Lady Tanith Quest Guide for Elden Ring Players

Lady Tanith Quest Elden RIng

Elden Ring has several questlines that will take the players all over the place in the Lands Between. One of the questlines that will take players around the bend, however, is the questline of Lady Tanith and the Volcano Manor, which we’ll talk about today. Before we take a look at Lady Tanith and her quest, let us find out who she is.

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Who Is Lady Tanith?

Lady Tanith is the Volcano Manor’s proprietress/head. Her main goal is a secret one when you first start the Volcano Manor questline, but you’ll eventually find out after doing her a few favors. These favors involve killing other Tarnished warriors. In addition to the Lady Tanith, there are other questlines players can do in Volcano Manor that are only available if the Lady’s questline isn’t finished. In short, ensure you complete the other NPCs’ questlines in the manor first before finishing the quest given by Lady Tanith. Trust us, you’ll get more goodies if you do.


Where Can You Find Lady Tanith?

Lady Tanith is located on Mount Gelmir’s Volcano Manor, and there are a few ways to get there. The first method is to go to Mount Gelmir and fight your way to the manor. The second method is progressing through Rya’s questline. We’ll talk about that method in the next part of the article.

The third method is through a specific enemy: The Abductor Virgin. This method of reaching the manor is a bit messy. OK, no more walking on eggshells, you need to get killed by a specific attack of the Abductor Virgin. Specifically, it’s a grab attack. Once you die, you get teleported to Volcano Manor directly. Unfortunately, you’ll be teleported outside the manor, meaning you need to fight your way inside.


How to Start the Lady Tanith Quest Arc

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Starting Lady Tanith’s quest is easy. You simply need to get to Volcano Manor in Mount Gelmir to talk to her.

Unfortunately for you, you will need to go a pretty long way to get there, as we’ve already discussed. If you start from Limgrave (AKA you just started a playthrough), then Mount Gelmir is pretty far off. You need to get past Stormveil Castle and get to Liurnia of the Lakes. There you can find the hunchbacked woman by the name of Rya. She’s found in a small building that’s right next to the Birdseye Telescope Stand. Watch out for the various lobsters trying to kill you. She’ll tell you that a man named Big Boggart stole her necklace. He’s found in the Boilprawn Shack north of the Scenic Isle Site of Grace.

Do NOT kill this guy. He sells valuable items. Instead, cough up 1000 runes to get Rya’s necklace, then return to her to give it back. After that, you’ll get an invitation to Volcano Manor, which allows you to start Lady Tanith’s quest line. If you want to get to Volcano Manor the easy way, you need to find Rya again. There are two possible locations where she can spawn: the first is atop the Grand Lift of Dectus, and the second is at Nox Ruins. Note that Rya only spawns on the first location if you have the two  halves of the Dectus Medallion. Simply speak to Rya in either of these locations and you’ll be teleported directly to the manor. On the lobby next to the Lady Tanith no less.


Step-by-Step Guide for the Lady Tanith Quest in Elden Ring

Now that we know where to find Lady Tanith, let’s go over the step-by-step things you need to do to complete her questline:


Gaining Access to the Drawing Room and Questlines

Once you gain access to the Volcano Manor, go through the front door and to the back of the room. You’ll see her there, sitting down with her Knight right beside her. She’ll tell you about Volcano Manor, and its mission, and asks the player to join. You can reject her, but to fully progress the questline, you need to say yes. You’ll gain the Drawing-Room Key for your troubles which unlocks some of the locked doors in the manor.

Explore these unlocked doors until you find the drawing room, where several NPCs are chilling out. Specifically, the NPCs Recusant Bernahl, Diallos, and Rya.


The Letter and the First 2 Assassinations

There will be a letter that the player can get on the table. Get this letter and return it to Tanith, who will tell you to complete a few (read 3) assassinations for the Manor. Note that there’s no need to rush as there’s no time limit. However, do NOT defeat Rykard before you finish Tanith’s questline. Or any of the questlines in Volcano Manor. You’ll get locked out of their questlines if you do so.

The first  Assassination you’ll go for is Old Knight Istvan, who’s in Limgrave north of the Warmaster’s Shack. You wouldn’t get much for invading his world and defeating him. However, you can get Bernahl as a vendor, in addition to Magma Shot from Tanith after speaking to her of your successful assassination. Make sure to speak to Bernahl before Tanith when you do this though, as not doing so will stop Bernahl from selling you cool stuff. After that, go to the Drawing Room and get the letter for Assassination #2.

#2 on your list is Rileigh the Idle, who’s located on Altus Plateau’s Bridge of Iniquity. The south part of it by the way. Killing the poor guy will give you a few Black-Key Bolts but the real reward is Crepus’s Vial. A Talisman that muffles your sounds when you wear it. Reporting success to Tanith after the second Assassination nets you the Serpentbone Blade, and a confirmation that you’ll meet Tanith’s Lord by the end of this path.


The Lady Tanith’s Quest Paths Diverge

The third Assassination is the last one the player needs to do to meet Rykard. If you do this, you wouldn’t be able to do some of the questlines in Volcano Manor. Thus, hold onto that third Assassination for now and talk to a few of the Manor’s inhabitants first for their questlines.


Bernahl’s Questline

The first questline to go for is Bernahl’s, which gives the player 2 assassinations to go for: Vargram the Raging Wolf, and Errant Sorcerer Wilhelm. You fight them in a 2v2 fight as Bernahl will join you after going to Altus Plateau’s Divine Bridge. Once you defeat them, you’ll gain the Raging Wolf armor set (A dope armor set that was prominently seen in trailers and on the Bloody Wolf class in the Closed Network Test). Talking to Bernahl at the Manor will also give the player Gelmir’s Fury as a spell.


Rya Questline Continuation

The second NPC you need to talk to is Rya, who will be transformed into a serpent and tell you that it’s her true form. You’ll find her in her room (It’s located in front of the Dining Room). After talking to her, talk to Tanith for additional dialogue about Rya, then return to her room to talk to her again. She’ll tell you that there’s a serpent who entered the room next to hers before vanishing and asking you to investigate.

Return to Tanith for some extra dialogue, make sure you have a Swordstone Key, then enter the first room on the right side. In the room’s right corner is an illusionary wall hit it then go inside to find 2 paths: 1 leads to the side and gives the player the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook. After that, turn left and hit the illusionary wall to reveal a room with the Depraved Perfumer Carmaan Summon Ashes.

After getting those items, take the second path down, where you’ll reach the Site of Grace for the Prison Town Church. Return to Rya to talk about this, then go back to the Prison Town Church site of grace to obtain the Serpent’s Amnion.

After obtaining this, talk to Rya and give her the item, then reload the area by going to a Site of Grace. You’ll find that Rya has vanished from her previous location. Talk to Tanith about this and she’ll give the player a Tonic of Forgetfulness to give to Rya. Return to the place where you obtained Serpent’s Amnion and do what players do in RPGs to find where she is.


Endings to This Tale

There are a few ways that Rya’s questline ends. The first  is to give Rya the Tonic of Forgetfulness. Talk to Tanith after this, then complete the Volcano Manor questline. Once the questline is done, return to the Drawing Room to find Rya, who’ll comment that everyone in the manor’s disappeared. She’s forgotten everything that you did to get the Serpent’s Amnion for her. After that, go to a Site of Grace to reload the area to find her gone, leaving behind the Daedicar’s Woe Talisman.

The second way this questline ends is to kill Rya when she asks the player to kill her. You’ll immediately gain Daedicar’s Woe from her corpse for your troubles. Return to Tanith to tell her Rya’s dead, who’ll thank you for your forthrightness and speak no more of the matter.

The third path is not giving the Tonic to Rya when you first find her in the secret room where she asks the player to kill her. Go through the Volcano Manor questline to defeat the boss then return to her location. She’ll ask you to kill her again and make sure that you refuse. Once you do so, she’ll tell you that you were kind and uncompromising, which she likes. Reload the area to find Daedicar’s Woe, in addition to Zoraya’s Letter, which tells the player that she’s gone on her journey.


Patches Questline

Last but not least is the questline that Patches has in this whole deal. We won’t go over this one in detail as it’s pretty long. What we will go over is his Assassination mission, where you defeat Great Horned Tragoth. You’ll find his red summon sign near the Magma Wyrm Site of Grace.


The Third Assassination of the Lady Tanith Quest

After finishing all the questlines that you can get in Volcano Manor, pick up the third letter in the drawing room. You’ll find that it’s a request to kill Juno Hoslow, who’s located on the Mountaintop of the Giants. Specifically, the northeast of the Ancient Snow Valler Ruins Site of Grace. As per usual, interact with the red summon sign to do the invasion, then kill the poor bastard. You’ll get the Hoslow’s Armor set for your troubles once the deed is done.


Volcano Manor Lord Boss Fight

Once you complete the assassinations, Tanith will congratulate you by offering the Taker’s Cameo. She’ll then offer you an audience with her Lord, and by audience, she means she’ll let her lord eat you. Anyhow, accept and you’ll be teleported to the Lord’s Chamber for Rykard’s boss fight. Declining will allow you to delay the end of the quest to do a few cheeky questlines from other Volcano Manor NPCs. If you haven’t completed them yet.

The first phase of the fight will pit the player against the God-Devouring Serpent. This isn’t that difficult if you’re using the Serpent-Hunter Great Spear which is right to the left of the player when they enter the arena. Copious use of its Weapon Art is necessary to defeat the first phase.

This will reveal that Rykard let himself get eaten by the God-Devouring Serpent to gain even more power. The second phase starts and goes through the usual motions of using the Serpent-Hunter Great Spear’s weapon art to kill Rykard’s ass. Make sure to dodge the giant skull fireballs and other nasty attacks that Rykard will lob at you. A few more weapon art swings later, and you’ll defeat the lord of Volcano Manor. This will net you Rykard’s Great Rune, which gives players a bit of HP after killing enemies as well as the Remembrance of the Blasphemous. Trading said Remembrance to Enia will allow the player to get either Rykard’s Rancor sorcery or the Blasphemous Blade boss weapon.


The Ending to Lady Tanith’s Quest

After beating Rykard, return to the Volcano Manor and talk to Tanith. She’ll be quite shocked that you managed to beat him, but will comment that Rykard’s weak, and doesn’t deserve the mantle of Lord. Reload the area by going to a Site of Grace and you’ll find that the Manor’s empty (except for Rya if you gave her the Tonic of Forgetfulness). After which, return to Rykard’s boss room to see Tanith doing something not cool.

You can kill her if you wish. She dies after 1 hit. However, do note that her Crucible Knight defector bodyguard will try to beat your ass. If you do defeat this guy, he gives the player the Aspect of the Crucible: Breath incantation. After that fight, reload the area to obtain Tanith’s bling by going to her corpse.


Lady Tanith Quest Rewards

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The Lady Tanith quest is expansive with rewards based on how many NPC questlines you did. However, here are the main things you can get on the main questline alone:

  • Magma Shot: A chargeable sorcery that lobs a lump of magma at an enemy. That explodes. Obtained by talking to Tanith after the first assassination target is defeated.
  • Crepus’s Vial: A talisman that eliminates all sounds that the user is making when moving around. Obtained after defeating Rileigh the Idle, who drops this in addition to 20 Black-Key bolts, a Rune Arc, and a Furlcalling Finger Remedy.
  • Serpentbone Blade: A katana weapon that inflicts Poison on hit with a Dexterity primary scaling. Obtained by talking to Tanith after defeating Rileigh the Idle.
  • Hoslow’s Armor set: An armor set obtained after defeating Juno Hoslow.
  • Rykard’s Great Rune: A Great Rune of the Elden Ring that gives the player HP after defeating enemies. Obtained after defeating Rykard: Lord of Blasphemy.
  • Remembrance of the Blasphemous: A remembrance of Rykard: Lord of Blasphemy. Trade this to Enia in Roundtable Hold to get either the Blasphemous Blade or Rykard’s Rancor.
  • Blasphemous Blade: A Greatsword with Strength, Dexterity, and Faith scaling and the Taker’s Flames Weapon Skill. It’s a legendary armament obtainable after trading the Remembrance of the Blasphemous to Enia in Roundtable Hold.
  • Rykard’s Rancor: A Sorcery that summons fiery spirits that leave trails of fire as they move toward the enemy. Obtainable after trading the Remembrance of the Blasphemous to Enia in Roundtable Hold.
  • Consort’s Set: An armor set that Tanith is wearing. She’ll drop it when defeated.
  • Aspect of the Crucible: Breath: An incantation that breathes fire at the enemy. Obtained after defeating Tanith’s Crucible Knight after killing her in Rykard’s boss room.


Why Should Players Complete the Lady Tanith Quest? Final Word

There are a few reasons why players should seek and complete the Lady Tanith quest in Elden Ring. The first reason is the fact that you can get one of the game’s Great Runes, as well as the Blasphemous Blade. The latter in particular is part of the Legendary Armaments achievement if you’re an achievement hunter.

In addition to this, you can also get several armor sets as well as sorceries and incantations if you go through the Lady Tanith quest. Overall, there’s no reason not to go the whole nine yards for Tanith and the Volcano Manor. You can only stand to gain if you do each quest and talk to each NPC in the area.

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