflect Android’s core ethos of being open, iterative, and inclusive.

Embracing Material Design

The new Android logo incorporates elements of Google’s Material design system, aligning it more closely with Google’s overall branding. The company is also updating the logo’s typeface, suggesting that these changes will be reflected in future Android operating system updates.

This rebranding move follows a notable change in 2019 when Google decided to move away from using dessert names like KitKat or Lollipop to identify major Android updates, instead opting for version numbers. At that time, Google cited a device ecosystem of 2.5 billion Android devices. Now, that number has risen to 3 billion, indicating a continued but less explosive growth over the past four years.

“We believe that our brand system, and how we visually present Android to the world, should reflect Android’s core ethos of being open, iterative, and inclusive. That’s why we are introducing an update to our visual identity that better represents our Android community—and also happens to be a lot of fun,” explained Jason Fournier, director of Android consumer brand management.

A Virtual-to-Reality Transition

In addition to the new logo, Google is updating the bug droid’s avatar to a three-dimensional representation, allowing for a seamless transition between digital and real-life environments. This change aims to enhance the overall user experience and align with the evolving nature of Android technology.

The updated branding, along with the new 3D logo, will start appearing on Android devices and various platforms throughout the year. It is expected that the Pixel 8 series announcement event on October 4 will showcase the new Android branding, further solidifying its presence and impact in the mobile industry.

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