Aurora And Continental Achieve Milestone In Self-Driving Trucks Project


Aurora and Continental have successfully completed the initial phase of a project valued at over $300 million, aimed at producing autonomous vehicle hardware for commercial self-driving trucks. The two companies announced the completion of the design and system architecture of an autonomous vehicle hardware kit, including the blueprint for a fallback system, ahead of the upcoming CES 2024 trade show in Las Vegas.

Key Takeaway

Aurora and Continental have achieved a crucial milestone in the development of autonomous vehicle hardware for commercial self-driving trucks, paving the way for future production and testing.

Design and System Architecture Completion

The completion of the design and system architecture of the autonomous vehicle hardware kit marks a significant milestone in the project. This includes the finalization of a secondary computer, known as a fallback system, which can take over operation in the event of a failure. The hardware kit comprises an array of components such as sensors, automated driving control units, and high-performance computers, along with software, enabling driverless semi-trucks to navigate roads without human intervention.

Next Steps

Continental is set to commence the development of prototypes and plans to begin production in 2027. Initial versions of the hardware will be built for testing at Continental’s new facility in New Braunfels, Texas, with validation expected to begin in 2026. The validation process will involve integrating the hardware and software systems onto a fleet of trucks for testing. Aurora is also collaborating with truck manufacturers Paccar and Volvo Group.

Future Goals

The ultimate objective is to mass produce an automotive-grade hardware system capable of withstanding the environmental conditions encountered by long-haul trucks daily. The system must be reliable, easy to maintain, and cost-effective. The companies aim to produce thousands of these systems, with a focus on making the Aurora Driver economically viable and building a sustainable business in the long run.

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