Rainbow Six Extraction: What to Expect From The Sequel to Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Extraction Gameplay

Rainbow Six Extraction is finally coming out this year after about two years of waiting. Like what most people expected, it’s a spin-off game that follows Rainbow Six Siege’s initial limited-time mode. However, the first unveiling in 2019 wasn’t enough despite giving us a nice glimpse of the game. We finally get a clearer picture and a release date in 2021. Here’s everything you can expect from Rainbow Six Extraction.


What Is Rainbow Six Extraction?

Rainbow Six Extraction
Screenshot From Ubisoft

If you were keeping track, then you might know that Rainbow Six Extraction was initially announced at E3 2019. However, despite the grand unveiling at the time, people didn’t know much about the game. Now, we find ourselves with the game finally releasing two years later.

If you were a Rainbow Six Siege fan, then you’ll certainly love Rainbow Six Extraction. It looks to borrow beloved elements from the previous game which gets fans of the previous game very excited. Rainbow Six Extraction will have all the good stuff like beloved operators, precise gunplay, gadgets, and many others.

On the other hand, Rainbow Six Extraction also sports quite a few interesting mechanics. For one, there will be a three-player co-op mode that you can play with fellow fans. Moreover, you won’t even have to wait too long because it will be released just a few months later.


The Story Behind Rainbow Six Extraction

If you’re unfamiliar, the Rainbow Six title released before this is Rainbow Six Siege. The reason why that tidbit is important is the fact that Extraction is a Siege spin-off. Initially, the project was dubbed Pioneer but was later changed into Rainbow Six Quarantine. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic worsened over the course of 2020, Ubisoft decided to change the name to Extraction for obvious reasons.

The timing for Rainbow Six Extraction would have been slightly inappropriate had they stuck with naming the game “Quarantine.” Thanks to the name change, Ubisoft was able to safely dodge a bullet from an issue many are still sensitive about. Speaking of timing, Rainbow Six Extraction’s release in 2021 is very much a welcome launch. 

Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Siege was a very successful and popular title when it was launched. In fact, it’s still popular up to this day, with new character releases coming even in 2021. It hasn’t even been that long since Rainbow Six Siege’s most powerful healer, Thunderbird, was unveiled.

The hype for Rainbow Six Siege certainly still exists. Hence, it makes a lot of sense that Ubisoft’s releasing a spin-off game this 2021. Rainbow Six Extraction will certainly bring in more money on Ubisoft’s end and it’ll quell fans’ thirsts for something new.


Rainbow Six Extraction: What to Expect

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Extraction might be a spin-off title from Rainbow Six Siege. However, that doesn’t mean it plays the same nor does it feature the same story. Rainbow Six Extraction has an identity of its own albeit many things will feel familiar. It can stand alone or enrich the experience of fans of the previous game. Either way, here’s what you can expect from Rainbow Six Extraction’s story and gameplay based on what we’ve seen.



For a game like this, we hardly expect that much of a substantial story. After all, people play this kind of game usually for the fun of the gameplay. Nonetheless, it does feature a somewhat basic story just to get the ball rolling. However, the story we gathered from Ubisoft’s cinematic trailer isn’t much. 

All we know is that an operator team is on a mission to rescue another operator named Hibana. You and your fellow operators are united under REACT or the Rainbow Exogenous Analysis and Containment Team. Once you form a team, you go on your rescue mission and face hordes of Archean aliens.  



Rainbow Six Extraction Gameplay
Photo by Ubisoft YT Channel

If you are a Left 4 Dead fan, Rainbow Six Extraction will be right up your alley. It sports a familiar co-op shooter against hordes of enemies. This co-op mode accommodates three players which bump up the action and thrill of playing with friends. You can also play alone if you prefer. However, the lack of a PvP element might disappoint a few hopeful fans who want to test their skills against others. 

As a co-op shooter, Rainbow Six Extraction might not feel like it squarely fits in the genre. That’s because instead of faster-paced action, it paces the game at a slower, more methodical rate. It does still use Rainbow Six Siege’s destruction engine and operators but it feels different despite that fact. 

In terms of the gameplay itself, Rainbow Six Extraction will feel very similar to Rainbow Six Siege. Of course, not every element of the game will be the same. However, the movement, weapons, and tools are similar enough to feel familiar. In fact, one might describe it as sort of a mod despite being developed by a different team.



Rainbow Six mission
Photo by Ubisoft YT Channel

One of the main tasks in Rainbow Six Siege is the all-important missions. These missions are divided into three sub-maps that have varying objectives. Your goal is to finish each of the 12 maps. These maps may not change in terms of layout, but the twist is the order in which you tackle each map change. 

In addition, multiple aspects of these maps and missions are also randomly generated. The objectives that you need to complete, their location on the map, and the enemies you face all change. As a result, you’ll find something to surprise you or catch you off guard each time you play.


Mission Types/Objectives

Ubisoft revealed that there are 11 total missions that you’ll encounter in Extraction. While people could only play a few during the hands-on demo, Ubisoft still went into detail about each one. These mission types will be randomized every time a player loads into a mission. The No One Left Behind mission is the only one that’s constant if the player uses an MIA operator.


Mission Types Objectives


To complete the Biopsy objective, you need to gather tissue samples from a designated target.


This mission requires you to navigate towards parasite nests. In these nests, you will need to locate and gather samples to complete the objective.


The Hunt mission type requires you to kill as many parasites as you can. Do this until you can lure and destroy an Elite Archaean.

Nest Tracking

Essentially, Nest Tracking requires you to be stealthy. You have to put trackers on inactive nests while avoiding detection.

No One Left Behind

No One Left Behind requires you to rescue a teammate. However, this objective only appears if one of your squad members falls during gameplay.


The Rescue mission type plays as its name sounds. You need to find a VIP and lead them to the extraction zone.


The Sabotage objective requires you to fight hordes of aliens coming to attack a specific element. That element is the explosive charges that exist in the area. You need to do this for a set time to complete the mission.

Serial Scan

The Serial Scan mission type, on the other hand, requires you to secure specific areas. You need to capture them properly and secure them while fighting off hordes of enemies.


To complete Shutdown, you need to disable a parasite tower. However, you need to carry three explosive charges and bring them to the specified location.


Another mission type in Rainbow Six Extraction is called Specimen. Its main objective requires you to lure a parasite into an extraction zone. You have to capture it alive without killing it.


The Triangulation mission type comes up last. All you need to do is to locate three laptop stations across the map. Afterward, you have to activate each that you find as you navigate through the area.



Alien Parasite Types

Missions and objectives are always randomized in-game. Likewise, alien parasite types also come in random. Here’s a list of the seven main types that you might encounter during your missions.


Alien Parasite Types Objective


An alien that explodes upon contact and rushes towards you. It releases toxic gas upon detonation.


An alien that also detonates when you come into contact with it. It will rush towards you and release the explosive fluid it carries on its back. However, this explosion will harm both humans and aliens.


A melee alien that moves very quickly.


As the name implies, it lurks in the shadows by making itself or other aliens invisible. Its primary role is to support the other aliens in its unit.


These are the aliens’ nests. If you don’t get rid of them, they can spread the Sprawl across the area. However, these bulbous growths will remain stationary.


The Rooter creates substances that paralyze and damage those that come into contact with it.


The Sludge is slimy and breaks apart into smaller pieces when you destroy it. It mainly attacks players by ambush through floors and ceilings.


An alien that lays traps and blinds operators.


A projectile-shooting alien.

Sticky Spores

These aliens are small and float around in the area to stick to operators. Once that happens, they damage the player while interfering with their sight.



Being a spin-off title from Rainbow Six Siege, Rainbow Six Extraction uses many of the same operators. The demo Ubisoft showed off gave players access to about nine operators. However, the total number will double by the time the full game launches later this year. If you’re curious (and have an operator you love), here are the names we have so far:


rainbow six Operators
Screenshot From Ubisoft


  1. Alibi
  2. Capitao
  3. Doc
  4. Ela
  5. Finka
  6. Hibana
  7. IQ (maybe)
  8. Lion
  9. Nomad
  10. Pulse
  11. Sledge
  12. Tachanka
  13. Vigil


Of course, this list only includes the playable operators. The trailer and cutscenes did introduce other operators, but we’re still not sure if they’ll be playable upon release. The new faces are Ash, Mira, and Thermite. From what we gather, it seems unlikely that Ash will be playable at all since he plays the team’s ears. Moreover, Thermite and Mira use gadgets that don’t seem appropriate for a PvE setting. We still have our fingers crossed, but don’t get your hopes up.


Crossplay & Cross-Progression

As expected of Ubisoft, Rainbow Six Extraction will be able to support crossplay across platforms. You can also expect to carry on your progression throughout your various consoles and devices. Moreover, Rainbow Six Siege is also set to gain this ability despite being six years old. However, PC players will be left out of the loop for Siege’s crossplay. 

On the other hand, Ubisoft has been silent about whether the PC restriction will exist for Rainbow Six Extraction. However, we don’t think it’s necessary because Extraction isn’t competitive by nature.


Price & Release Date

Release Date
Photo by Ubisoft YT Channel

Rainbow Six Extraction looks like an exciting new co-op game that’s sure to satisfy fans of Rainbow Six Siege. Thankfully, players do not have to wait too long until the game is released. That’s because the game will officially launch 2 months later as of the time of writing on September 16, 2021.

This crossplay-enabled game will be available on various platforms as well. More specifically, it will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Google Stadia.

Ubisoft At $59.99

Microsoft At $59.99

Amazon At $59.99


The Final Word

Rainbow Six Extraction is Ubisoft’s newest addition to the Rainbow Six franchise. It’s set in the same universe as the rest of the Rainbow Six games but is a spin-off to Siege. The game features many of the same elements from the previous title. This includes certain operators, gameplay mechanics, and more. 

Rainbow Six Extraction is mainly a three-player co-op game that revolves around missions that players need to accomplish. However, it also allows for solo gameplay for those more interested in playing alone. All in all, Rainbow Six Extraction looks like an exciting upcoming game for Rainbow Six fans and non-fans alike. Fans of first-person zombie shooters will more than likely love the game and its gameplay.

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