DJI Osmo Pocket 3: The Ultimate Vlogging Camera Upgrade


DJI, the leading manufacturer of consumer drones and gimbals, has just released its latest offering: the DJI Osmo Pocket 3. This new iteration of the popular vlogging camera boasts a major upgrade in the form of a larger 1-inch CMOS sensor, coupled with the exceptional gimbal stabilization technology that DJI is renowned for. With a three-year gap between this release and its predecessor, the Osmo Pocket 3 offers significant improvements that easily surpass smartphone camera systems in terms of vlogging and social video creation capabilities.

Key Takeaway

The DJI Osmo Pocket 3 is a game-changer in the world of vlogging cameras. With its upgraded 1-inch CMOS sensor, powerful gimbal stabilization, and intuitive controls, it outshines smartphone camera systems. The camera’s exceptional performance and range of features make it the perfect tool for content creators looking to stand out in the crowded vlogging landscape.

The Basics: A Game-Changing Sensor and Adjustable Orientation Display

The standout feature of the DJI Osmo Pocket 3 is the impressive 1-inch CMOS sensor. This upgrade replaces the previous 1/1.7-inch sensor found in the previous model and brings the camera on par with dedicated pocket cameras like Sony’s RX100 line. The larger sensor allows for better light gathering, resulting in enhanced image quality across all categories, especially in low-light conditions.

Additionally, the Osmo Pocket 3 features an adjustable orientation display, which is a 2-inch touchscreen OLED. This innovative display makes it incredibly easy to switch between shooting modes, seamlessly transitioning from landscape to portrait orientation. The camera can record video at up to 4K/120 fps for impressive slow-motion footage, while also offering 10-bit D-Log M and 10-bit HLG color modes for professional-level post-capture editing.

Enhanced Audio Capture and Accessories

The Osmo Pocket 3 comes equipped with a 3-mic array for capturing high-quality audio. Plus, it is compatible with the newly-released DJI Mic 2 transmitter, allowing for up to two external microphones to be used simultaneously. This feature is perfect for vlogging and conducting interviews, ensuring crystal-clear audio in any situation.

To complete the package, DJI offers a range of accessories for the Osmo Pocket 3. The Creator Combo, priced at $669, includes the camera, a protective cover, a wrist strap, a handle extension with a tripod adapter, the DJI Mic 2 transmitter with a windscreen and magnet clip, an extended battery handle, a mini tripod, and a conveniently sized carrying case.

Impressive Design and Intuitive Controls

The Osmo Pocket 3 features a well-built and thoughtfully designed body. Its lightweight and compact form factor make it easy to hold and operate. The new rotatable display further enhances the user experience, making it simple to switch between landscape and portrait modes. Physical controls include a joystick for zooming or adjusting the gimbal head and a record/shutter button. Additional controls and settings are accessed via the touchscreen display.

The gimbal is auto-leveling and automatically folds into a closed position when powered off. The camera is coated in a rubberized matte black finish, providing a comfortable and secure grip. Moreover, the device’s durability is enhanced by parallel grooves on the front of the case, allowing for added ergonomic benefits.

Powerful Features and Exceptional Performance

When it comes to performance, the DJI Osmo Pocket 3 excels. Its default ‘follow’ mode provides smooth and stable footage, following your movements for a natural look. The camera also offers tilt-locked mode for perfectly level horizon shots and FPV mode for active stabilization, similar to that of a smartphone.

In terms of image quality, the Osmo Pocket 3 delivers outstanding results straight out of the box. The bright and vibrant display ensures excellent visibility, even in bright sunlight. The built-in mic array captures and isolates audio effectively, resulting in a superior vlogging experience. Furthermore, the camera includes advanced features such as face tracking, creative shot modes (e.g., 180-degree rotational shots, motion- and timelapses, and panoramas), and enhanced skin tones with enabled software effects.

Although the Osmo Pocket 3 falls short in terms of still photo quality compared to flagship smartphones, its primary focus on video capabilities is where it truly shines. For those seeking an all-in-one vlogging solution, the DJI Osmo Pocket 3 is undeniably the top choice.

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