How To Use Cartography Table Minecraft

How To Use Cartography Table Minecraft

How to Use Cartography Table in Minecraft: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to our gaming blog feature, where we delve into the fascinating world of Minecraft! Today, we’ll be focusing on one specific tool that every aspiring builder and explorer should know how to use: the Cartography Table. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your Minecraft journey, understanding this essential tool will equip you with the knowledge to create and explore maps like a pro.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cartography Tables in Minecraft allow you to modify and create maps.
  • They are useful for marking important locations, planning your adventures, and sharing maps with other players.

So, let’s dive right in and discover how to make the most of this invaluable tool!

1. Crafting a Cartography Table

To begin your cartographic endeavors, you’ll first need to craft a Cartography Table. The recipe consists of four planks of any type (such as oak, birch, or spruce) and two pieces of paper. Arrange the planks in a square shape in the crafting grid and place the paper in the remaining two spaces diagonally from each other. Once crafted, you can place the Cartography Table in your preferred location within your Minecraft world.

2. Working with the Cartography Table Interface

Once you have your Cartography Table in place, right-click on it to open the interface. You’ll notice three slots: two input slots on the left and one output slot on the right.

On the bottom left input slot, place an empty map. The top left input slot is where the magic happens! Here, you can input various items to modify the map’s appearance and create custom maps with specific features. Some items you can use include:

  • Paper: Increases the map scale to show a larger area
  • Glowstone Dust: Illuminates the map, even in dark areas
  • Feathers: Reveals nearby players on the map
  • Dye: Changes the map’s color

Experiment with different combinations to achieve the desired effects. Remember, each item consumes one durability point from the Cartography Table, so ensure you have enough durability left before making modifications.

3. Creating Copies and Explorable Maps

Once you’re satisfied with the modifications, move the newly created map from the output slot to your inventory. Congratulations! You now have a modified map ready to be used.

Note that the original map in the bottom left input slot does not get replaced, allowing you to create additional copies and experiment with different modifications. Simply take the new map from the output slot and place it back in the input slot to create subsequent copies.

Moreover, the Cartography Table also allows you to combine maps and create an “explorable” map. To do this, combine two maps with the same scale in the Cartography Table interface. The resulting map will display all the explored areas from both input maps into a single, large-scale map, perfect for planning your adventures or showcasing your world to other players.

4. Sharing Maps and Exploring Together

No adventure is complete without companions to explore the vast virtual landscapes with you. With the Cartography Table, you can share your custom maps with other Minecraft players.

To share a map, simply drop it on the ground within the game. Other players can then pick it up, allowing them to view the same map details and modifications you’ve made.

Explore together, mark important locations, and share the excitement of your Minecraft adventures!

So there you have it, a comprehensive guide on how to use the Cartography Table in Minecraft. With this vital tool at your disposal, you can create and explore maps to your heart’s content. Happy crafting, and may your adventures be filled with exciting discoveries!

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