Amazon’s New Initiative Aims To Help People Discover Digital Health Benefits


Amazon has unveiled its latest initiative, the Health Condition Programs, designed to assist individuals in finding digital health benefits to manage chronic conditions such as prediabetes, diabetes, and high blood pressure. The company has partnered with digital health firm Omada Health to launch this new endeavor.

Key Takeaway

Amazon’s Health Condition Programs, in collaboration with Omada Health, seek to provide easier access to digital health benefits for managing chronic conditions, ultimately improving the overall health and well-being of individuals.

What the New Service Offers

The Health Condition Programs will enable users to assess their coverage, apply for programs, and effectively manage their chronic conditions. Amazon has highlighted that if a user is covered for specific Health Condition Programs through their health plan or employer, they may gain access to connected devices, a personal care team, health coaching, nutrition planning, and more. Some programs may be covered by insurance plans or employers, with no additional cost to the user.

Omada Health’s Role

Omada Health, with over 20 million eligible members, will allow users to explore and enroll in Omada’s programs for diabetes prevention, diabetes, and hypertension through Amazon. Members can initiate a general coverage check via the Amazon Health web page to determine their eligibility for a program. Amazon aims to reach the “one out of every 10 commercially insured people in the U.S. who have access to enroll in Omada but may not be aware.”

Amazon’s Objective

Amazon’s goal is to increase awareness of Omada’s cardiometabolic programs and bolster enrollment for Omada’s 1,900-plus employer and health plan customers. Aaron Martin, vice president of healthcare at Amazon, emphasized the company’s commitment to simplifying the process for individuals to access health care benefits that are typically subsidized by their employer or insurance plan.

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