Airbnb Introduces New Label For Top And Bottom Listings


Airbnb has recently announced the addition of a new label to its existing set of indicators for property quality. The new label will highlight the top 25% and top 1% properties on the listing page, providing users with a clearer understanding of the quality of the properties they are considering.

Key Takeaway

Airbnb’s introduction of a new label for top and bottom listings, along with enhancements to its review sorting and verified properties, reflects the company’s commitment to improving the quality and reliability of its platform.

Spring Update

Unlike its usual biannual updates, Airbnb has chosen to release a spring update this time. The new top property badge is a part of this rollout and is determined based on metrics such as subcategory ratings, review sentiment, host cancellations, and quality-related customer service issues.

Quality Measurement System

Following an updated hosting quality measurement system introduced in April, Airbnb has removed 100,000 properties from its platform. Additionally, a badge will be placed on the bottom 10% of properties to indicate low quality.

Review Sorting

In its latest update, Airbnb has introduced the ability to sort reviews by lowest rated, adding to the existing options of sorting by most recent or highest rated. This enhancement aims to provide users with a comprehensive view of property reviews.

Verified Properties

Airbnb has also provided an update on its verified properties badge, which was introduced last year. The company plans to verify nearly 1.5 million properties in its top five markets by the end of this month. Furthermore, Airbnb intends to add photo and video verification tools for hosts and expand the verification process to 30 more countries by Q3 of this year.

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