Carta’s CEO Takes Action To Address Negative Press Concerns


The CEO of equity management startup Carta, Henry Ward, has taken steps to address the negative press surrounding the company. In an email sent to customers, Ward encouraged them to read his Medium post regarding the recent controversies. However, this move appears to have drawn more attention to the issues Carta has been facing.

Key Takeaway

The CEO of Carta, Henry Ward, addressed the negative press surrounding the company in an email to customers, directing them to a Medium post discussing the controversies. This move drew more attention to the issues, leading to mixed reactions among customers and investors. Carta has faced a series of problems, including lawsuits and allegations of misconduct. The company’s response and efforts to rebuild trust will play a crucial role in its future.

Bringing Attention to Negative Press

Ward’s email to customers inadvertently revealed the existence of negative press that some customers hadn’t previously been aware of. While some customers dismissed the importance of the negative coverage, others expressed surprise and heightened interest in the matter. There were mixed reactions on social media, with some criticizing Carta for drawing unnecessary attention to the negative press.

Carta, an 11-year-old company valued at $7.4 billion, has faced a series of problems and controversies. These include lawsuits involving allegations of sexual abuse by executives, a toxic work culture, and unethical behavior. Ward’s Medium post addressed these accusations, suggesting that the company had documentation substantiating some of the claims.

Carta’s Response and Revelations

Ward’s Medium post not only acknowledged the controversies but also discussed the steps Carta had taken in response. The post revealed that the company had fired individuals involved in the alleged misconduct. Ward admitted to the mistake of hiring these individuals but emphasized that addressing the issue promptly was crucial. He also highlighted the challenges faced by CEOs when dealing with ambitious reporters seeking to expose companies for bad behavior.

Earlier this year, Carta sued its former CTO for wrongful and illegal acts during his tenure. The company also faced a lawsuit from a former VP of marketing, accusing Carta of gender discrimination and other violations. Complaints about poor customer service and communication issues were also raised by some clients.

The Fallout and Future Outlook

The negative press surrounding Carta has undoubtedly impacted the company’s reputation. The CEO’s attempt to address the controversies has sparked further interest and discussion. It remains to be seen how Carta will navigate these challenges and regain trust from both customers and investors.

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