Firefox For Android Adds 450+ New Extensions To Enhance User Experience


For Android users who prefer Firefox over Chrome, there’s exciting news. Mozilla, the maker of Firefox, has unveiled over 450 new extensions for its Android browser. These browser add-ons, available on Mozilla’s Firefox Browser Add-ons page, offer users the ability to personalize their mobile browsing experience. Whether it’s incorporating anti-tracking privacy tools, content blockers, productivity tools, or even introducing new experiences such as streaming music, these extensions cater to diverse user needs.

Key Takeaway

Firefox for Android has introduced 450+ new extensions, allowing users to customize their browsing experience with features such as anti-tracking tools, content blockers, and productivity enhancements. Despite its modest market share, the app remains popular among users seeking privacy-focused alternatives to mainstream browsers.

The Long Wait for Extensions

Following the 2020 revamp of Firefox’s Android browser with the introduction of “GeckoView,” a faster and more customizable browser engine, the lack of extensions became a persistent issue for users. Initially, the supported extensions were limited to those within the “Recommended Extensions” program, hindering the long tail of extension development.

Bringing Back the Open Extension Ecosystem

After completing the necessary infrastructure in August, Mozilla began testing and making hundreds of extensions available to Firefox for Android users. This culminated in the recent announcement of over 450 extensions being accessible. Mozilla emphasized the significance of an open ecosystem, highlighting the fact that nearly half of all Firefox desktop users have an extension installed to customize their experience.

Market Share and User Base

Despite its small market share in the mobile browser race, Firefox for Android has attracted a dedicated following, particularly among users seeking alternatives beyond the dominant browsers. The app’s automatic tracker blocking feature has resonated with privacy-conscious individuals, contributing to its appeal. With over 100 million installs on the Google Play Store, Firefox for Android continues to serve as a compelling option for users.

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