A New Guild Aims To Protect Online Content Creators


A new professional service organization, the Creators Guild of America (CGA), has recently launched with the goal of providing support and benefits to online content creators. The CGA aims to advocate for fair pay and ownership rights for creators in the rapidly evolving world of social media.

Fighting for Fair Treatment

As the digital landscape continues to shift, content creators often find themselves facing challenges in securing fair compensation and retaining control over their work. Unlike traditional professions, creators typically lack institutional support. Recognizing this need, the CGA seeks to offer benefits similar to those provided by unions, even though it does not function as a labor union itself.

Membership in the CGA is open to various professionals involved in the creator economy, including influencers, videographers, designers, photographers, and others. By encompassing the diverse range of occupations within content creation, the CGA aims to ensure that all those who contribute their time and creative talents are represented and supported.

Benefits and Eligibility

CGA membership includes access to networking events, connection with brands and studios, and advocacy for fair pay. To join, creators must meet specific eligibility requirements based on the type of digital creator they are categorized as—media, marketing, or makers. The requirements range from follower count and brand deal earnings to venture capital raised or the number of streams, downloads, or installations.

One notable benefit provided by the CGA is accreditation for member projects. Creators will have their work featured in a public database, which serves as a record of their accomplishments and contributions to the industry. This recognition is crucial for establishing credibility and professionalism in the competitive creator landscape.

Key Takeaway

The Creators Guild of America (CGA) aims to provide support and benefits to online content creators, advocating for fair pay and ownership rights. Membership is open to a wide range of professionals involved in the creator economy. CGA members receive accreditation and have their work featured in a public database, establishing their industry reputation.

Organizing and Standardizing the Industry

The CGA is the latest endeavor in a series of attempts to organize creators and establish industry standards. The Internet Creators Guild and SAG-AFTRA have undertaken similar efforts in the past. However, the CGA distinguishes itself by offering a unique blend of benefits and opportunities for creators, tailored to the evolving digital landscape.

While the Internet Creators Guild faced financial challenges leading to its closure in 2019, SAG-AFTRA expanded its membership to include influencers and content creators. Although SAG-AFTRA advocates for its members’ commercial work and brand deals, it does not directly negotiate with social media platforms on their behalf.

Another initiative, the Creator Project, founded by Night Media president Ezra Cooperstein, aims to challenge the excessive power held by tech platforms. The Creator Project is still in its early stages but has already brought together a community of creators in a Discord server.

The launch of the CGA represents a significant step forward in protecting the rights and interests of online content creators. By providing a supportive organization tailored to the realities of the digital landscape, the CGA aims to give creators a voice and ensure fair treatment in the ever-evolving creator economy.

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