Your Guide to FIFA 22 Career Mode & Overall Gameplay

Fifa 22 career mode featured

EA Sports has once again made another entry into the FIFA series with FIFA 22. However, the main attraction to FIFA 22 is the Career Mode, as there are a few things there that might interest players. Today, we’ll discuss these improvements and tweaks and what we can expect from them.


What Is FIFA 22 Career Mode?

Career Mode is basically the player creating their path in the FIFA world. With this game mode, they can choose to become either a player or a manager, and then try to make it to the pinnacle of Football.

As stated, there are two ways to go through Career Mode: Manager, and Player Mode, each with its own quirks and gameplay.

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Manager Career

In Manager Career Mode, you play as a manager who proceeds to create his own football club. Back in the day, players need to take control of an already existing football team, which really annoyed players. However, with FIFA 22, players can create their own club, and hire their own football players. In addition, Manager Mode comes with some pretty exciting perks for FIFA 22 players. We’ll talk more about these additional parts in the review below.


Player Career

Meanwhile, Player Career Mode is exactly the same as before with players creating their own football star. They can then be inserted into a particular football club, with them being called in on certain occasions when someone needs a swap. The player is going to be a young up-and-comer who wants to prove themselves in the world of football. Hopefully, you’ll have the chance to prove your worth.


FIFA 22 Career Mode New Features

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First off, let’s talk about the new features that are available to players on FIFA 22’s Career Mode. We’ll start with the changes that are on Career Mode compared to FIFA 21 and 20.


Manager Career’s Create-a-Club

This allows players to create their own Football Club with all the benefits that it entails. Back in the days of FIFA 21 and 20, players need to take control of an existing football team. On the other hand, a lot of FIFA players may want to experience the thrill of creating their own club, with their own players, with everything that entails.

Now, FIFA 22 gives that and more, allowing players to name the club, create the club crest, and hire players. They also get the opportunity to create their own stadium, which is pretty awesome.

Going back to the player recruitment side of things, players get to choose the quality and age of the players. This allows them to make some pretty nutty player rosters, from young up-and-comers to near retired veterans.


Board Expectations and You

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Players can also pick the club’s philosophy based on the expectations of the club’s board of directors. There are five things that the player can tweak here. These are:

  • Domestic Success: Determines how much the board wants the club to succeed in terms of its performance. Higher expectations mean the board wants the club to get top honors on one or more football seasons.
  • Continental Success: Determines how much the board wants the club to succeed in terms of winning glory. The higher this is, the more that the board of directors will demand that the club succeeds in order to spread its name.
  • Financial: Determines how much the board of directors wants the club to earn money. If it’s put on high priority, they may want the club to spend less and earn more. If put on low, then the club has a blank check on expenditure.
  • Brand Exposure: Determines how much the board of directors wants to spread the football club’s brand. The higher this is, the more they want to put the football club in the world. This also means they want you to build hype for the football club, manage its fans, and more PR.
  • Youth Development: Determines how much the board of directors wants to develop the youth that you’re working with. This allows your Football Club to build young talent for the future, and profit from home-grown players.


Player Career Mode

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As per usual, there’s also the Player Career Mode, which has most of the same things as previous entries. There are some pretty big changes in this game mode though, which we’ll talk about below.

First off, players can now use their own created football character in a game of football here. Yes, that’s now a thing — you can now control your own character in a football game in-game. This might be something obvious that should’ve been added, but it took FIFA’s developers years in order to do so, which is a bit surprising.

The absence of this feature was actually something that fans of the game noticed pretty quickly. This led to them asking for it multiple times, but it’s only on FIFA 2022 that this feature is added.

Other than this, there are also the objectives, the manager ratings, and player growth, which we’ll talk about below.


Manager Ratings, Objectives, and Growth

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Back in previous FIFA games, there are a few Match Objectives that players can get for extra goodies. Now, this is more apparent in FIFA 2022, as every time your player steps into a match, they’ll get a series of missions to finish. These missions are based on the player’s position, and what football club they’re on. Finishing these tasks facilitates your character’s growth. It also ensures that your character would be in the manager’s mind for the next game.

To help players figure this out, FIFA 22 has the Manager Rating System, which allows them to figure out where they stand with their club’s manager. Doing well in games makes it so that the manager ensures you’re gonna be playing more. If you don’t do well, you’re gonna be inbound to the bench, or worse, get transferred.

In addition to the Manager Rating System, players also get EXP for completing missions and doing well in training. This EXP will be added to the player’s overall level, unlocking new perks and skills that can help them in Football. Players can get skills by using skill points that directly affect how your football player plays.

Meanwhile, Perks can be unlocked when the player levels up and can be selected before a football match begins. Players can choose three perks to equip at one Football match, and these perks automatically activate in specific conditions.


FIFA 22 Career Mode: Gameplay Tweaks

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In addition to these major changes, there are some tweaks in how players play on Career Mode in general. For one, the game’s cinematics is improved so that the game feels more immersive. EA did all it could to add to the game’s ability to immerse its players in football. Of course, they also decided to add more variety to this cinematics in order to keep it fresh. Players can also see these cutscenes on the game’s other game modes like Ultimate Team.

In addition to this, FIFA also made use of various motion capture techniques in order to improve the quality of animations. This led to a good improvement on how the game looks when players are playing football matches. Especially since the new animations mesh well when it comes to how various players move, which reduces the game’s visual glitches when the game is being played.

However, Volta Football is the real loser in FIFA 22 due to the game mode not having a Story Mode. Instead, there’s a lean into various special abilities that you can use to get ahead of the enemy team. In addition, Volta Football’s more interesting addition, Volta Arcade, is only available on weekends, which pits you and other players in various minigames for fun. A bit sad that they didn’t think to make that into a real game mode, but at least we can play the minigames on weekends.

Final Word on FIFA 22 Career Mode

FIFA 22 is another addition to the FIFA series that has additional things in its gameplay and game modes. However, it’s a bit repetitive in terms of its core gameplay as it’s a football game. And Ultimate Team is still loaded with a lot of microtransactions. Still, if you’re hankering for improvements in Career Mode and you’re interested in Volta Football, you might want to get FIFA 2022.

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