What Age Of Empires Taught Us About History

What Age Of Empires Taught Us About History

Discover the Historical Insights of Age of Empires

Welcome, fellow history enthusiasts and gamers alike! Today, we are diving into the captivating world of Age of Empires, a legendary video game franchise that has not only entertained us for hours on end but also taught us valuable lessons about history. This iconic strategy game series, developed by Ensemble Studios and Microsoft Studios, takes players on a journey through various eras, from ancient times to the medieval period and beyond. But what exactly can we glean from Age of Empires when it comes to historical knowledge? Let’s explore!

Key Takeaways:

  • Ancient civilizations come to life: Through Age of Empires, we gain a deeper understanding of how ancient civilizations lived, thrived, and interacted with one another.
  • Strategic insight into historical events: The game offers a unique perspective on famous battles, significant events, and the strategies employed by renowned figures throughout history.

1. Ancient Civilizations Come to Life

One of the most impressive aspects of Age of Empires is how it brings ancient civilizations back to life through extraordinary attention to detail. As players, we get to build and manage our own civilizations, mirroring the customs, structures, and technologies of the past. Whether it’s constructing monumental wonders like the Pyramids of Egypt, developing advanced irrigation systems reminiscent of the Indus Valley Civilization, or engaging in trade routes akin to the Silk Road, Age of Empires transports us to these legendary eras.

By immersing ourselves in the gameplay, we begin to appreciate the complexities and challenges faced by these ancient civilizations. The meticulous research conducted by the game developers shines through, providing us with a glimpse into the lives of societies like the Greeks, the Byzantines, and the Aztecs. Exploring their unique cultural traditions, military tactics, and architectural styles fosters a deeper appreciation for the diverse array of civilizations that have shaped our world.

2. Strategic Insight into Historical Events

Age of Empires not only allows us to experience the day-to-day life of ancient civilizations but also provides strategic insights into historical events. The game takes inspiration from famous battles, empowering us to engage in these conflicts and test our own strategic prowess.

From leading the Roman Legions in the conquest of Gaul to commanding the British forces in the Battle of Agincourt, we can relive these pivotal moments from history. By assuming the roles of historical figures, such as Julius Caesar or Joan of Arc, we can gain a unique perspective on the strategic decisions they faced and the tactics they employed.

This strategic element within Age of Empires encourages us to think critically and adapt our strategies based on historical context. We learn to balance economic development, technological advancements, military might, and diplomacy – attributes that were crucial for the rise and fall of civilizations throughout history.


Age of Empires has proven to be more than just a video game; it has become a gateway to historical knowledge and an immersive experience that allows us to dive into the past. By bringing ancient civilizations to life and offering strategic insights into historical events, this beloved franchise has captured the hearts of gamers and history enthusiasts alike.

So, the next time you embark on a quest to build an empire and conquer the world in Age of Empires, take a moment to appreciate the lessons that lie within. Let the game serve as a reminder of the incredible stories, cultures, and individuals that have shaped our world throughout the ages.

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