BotBuilt Aims To Revolutionize Homebuilding With Robotics


Homes are becoming increasingly unaffordable, and the supply is dwindling, making it difficult for families to secure housing. However, startups like BotBuilt are looking to change that narrative by leveraging technology to lower the cost and environmental impact of homebuilding.

Key Takeaway

BotBuilt, through its innovative robotic framing system, aims to revolutionize the homebuilding industry by accelerating the construction process and reducing costs, ultimately making housing more accessible and affordable.

The Birth of BotBuilt

BotBuilt, founded by Brent Wadas, Colin Devine, and robotics engineer Barrett Ames in 2020, aims to streamline the homebuilding process using robotics. The idea was born out of personal experience, as Ames, while renovating his own home, recognized the challenges and patterns in construction.

Robotic Framing System

BotBuilt’s focus lies in automating the framing process of home construction. Their robotic system assembles panels for walls, floor trusses, and roof trusses, significantly reducing the time and cost involved. According to Ames, their system costs less than $1 per hour to operate and can adapt to build different frame designs quickly, offering a level of flexibility unmatched by traditional methods.

Accelerating Homebuilding

By automating the framing step, BotBuilt believes that the pace of homebuilding can be dramatically accelerated while cutting costs. Typically, house framing costs $7 to $16 per square foot, including labor costs. With labor shortages and potential delays due to weather, the traditional framing process can be time-consuming and expensive. BotBuilt’s robotic solution aims to address these challenges and empower builders to increase both volume and margin by leveraging affordable robotic labor.

Rising to the Challenge

While BotBuilt faces competition in the robotics homebuilding space, the company has already made significant strides. With a recent seed funding round of $12.4 million led by Shadow Ventures, BotBuilt is gearing up to scale its operations and expand its team. The company has ambitious plans to ramp up production in 2024 and has already secured a pipeline of over 2,000 homes and apartment units.

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