Doublepoint Unveils WowMouse Gesture-Touch Control App For Pixel Watch 2 At MWC 2024


Doublepoint, a startup, has unveiled the updated version of its WowMouse gesture-touch control app for Android smartwatches at the Mobile World Congress. The app, which was initially launched at CES in January, now supports Google’s Pixel Watch 2 and has already gained approximately 30,000 downloads by Samsung Galaxy users since its debut.

Key Takeaway

Doublepoint has launched the updated WowMouse gesture-touch control app for Android smartwatches, now supporting Google’s Pixel Watch 2, at the Mobile World Congress.

Revolutionizing Gesture Control

The WowMouse app functions as a ‘wrist-based’ mouse, utilizing taps transmitted via Bluetooth to the watch, enabling users to control headsets, phones, tablets, computers, and other devices. This innovative approach to gesture control brings a new level of convenience and functionality to Android smartwatches, similar to the gestures available on the Apple iWatch.

Founder’s Vision

Ohto Pentikäinen, the founder of Doublepoint, highlighted the growing significance of gestures in today’s tech landscape, especially with the emergence of products like the Apple Vision Pro. He emphasized the discreet nature of their gesture detection algorithms, enabling users to seamlessly interact with their devices.

Technical Innovation

Pentikäinen explained that the WowMouse app detects vibrations triggered by finger touches, utilizing the inertial measurement unit to capture these subtle movements. This technological innovation opens up possibilities for enhanced user experiences, particularly in the realm of AR and VR, where the app could significantly impact gaming and interactive applications.

Opportunities for Developers

Doublepoint is also offering preorders for its Evaluation Kit, providing developers with access to a wristband, algorithms, and evaluation tools to test the gesture detection algorithm. This initiative aims to foster innovation and collaboration within the developer community, further expanding the potential applications of the WowMouse technology.

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