Tower Of Fantasy Characters: How To Unlock Them

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Tower of Fantasy has been out for over a week now and already people are exploring the new open-world gacha game. As per usual though, it’s the characters that shine, and today we’ll talk about them, how to get them, and what they’re best used for.

Before that though, let’s talk about Tower of Fantasy.


What is Tower Of Fantasy

tower of fantasy characters
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Tower of Fantasy is a F2P Open-World, Action Role Playing Game created by Hotta Studio. Set in the far-off future, Humanity has explored the stars and has colonized various planets. However, on the planet Aida, a massive explosion of Omnium, a potent radioactive energy source, caused a massive ruckus. To the point where it almost killed Aida’s human population. It also had the nasty side effect of mutating anything it touched, which is a really bad thing.

The player on Tower of Fantasy is a Wanderer in Aida, who explores the land, completes quests, and follows after the game’s story. If you’re thinking “Hey, this is similar to Genshin Impact!”, you wouldn’t be wrong, as Tower of Fantasy is touted to be a Genshin Clone. With similar gameplay, exploration, gacha mechanics, and a few other things. Just with a more technological bent compared to Genshin’s magic-focused Visions with ancient technology themes.

Overall, the game’s just started, so we don’t know a lot yet in terms of the story. Tower of Fantasy can be played on PC, iOS, and Android. There’s no mention as of yet of any releases on consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, or the Nintendo Switch.

Play it on PC via Steam


Tower of Fantasy Characters

Now that we know a bit about Tower of Fantasy, let’s talk about the characters, starting with you! Followed by the various Simulacrum you can get in the game’s gacha.


Player Character and Character Creation

As stated, you, the player character, are a Wanderer who got into a spot of bother. AKA, you ran afoul of the various critters of Aida and got yourself injured. After that pretty hectic introduction, the game chills out a bit by introducing you to various NPCs and doing some quests. A few minutes into the game, you’ll finally be able to customize your default character. Let’s talk about that first.

Mostly, Character Creation in Tower of Fantasy is all cosmetic. You can customize quite a bit in this game. From gender (Obviously), hairstyle, hair color, body type, clothes, accessories, and even a boob slider for the degenerates. You can then save the character template and use the said template for your character in-game. In addition, you can simply go to your menu and change your main appearance into whatever you wish, and create new templates in the game’s starting screen. Pretty handy if you ask us.

However, there are no benefits in playing the default character from what we’ve currently seen in the game, sadly. Well, there’s the supreme satisfaction of seeing your super-cool/cute customized character kicking ass and taking names using a variety of different weapons, sure. However, the game will quickly introduce the Simulacra system, which is Tower of Fantasy’s gacha mechanic. Let’s talk about that.


How To Unlock Tower Of Fantasy Characters/Simulacrums

In Tower of Fantasy’s gacha, players obtain various usable items like EXP vessels, upgrade materials, et cetera. However, on the off-chance, they can get SR and even SSR weapons. These SR and SSR weapons have Simulacra inside of them, the imprints of powerful warriors that the player can then ‘Equip’ into their character. This gives the player said Simulacrum’s skills, abilities, and weapon prowess.

As of right now, Tower of Fantasy doesn’t have that many weapons or even Simulacra, so we’ll just list them all here:


Weapons and Simulacrum

Rare Weapons

  • Combat Blade: Physical twin dagger attack weapons. Obtained when the game starts.
  • EM Blade: Volt single-blade attack weapon. Obtained when the game starts.
  • Composite Bow: Fire attack bow. Obtained via gacha.
  • Frosted Spear: Ice attack spear. Obtained via gacha.

These weapons are all of the Rare Rarity and don’t have a character associated with them. They’re pretty good at the start of the game, but they don’t have that much to offer. If you want something that can kick ass, we need to go to the SR and SSR weapons, which give Simulacra for the player to use.


SR Tower of Fantasy Weapons/Characters


Bai Ling/Nightingale’s Feather

Bai Ling is a bow user and a really good one at that. Her Nightingale’s Feather is a physical attack bow. A good pick due to its good damage and decent rate of fire. Upgrades-wise, it’s not as much of a hog compared to other weapons but has some decent returns when upgraded a decent amount.


Pepper/Staff of Scars

Pepper on the other hand is a support simulacrum whose weapon, the Staff of Scars, is a volt element support staff. This weapon is probably a player’s first support weapon whose skill can heal damage, which makes the Staff of Scars a great pickup. All told a valuable tool to have when exploring the lands of Aida.



Next on this list is Ene, and her weapon, the Pummeler. An Ice element perseverance hammer with the primary purpose of enemy ice debuffing and crowd control. Attacks with the Pummeler can freeze enemies for a few moments, before shattering them with a vicious blow. All in all, a good tank weapon can be used to do some crowd control in a pinch.


Hilda/The Terminator

Then we have Hilda, and her weapon, the Terminator. An Ice element attack gun/turret with an incredibly powerful ranged attack. When charged, its ice element can freeze enemies just like the Pummeler, but compared to that weapon, the Terminator has range. In short, if you’re not comfortable with melee combat in Tower of Fantasy, go for the Terminator instead of the Pummeler. It’ll keep you in a good position overall.


Echo/Thunderous Halberd

Last but not least is Echo and her Thunderous Halberd, a Volt element spear that can negate buffs and electrocute enemies when using its charged attack. Not great at crowd control, but does deal great damage in the early/mid-game.


SSR Tower Of Fantasy Weapons/Characters

As per usual in these games, the main draw would have to be the various SSR characters that you can get in the gacha. Thus, these weapons/characters have their section as some of them have an important role to play in Tower of Fantasy’s story. Whether for good or ill, we don’t know yet. But for now, here are Tower of Fantasy’s SSR characters, and their weapons.


Claudia/Red Lotus Blade

Claudia is one of the SSR Characters that can be obtained by gaining her weapon in the gacha. Her weapon is the Red Lotus Blade, a physical damage DPS sword that deals a lot of damage. Don’t be fooled by the red-hot aesthetic of the sword though, this isn’t a Fire element weapon, sadly enough. Overall, a pretty standard weapon that can be used to eliminate lone enemies very quickly.

Claudia meanwhile, is someone we don’t know that much yet as much of her backstory remains a secret. Hopefully, we’ll know more as the game progresses.


Cocoritter/Absolute Zero

Next on this list is Cocoritter and her weapon, Absolute Zero, an Ice element support scepter.

Just like Pepper, Absolute Zero’s attacks are elemental attacks that fire from the staff at range. All told, it’s just Pepper, with a… cooler weapon and looks. Her Charged attacks are great to use, and she has great healing output. However, she’s a weaker healer in terms of general use when compared to… We’ll get to that one later. All in all, her AOE healing skill can make sure to keep you alive in fights longer, and is invaluable at Co-Op.

Last but not least, Absolute Zero does deal more damage when compared to the Staff of Scars, so it has that going for it. However, for those that want an SR option for healing, the Staff of Scars is better. After all, you don’t need to spend a lot to get that one when compared to Absolute Zero. Also, if you did get Nemesis and her weapon (the aforementioned stronger healer), then Cocoritter isn’t a necessary pick. She’s great to have if you don’t have her and you want someone stronger compared to Pepper though.


Zero/Negating Cube

Zero and his weapon are… Weird, to say the least. His weapon, after all, is a fire element support cube. Yeah, it’s a thing. Think of the Negating Cube as Catalysts from Genshin Impact and you’ll probably have a general idea of how it works. Attacks-wise, Zero will summon forth holographic pillars from the ground to hit enemies, and all his attacks follow a similar vein.

Character-wise, Zero’s a genius on computers, but he also doesn’t want to be bothered much. Thus, he wiped every single database to make sure that no one knows who he is. Pretty nuts if you think about it. His weapon, the Negating Cube, also allows him to protect allies with shields and damage reduction. She is a solid support character that works well with a healer like Cocoritter or Nemesis for extra survivability.


Huma/Molten Shield V2

The next character on this list is Huma and her Molten Shield V2. A combination weapon of an ax and a shield that deals fire damage. Huma, sadly, suffers from an illness no one knows for sure how to cure. However, it did give her weird powers, so let’s give it the benefit of the doubt for now.

Combat wise though, we need to get this out of the way: The Molten Shield V2 is a beast of a tank and CC. It has the ability to stance switch between a shield and ax form that can deal great amounts of fire damage and CC. Overall, Huma and her weapon are a great character/weapon to get in the gacha. If you get lucky and have them, level them up and make sure to use them in dicey situations.


Tsubasa/Icewind Arrow

The next character we need to talk about is Tsubasa, and boy oh boy, is she something to behold. Her weapon, the Icewind Arrow, is an Ice DPS bow that due to her element, can debuff enemies. All told, she’s a great way to kite anything so long as you have the stamina to do so. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to have the same freezing effect that Cocoritter’s Absolute Zero would have, but maybe it only takes effect in the water.

All in all, really viable weapon against enemy combatants. Maybe not on PvP though.



Crow and his signature Thunderblades are next, which are Volt DPS twin daggers that can deal consistent damage. The main reason for their sheer DPS is how fast they swing. “Death by a thousand cuts” is a thing after all, and if you shank your enemies fast enough, they’ll keel over.

In addition to this, they also tend to electrocute opponents and keep them immobile, leaving them vulnerable. Last but not least is that the Thunderblades can launch enemies in the air, keeping up combo before chasing them down for the kill.


Samir/Dual EM Stars

Samir is an absolute monster of critical damage output. Her weapon the Dual EM Stars are lighting DPS dual pistols that can shred any enemy in their path. Her high mobility and sheer fire rate are enough to turn any enemy into slag and singed bits. Overall, a dangerous character to face, especially in PvP, because she can burst your HP down to single digits.


Shiro/Chakram of the Seas

Shiro is next alongside her weapon the Chakram of the Seas, a physical DPS Chakram best used to wipe out groups of enemies. The Chakram’s skills are suited for dealing with a group and shattering shields, which can be a big annoyance in fights. Other weapons can do this better than the Chakram, but if you have Shiro and her weapon, she’s still a great way to do it. Especially since shield-breaking weapons are usually in the Tank role like Huma’s Molten Shield, or Meryl’s Rosy Edge. Speaking of the latter, let’s talk about Meryl.


Meryl/Rosy Edge

Meryl is an absolute tank of a character, and her blade, Rosy Edge, is great overall. It’s an Ice Tank Greatsword that allows users to dish out decent damage and stay at a good amount of HP while doing it while destroying shields willy-nilly. It’s so good at what it does, that it’s kind of embarrassing to use this weapon on normal enemies due to how fast their shields get destroyed. After destroying said shields, they’ll be easy prey to Samir’s dual pistols or King’s scythe. Also, Meryl’s an absolute cutie, so there’s that.

Oh, and we mentioned King. In that case, let’s go over him, shall we?


King/Scythe of the Crow

King and his Scythe of the Crow is a melee fire DPS monster of massive proportions. His Scythe can shred any enemy like butter, and it can destroy shields in a jiffy. This makes King a great ally in PvE as due to his shield break, he can quickly rack up massive DPS numbers. However, he’s also very vulnerable against reprisals due to his Scythe’s windup time. Meaning he needs to have a healer with him, someone like Nemesis.



Nemesis and her weapon, Venus is very, very strong due to a myriad of reasons. Before we get into that though, let’s talk about the weapon first. Venus is a volt Support gun/turret that floats behind the player and fires lightning lasers when attacking. You may think that because Nemesis is a healer means she doesn’t have DPS but you’ll be wrong.

The fact that she can attack at range and give out healing means that she’s invaluable in certain bosses and fights. This is especially true in Co-Op, as some players will Leeroy Jenkins into enemies without any regard for safety. Very annoying. With Nemesis, your team is sure that your healer is safe, while also knowing that they’re kicking ass with electric laser beams.


Tower Of Fantasy Characters Tier List

Now that we’ve talked about the characters in Tower of Fantasy, let’s talk about the game’s Player Vs. Player and Player Vs. Enemy meta. We’ll start with the game’s PVP, followed by its PVE.

One thing to note though is that the weapons in both PvP and PvE sections can be used interchangeably. Nemesis can be used as a PvE killer, while King’s ability to destroy shields is a godsend on PvP. This is the same as the other weapons on this list. If you don’t have the weapon/Simulacrum of the best PvP/PvE section but you have some of the others, don’t hesitate to use them. Now, without further ado, let’s get started.




Nemesis is an obvious choice for PvP combat due to her long-range and healing capabilities. Several teams on the Chinese Server already have her weapon as one of the essential weapons to get when fighting other players. Its ability to deal surprisingly large amounts of damage, combined with decent healing, makes Nemesis/Venus a powerhouse in both PvP and PvE.


Meryl/Rosy Edge

Meryl on the other hand is a monster of a tank. With high HP, survivability, and shield break potential. When used correctly, she can stay in the field for so long that it’s kind of hilarious watching enemies to try to kill her. In addition to this, her greatsword’s knockback is pretty high, and very dangerous against other players as it interrupts their abilities. Combined with another Tank character like Huma with support characters like Cocoritter/Nemesis, it’s expected that you’ll survive anything and everything in PvP or PvE.


Samir/Dual EM Stars

Last but not least is Samir and her Dual EM Stars. In their case though, they can completely shred an enemy player’s HP within a few moments due to critical attacks. Their capabilities are apparent even in PvE, and in that case, it’s more obvious. Especially if you pair this with a shield-breaker like the Scythe of the Crow to deal massive damage.



King/Scythe of the Crow

On the PvE side of things, we have King and his Scythe of the Crow. A weapon that deals massive damage in combination with having the ability to Shield Break. This is a potent combination, and each swing of the scythe can take out chunks of shield HP to enemies around the player.

This is hilariously busted in the open world, as a lot of enemies there can be stunned by destroying their shields. When used properly, the Scythe of the Crow can leave enemies stunned, with no shields, and no way to defend themselves. Leaving them open to damage through weapons like the Dual EM Stars or the Thunderblades.


Huma/Molten Shield V2

The next top-tier PvE character/weapon is Huma and the Molten Shield V2 for obvious reasons. It’s great at tanking, can deal copious amounts of AoE damage, and transform from shield to ax for reasons. Its transformation also does a metric ton of fire damage in an AoE around the player. Overall, a great weapon to use for crowd control and tank enemy hits.


Cocoritter/Absolute Zero

Last but not least is Cocoritter and Absolute Zero, one of the best healing weapons in the game. It’s pretty hilarious actually how much Cocoritter can heal, and it becomes more apparent in Co-Op. In terms of general combat, she’s not as good, but in PvE, especially against bosses, Cocoritter shines quite a bit.


Final Word on Tower Of Fantasy Characters

Overall, each of the characters in Tower of Fantasy has its respective functions and abilities. Some may be better than most. It’s usually best to just follow your heart in these scenarios as the gacha is cruel and unrelenting. If you don’t have the cash, just go free to play and roll for waifu.

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