Dota 2 Update 7.28: New Patch & A New Hero

Dota 2 Update 7.28 Featured

Dota 2 has been around for a long, long time now. A lot has changed from its original iteration, Defence of the Ancients, to the current Dota 2. And now, there’s a new patch to the game. Patch 7.28, also known as the Mistwoods Update, adds in a new hero, rescaled everything in the game, and made more changes. Here’s the rundown on the Dota 2 Update 7.28 and what you should expect out of the MOBA’s latest patch.


How To Get Dota 2 Update 7.28


How Big is the Patch?

The new 7.28 Mistwoods patch is 1.47 GB in size. Usually, this patch update would only take around 5 to 10 minutes with a fast internet connection. Slower connections would face around 15 to 20 minutes, tops. It’s not a huge update and, as you’ve seen, won’t take that much time to download.

If you’re looking to get an edge on your Dota 2 playthroughs, you can check out our guides on Dota 2 vs LOL, Dota Plus, and Dota 2 MMR.


How to Download Dota 2 Update 7.28?

The good thing about Dota 2 is the fact that Steam automatically updates the game if there’s a new patch. So, if you already have Dota 2 installed on your PC, you’re pretty much good to go. Just start up Steam and Dota 2 will immediately update itself.


What to Do if Dota 2 Is Not Updating

There are several ways to fix Dota if it’s not downloading the latest update. Specifically, there are four things you can do. Here’s the list of fixes that you can implement to get your game running, arranged from the easiest to the hardest.


Restart Steam

The most effective fix is usually the most obvious. This one is a simple enough matter of logging out of your Steam account and logging back in. Not a cool solution, but it’s an effective one.


Leaving the Steam Beta Client

The second method is to leave Steam’s Beta Client. This is really a recommendation for those that have Beta games and is also a pretty simple process. All you need to do is go to Steam Settings, then Account Settings, and lastly, find the Beta Participation Section. After you’ve done so, select change and then proceed to opt-out of any Beta programs.

You’ll need to restart Steam after this, though. It’s a 2-in-1 deal since you’re also rebooting Steam in the process.


Verifying Dota 2’s Game Files

Next up is verifying Dota 2’s Game Files. This one is kinda simple as you only need to go to your Steam Library. After you get there, right-click Dota 2, select Properties, select Local Files, then click Verify Integrity of Game Files.

Steam will then go and verify the game files of Dota 2. It’ll take some time, but it’s usually a good idea to check if your game files are verified. This way, you can be assured that everything’s working just fine with your game.


Delete Steam’s \Appcache Folder

This is the nuclear option that will involve going to Steam’s application folder. This does work for the majority of cases, though, so it’s an option that is worth considering. All you need to do is delete the steam.inf file. As for where that’s located, it’s usually on the Program Files (x86) Steam folder. The full directory should be: (Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\game\dota).

After getting to the folder, simply run a search and then delete it. The problem should be fixed after that. You can then restart your game without as much as a hitch.


What’s New With Dota 2 Update 7.28


From the newest hero on the block to the new Aghanim’s Scepter effects, new and returning Dota 2 players have a lot to see and experiment with on Update 7.28. It might even be confusing to those who are still new to the game. If you’re one of those people, you just have to remember one thing: this is the start of the new patch, and it will be subject to changes in the future.

For now, let’s talk about three things first. The new hero, Hoodwink, the new items introduced to the game, and lastly, the new Aghanim’s Scepter effects. After that, we’ll look at the changes to the game’s core gameplay from map changes, new events and missions, quality-of-life changes, and more.


New Hero: Hoodwink

Hoodwink Description
Screenshot from Dota 2


Hoodwink is the newest hero to join the colorful Dota 2 hero pool. The hero has agility as her main stat. Her abilities shares similar attributes to not only Windranger but other heroes as well. Valve described her kit as a ranged nuker with escape and disabling capabilities.


Acorn Shot

Hoodwink shoots an acorn at a target. The acorn will then bounce to enemies nearby, slowing them as well as dealing extra damage. If the skill is targeted at the ground, a tree will be made at the target position first. After that, the acorn will proceed to bounce to nearby targets.



Hoodwink throws a net trap that’ll immediately stun enemy heroes if they’re near a tree. All enemies in the AoE take damage and are then pulled towards the tree that’s closest to them. Last but not the least, they’ll have their vision reduced to 0 for the stun’s duration.



Hoodwink will passively evade any attacks if she’s near a tree. When activated, Hoodwink will have bonus movement speed, can phase through anything, and will be capable of tree-walking for a limited duration.



Hoodwink stands still and proceeds to charge a deadly bolt that she then fires from her crossbow. The fired bolt deals heavy damage to the poor soul hit, in addition to slowing and breaking them. The bolt’s damage, as well as the debuff duration, scales up depending on how long you charge it. It’s also fired automatically after five seconds have passed. Lastly, Hoodwink is knocked backward due to the shot’s recoil for a distance of 350.

Hoodwink seems to be a fusion of Windranger, Luna, and Jhin from League of Legends. Specifically, her skills remind players of Windranger’s Shackleshot and Windrun, Luna’s Moon Glaives, and Jhin’s Curtain Call Ultimate. This kit makes her an interesting and deadly addition to the game’s already-impressive roster of heroes.


New Items


There are a few new items that are available on the new patch 7.28. Some of these items will probably be nerfed to oblivion by hotfixes following the patch release. But for now, let’s enjoy their post-release shenanigans, shall we?


Overwhelming/Swift/Arcane Blink

First off, let’s talk about the friend of initiators everywhere, the Blink Dagger. Usually, that special blade is a one-off buy that’s worth its weight in gold. Now? Well, with a few more items and an extra recipe, you can infuse your Blinks with potent effects.

One example is the Overwhelming Blink. When used, the landing zone of the blink will be affected by an AoE attack and inflict movement speed slow to enemies. All these effects last for six seconds. Also, the user will gain an extra +25 strength as the item’s passive. This is a good addition to the already-useful item, giving it extra offensive utility. It’s also great for AoE spellcasters like Earthshaker and Enigma, as the item allows them to hit their spells better.

Meanwhile, Swift Blink is for those that fancy themselves as assassins. When used, the hero gains extra movement speed, the ability to phase through enemies, and 40 damage and attack speed for six seconds. Other than this, the user also gains extra +25 agility as a passive effect. Expect Rikimaru’s and other DPS heroes to pick this up almost immediately.

Last but not the least, we have the Arcane Blink. This one’s a bit on the tricky side, and might be picked up by mage carries and supports. It gives +25 additional intelligence as a passive effect. However, savvy players might notice that they gain a 25% cooldown reduction and a -50% cast point after they blink. All these benefits last for six seconds as well, which is consistent with all the new Blink Daggers.


Fluffy Hat

It’s a Fluffy Hat, nothing more, nothing less. It gives 125 HP to the hero that has this in their inventory. Last but not the least; the Fluffy Hat is one of the requirements for two of the new items. Oh, and one old item as well.


Orb of Corrosion

The Orb of Corrosion is a pretty unique item. It needs Blight Stone, an Orb of Venom, and a Fluffy Hat to create. It gives 150 HP, as well as 13% or 4% slow depending on if your Hero is Melee or Ranged. Also, it gives 3 magic DPS and reduces your enemy’s armor by 3. All these effects last for three seconds. This item is a good early game item for heroes that want to rush enemies like Monkey King.


Witch Blade

No, we’re not talking about the anime here. The Witch Blade needs Blitz Knuckles, Robe of the Magi, Chainmail, and a 600 gold recipe. It gives increased attack speed, +6 armor, +12 Intelligence, and increases projectile speed by 300. Last but not the least, the item has a passive ability that applies a curse to your attacks. It slows enemies and deals damage based on the Hero’s intelligence stat for three seconds.


Mage Slayer

So here’s an item that Anti Mage would love. The Mage Slayer gives 20 Agility and damage alongside 20% Magic Resistance. The real kicker to this item is the fact that it reduces the effectiveness of enemy spells by 35%. This effect lasts for a lengthy four seconds.

For a full list of new items, you can find it on the Dota 2 Update 7.28 blog.


Removed Items


Now, as per usual in these big patches, Gaben giveth and Gaben taketh away. Valve has elected to remove some of the game’s items as per usual to shake the meta. Here are some of the items that are vaulted from Dota 2’s active items:


Ring of Tarrasque

The Ring of Tarrasque was added in the previous patch as an additional purchase for the Heart of Tarrasque item. The item was removed with the onset of Patch 7.28, effectively nerfing the Heart.


Poor Man’s Shield

And thus, yet another holdout from the original DotA was removed from the game. The Poor Man’s Shield was a relic of the past, being present in the item shop since the game’s earliest iterations. However, no one in competitive or casual play buys the item anymore. Thus, it seems fitting that Valve retires the item completely.


Iron Talon

The Iron Talon had multiple iterations of itself when it was announced back in the day. It was removed back in patch 7.07 and then added back in as a neutral item on patch 7.23. Now, it’s removed again. For all we know, this removal might be for good.


Mango Tree

Well, it would make a whole lot of sense if an item that provides limitless Enchanted Mangoes is removed. It would make the game too easy for heroes that rely on Mangoes, after all.

You can check the Mistwoods update Blog post we linked to earlier to see what items were removed.


Gameplay Changes

Now, for some talk about gameplay changes.

First off, there might be something new that you’ll notice on the Hero UI once you’re in the game. There’s a new section with a blanked out outline of Aghanim’s Scepter and three shards. These are now indicators of when a player has bought either the Scepter, the Shards, or has Aghanim’s Blessing. Also, they show the players the effects that getting these items will give to the hero they’re using.

Other gameplay changes that are added to the game include:

  • Roshan has increased armor gain from the usual .325 to .375.
  • The Ancient Creep Camp on the Radiant side of the map is now easier to stack.
  • A metric ton of rearrangements to the Ancient Thunderhide’s stats and abilities.
  • Increased the cooldown of the Black Dragon’s Fireball ability.
  • The Alpha Wolf is now LVL 5.
  • Ghost’s attack time is now 1.2 instead of 1.
  • Magic Resistance of Neutral Ancients scaled down from 70 to 50%.


Quality-of-Life Changes

Other than the usual game changes, there are some quality-of-life changes put in the game as well. Here are some of the more prominent ones that are introduced in 7.28:

  • Additional lore is added to all the items in the game.
  • The shop’s items are rearranged. The ordering is now based on the cost of the item in question.
  • When fusing into a new item, the item will form on the slot of the item with a similar effect. An example of this would be the Magic Wand forming on the inventory slot with the Magic Stick in it.
  • The game now starts at nighttime and transitions to daytime when the creep waves spawn.


Hero Changes


Hoo boy, what can we say about how much the new hero changes? With the release of Aghanim’s Shard and the Scepter Reworks, there’s a lot to tackle in terms of hero changes. All of the heroes in Dota 2 got some form of rework done on them. However, we’re going to talk about the changes that have more influence on the overall Dots 2 meta.



Brewmaster got quite a bit of a buff on patch 7.28. From the part where he gets an additional spirit if he gets Aghanim’s Shards to the two extra Ultimate charges (if he gets the Scepter), Brewmaster players should be happy campers with the drunk panda. There’s also the part where all of his spirits get some pretty gnarly buffs as well.



Another hero that got buffed this patch is Enigma, with his Demonic Conversion and Malefice getting buffed.



Lina was already a good squishy hero on Dota 2. However, the new patch gave her some pretty hefty buffs. These range from reducing mana cost on her Laguna Blade to increasing the attack speed gain of her Fiery Soul.


Outworld Destroyer

Not only was Outworld Devourer renamed to Outworld Destroyer, but he also got a myriad of buffs. His Astral Imprisonment got better cast range and increased single target damage. However, it’s AoE was removed and its duration was nerfed. Meanwhile, his Arcane Orb was also tweaked, increasing mana cost and cooldown in exchange of increased damage.


Aghanim’s Scepter/Shard Upgrades

Aghanim Shard
Screenshot from Dota 2


All right, let’s talk about everyone’s favorite item, shall we?

As we’ve all known by now, Aghanim’s Scepter gives special improvements to hero abilities once equipped. The new patch added some improvements and reworks on a lot of the effects that Aghanim’s Scepter gives to heroes. However, with the onset of patch 7.28, there’s now a new addition to the Aghanim’s Family of items.

In comes Aghanim’s Shards from stage left. The one item that probably lengthened the time that Valve had to put in before they introduce the patch. This little fella can be purchased for 1400 gold, meaning you can purchase this item after 14 minutes have passed in the game. The item works similarly enough to its counterparts. There’s just the added caveat that it boosts a separate spell, or creates a new one. All of the heroes in the game, with the sole exception of Hoodwink, as she’s new, has an Aghanim’s Shard upgrade ready to use.

Here are some of the more egregious examples of Aghanim’s Shard that Valve added into the game. We’re still wondering what they’re thinking while they did this.


Alchemist’s Berserk Potion

Screenshot from Dota 2


The Alchemist can now throw his ultimate to another hero, simple as that. Seems broken, right? Well, kind of. The Health Regen isn’t as much as his ultimate, the attack speed increase is lower, and there’s no movement increase. So small mercies, that. It’s still pretty nuts, though.


Axe’s Counter Helix

You thought Axe was bad before? Well, he’s extra insane now with the Aghanim’s Shards. All of Axe’s attacks can now proc his Counter Helix. And to add icing to the cake, this ignores the natural cooldown of the ability. This means it’ll still proc even if Counter Helix is on cooldown. It also gives Axe an extra +20 attack speed, but that’s an afterthought to all the other things.


Dark Seer’s Normal Punch

So Dark Seer was a pretty uncommon hero to see on the previous patch, and now we know why. He’s been training using Saitama’s method and now has access to the Normal Punch Series.

The attack is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a passive ability that makes Dark Seer’s next attack to deal knockback on enemy heroes and deal damage. Also, the knockback is based on how far Dark Seer’s moved in the past three seconds up to 1500. Last but not the least, the punch also punches out an illusion that lasts for 5 seconds.


Chaos Knight’s Chaos Bolt Upgrade

You thought that Chaos Knight was more annoying before? Well, he’s way more annoying now. Getting the Aghanim’s Shard turns Chaos Knight’s Chaos Bolt into a better version of Phantom Lancer’s Phantom Lance. This makes Chaos Bolt a better chase tool and a very dangerous projectile if it hits its mark.


Final Verdict on Dota 2 Update 7.28


The new Dota 2 update bought quite a few shakeups on the game’s meta. From the new hero Hoodwink to the Aghanim’s Shard Upgrades, the Hero changes, and various new and removed items, you’ll have a grand time relearning the game you’ve fallen in love with. The game’s evolving and changing yet again in this patch, and it’s up to the players to adapt.

Dota 2 Update 7.28: New Patch & A New Hero

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