Diablo 3 How To Augment Ancient Item

Diablo 3 How To Augment Ancient Item

Gaming: A Guide to Augmenting Ancient Items in Diablo 3

Welcome to our gaming blog, dedicated to helping players unlock their full potential in popular video games. In this post, we will dive into the world of Diablo 3, specifically focusing on how to augment Ancient Items. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or just starting out, understanding the mechanics of augmenting Ancient Items can greatly enhance your gaming experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Augmenting Ancient Items significantly increases their power
  • Ancient Items have higher stat rolls compared to their regular counterparts

Diablo 3 is known for its exciting loot system, and Ancient Items take the game to a whole new level. These rare items possess higher stat rolls compared to regular ones, making them highly sought after by players aiming for the top-tier gear. However, augmenting Ancient Items allows you to further boost their power, pushing your character’s capabilities even further.

How to Augment Ancient Items

The process of augmenting Ancient Items in Diablo 3 involves a combination of gathering resources and visiting the right NPCs. Let’s break down the steps:

  1. Obtain Legendary Gems: Legendary Gems are essential for augmenting Ancient Items. To obtain them, complete Greater Rifts, one of the endgame activities in Diablo 3. Each completed Greater Rift has a chance to drop a Legendary Gem.
  2. Level Up Legendary Gems: Once you have obtained the Legendary Gems, you must level them up to increase their stats. Legendary Gems gain experience by completing Greater Rifts. Focus on pushing higher-level Rifts and empowering the gems to their maximum potential.
  3. Obtain Kanai’s Cube: Kanai’s Cube is a powerful artifact that plays a crucial role in augmenting Ancient Items and enhancing their potential. To obtain Kanai’s Cube, complete a series of quests in Act III of Diablo 3’s Adventure Mode.
  4. Extract Legendary Power: Once you have acquired Kanai’s Cube, you can extract the power from Legendary Gems by placing them into the cube. This process destroys the gems, but their power can be used to augment Ancient Items. Make sure to choose the desired gem and item wisely, as the augmentation is permanent and cannot be changed later.

By following these steps, you can harness the true power of Ancient Items and become a force to be reckoned with in Diablo 3. Augmenting these items with powerful Legendary Gems will greatly improve your character’s effectiveness in combat, giving you an edge against the toughest foes.


Augmenting Ancient Items in Diablo 3 is not only a way to increase your character’s power but also a thrilling progression milestone. By successfully augmenting these items, you can enhance your gameplay experience and reach new heights within the game. Remember to continually level up your Legendary Gems and optimize your gear to maximize the potential of your augmented Ancient Items. Happy gaming!

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