How to Play CSGO Surf (A Detailed Guide)

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CSGO has always been a team game of two groups of five players killing each other. However, the game’s Source engine can be a hodgepodge of weirdness. Case in point, Surfing, a movement bug, became a massive side-activity for the CSGO community. Today we’ll talk about it and how to play CSGO Surf.


What Is CSGO Surf?

how to play csgo surf
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It may surprise some people, but Surfing is a glitch in Valve’s Goldsource, and eventually Source Engine. It lets players gain a metric ton of speed quickly when they hug steep angles. This bug was discovered back in 2008, on the game that originated Counter-Strike, Half-Life. By that point, Surfing became something for players to obsess over, as they compete for the best times.

Ever since the glitch’s discovery, players have created various custom maps that allow for Surfing on the Source Map Editor. Even now, Surf servers and lobbies are an easy-to-see sight on CSGO, and there are 1900+ Surf Maps available on Steam’s workshop. We can’t promise anything in terms of quality though. They can range from easy-to-surf maps for beginners, to utter gauntlets that even Surfing pros will balk at trying.


How to Play CSGO Surf?

how to play csgo surf
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Now that we’ve talked about what CS: GO Surf is, let’s talk about how you can play it. We’ll start with where to find CSGO Surf maps. Then, we’ll talk about how to use the controls, the various objectives, and finally, which maps to play on.


Where to Find CSGO Surf Lobbies, Servers, and Maps

Usually, players can find CSGO Surf lobbies directly on the CSGO game itself.

  1. Simply start the game, select “Play CSGO.”
  2. Go to the top-left dropdown menu.
  3. Look for the Community Server Browser section, then type “Surf” on the tags.
  4. After doing this, simply look for servers you like to go join and select “Connect.”

Do note that there are going to be servers that would be empty for multiple reasons. Maybe they’re in a different time zone, or they’re off doing something important. If you want to have a co-op playthrough of CSGO Surf, then it’s best to check if there are any people on a server. To do this, after typing in ‘Surf’ on the tags, simply select the ‘Players’ tab. This will immediately list out the servers with most players during that point in time.

Last but not least is which server to join based on your current skill in Surfing. There are dedicated servers that are newbie friendly to first-time surfers and can be identified when they’re labeled as Tier 1. Any tiers after that are for surfers with more experience.

Of course, there’s also the option of simply downloading the maps yourself on the Steam Workshop. However, finding a dedicated CSGO Surf server is still a good idea. Mostly because everything in a dedicated server is automated, meaning if a player fails, they can go back to the start immediately. Instead of, you know, having to type in a dedicated console command to do just that.

In addition to this, some maps haven’t been given maintenance and care by their makers throughout the years. Thus, it’s a better idea to go to a server where the players maintaining it know which maps are best to use.



Right, let’s talk about controls and how to play CSGO Surf in the first place. If you think making and putting maps on your PC is hard, boy, you’re in for a wild ride, this is where the complications begin.

At the core concept, CSGO Surfing is pretty easy. After all, a player would only need three things: The A and D Buttons, and their mouse. However, to become proficient or even a master, you’ll need hours upon hours of practice. To start, a player needs to be on a slope. Then, they have to use either their A/D keys to press themselves against the adjacent wall. A key for the left, D key for the right, as per usual. Next is the mouse, your crosshair needs to be pointed in the direction where you want to surf. If you don’t do this, well say goodbye to your balance as you either lose momentum or fall off the slope.

Then, the next thing that needs to be done is to get into another slope. This time, you need to launch yourself off by flicking your mouse upwards so that you’re launched off the slope and into the air. Once airborne, adjust the mouse to change direction and to get to the next slope. Other techniques can help on CSGO Surfing like Bunnyhopping, but since we’re just talking about Surfing we won’t talk about those.

However, one thing that you need to know about CSGO Surfing is that the really important thing that you need to do is to master the map. Why? Because mastering the map leads to shorter times, and most CSGO Surfers usually compete for those. But enough about those things, let’s talk about objectives.



In CSGO Surfing, there are two gameplay modes: Just Surfing, and combat Surfing. These have radically different gameplay loops that are both interesting, yet very diverse.

Surfing is the purest way to enjoy CSGO Surfing maps. You go from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time possible. If you fail, simply try again from the start.

Last but not least is Combat Surfing, which is exactly what it says on the tin. This is a PvP mode where players surf around with guns and they try to kill each other. Both versions of Surfing are pretty competitive and have a lot of players playing them, especially the harder maps. However, it’s usually recommended to practice how to surf first before joining any of the more competitive lobbies.



One thing that needs to be said is that Surfing can be done anywhere so long as there’s a slope. It’s theoretically possible to surf around the standard CSGO maps. It’s not practical, but it’s possible. However, there are some maps on the CS: GO Community Workshop that is tailor-made for Surfing. Thousands of them. Here are some of the more recommended ones:



These maps are for players that are just starting their Surfing career. They’re pretty easy to find in the workshop and are short and sweet. They also teach players how to Surf, as well as how to navigate jumps, corners, hurdles, et cetera. When starting, it’s a good idea to get SURF_BEGINNER rather than SURF_ROOKIE first due to the former being smaller than the latter. It helps to keep players learning at a reasonable pace.



Next on the list is SURF FOR POINTS I-IV, which is mostly for players that want an additional challenge. On these maps, players compete on who can get the most tokens before their timer runs out. There are several colored tokens scattered throughout the maps that give different point scores and the better you surf, the more you can get. This map is for those that want to test their skills and improve upon them.



Last but not least is SURF_EGPYT2, basically one of the bigger challenges for those that just started Surfing. Players are placed on the Egyptian dunes and pyramids filled with slopes and surfaces for them to surf on. It’s pretty tricky and requires considerable skill to even do, let alone master.


Games Like CS GO Surf (Alternatives)

Now that we’ve talked about how to play CSGO Surf, let’s talk about games that are like it. We’ll start with Refunct, followed by Zineth, Project RIK, Clustertruck, and Speedrunners.



First on this list is Refunct, which is a relatively short 3D platformer. There’s no story here, just a pretty peaceful and relaxing world where players can do various platforming skills to get around obstacles. The graphics are beautiful, the coloring is great, it plays at the player’s own pace, and is just 30 minutes long if even that. All told, if you want a more relaxing time on things, trying out Refunct isn’t a bad idea.



Next on this list is Zineth, which is way different in terms of style when compared to Refunct. For one, it’s very psychedelic, with bright colors everywhere and a lot of overall zaniness. Gameplay-wise, it’s very similar to CSGO Surf, where players need to zoom around the map to get to places. However, Zineth has a story, though very hidden.

All told, Zineth is a great game that has a lot of charm to it. Unfortunately, it can only be downloaded on their website and isn’t available on Steam. Also, it’s very much recommended to have an Xbox Controller when playing Zineth. You can use a keyboard, but you’re not gonna have a good time when doing so.


Project RIK

Next is Project RIK, which is an FPS racing game that focuses on movement. If anything, this is the real sequel to CSGO Surfing in general. However, it’s not just surfing that’s being tested on Project RIK. It also tests how good a player is on bunnyhopping, strafe jumping, crouchslides, power jumps, and other types of fps movement. All told, Project RIK’s main goal is to give players the thrill of movement while also competing for the best times.

Like Zineth, Project RIK isn’t available on Steam and is instead found on their website One thing that makes this cool though is the fact that Project RIK is completely free, and players don’t need to pay to play. Very nice.



After Project RIK is Clustertruck, which is all of the games above combined with the floor is lava. After all, you’re bunnyhopping on top of moving trucks and your objective is to get to the end. However, the game wouldn’t let you get there that easily. If you’re not careful, your character will die in a multitude of progressively evil ways. Each level has unique hazards that can stop you from getting to the end of the level. There are lasers, falling trucks, various obstructions, and more.

Eventually, though, the player will unlock new abilities and traversal mechanics. Ranging from grappling hooks to an actual Timestop. All of them are useful, especially during a very chaotic portion of a level.

All told if you’re looking for a great way to test your platforming and movement skills, get Clustertruck. It’s fun as hell and very entertaining, well worth the money to buy it.



Next on this list is Speedrunners, and no, not individuals that complete games as fast as possible, but the game Speedrunners.

Speedrunners is a four-player game where you play as Superheroes trying to get into crime scenes. Of course, even getting to said crime scenes is a competition, and everyone wants to get there first. Thus, Your characters need to use anything and everything to get ahead. Grappling hooks? Yes, very viable. Various powers? Why not? All told, so long as you’re moving fast towards the scene of the crime, anything goes.

However, do note that you’re racing against four other heroes, and they’re going to do everything to hinder you. You’re gonna have to do your level best to dodge all that and still get to the scene, which adds excitement to the whole thing.

If you have a group of three friends that want to compete against each other, then Speedrunners is a game to go for. It’s fun, has a lot of charm, and very great time waster.


Learn How to Play CSGO Surf Today!

All in all, playing CSGO Surf requires a bit of knowledge of how movement works in the game. However, the best way to learn anything is through practice, especially when going through all the unique surfing maps in CSGO. There you go, that’s our how to play CSGO surf guide.

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