Demon Turf Review: Is the Game Worth Getting?

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E3 2021 came upon us with a splash halfway through 2021. However, despite there being a seeming lack of noteworthy titles, some of these games have been fun. One of which is the quirky and fun-filled, yet somewhat dark game called Demon Turf. What is the game all about and is it worth playing? Let’s find out.


What Is Demon Turf?

Demon Turf Character
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You would think that the platformer genre would have died with the advent of 3D graphics. However, there have been tons of revamps and innovative ways to let the genre live on. Some of them stay true to the 2D aesthetic (mostly existing in indie games) — and there have been numerous successes.

On the other hand, developers have also played with the idea of completely 3D or 2.5D platformers. These come with varying degrees of popularity and have proven to be worthwhile even in 2021. Regardless of the aesthetic, the platformer genre seems like it’s here to stay and Demon Turf fully embodies this idea. Through the game, you’re introduced to a 2D-3D hybrid of an action platformer with 3D environments and 2D characters coexisting.

The implications of this art style are pretty clear. From the makers of Slime San, indie developer Fabraz created the entirety of the Demon World with intentionality. The Demon Turf characters are mostly 2D and have 2D animations that, surprisingly, fit well in the 3D space.

Your character, Beebz, makes her way through the environment, overcoming obstacles through her convenient push, pull, and spin mechanics. Moreover, she also employs shapeshifting in a lot of the puzzles based on the trailer. Whether it’s a swimming octopus or flying bat, Beebz makes use of her abilities to defeat the demons around her.

We’ll talk more about the gameplay, mechanics, and story later on. Just know that you’re in for a wild ride if you decide to play Demon Turf.


Where Can You Play Demon Turf?

Is Demon Turf on Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, or PC? Demon Turf seems like a fun time based on the trailer. Luckily, it’s available on almost all popular platforms in existence. You can play Demon Turf on PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. For PC gamers, you can purchase it on Steam, GOG, or the Epic Games Store.

Check it out on Steam today!


How Much Does It Cost?

Now, for the winning question: is Demon Turf free? What is Demon Turf’s price and how expensive will it be to play? Unfortunately, Demon Turf isn’t free but it has gone on sale on Steam. If you time it right, you might be able to snag it at a discount.


When Was the Release Date?

The Demon Turf demo has already been out since last year and the full game has finally just been released. For those of you wondering, Demon Turf’s release date was on November 4, 2021. You can download it right now on any of the aforementioned platforms.


Demon Turf Game Review

Demon Turf Gameplay
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Of course, talking about Demon Turf as a concept is one thing. Sure, it might be an interesting idea because it’s an innovative blend of 2D and 3D. However, regardless of its potential, what matters is execution. So, is Demon Turf worth playing and how does it fare in graphics, story, gameplay, and combat? Let’s find out through this Demon Turf review and go through each category one by one.


Story & Setting

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Platformers like these might not necessarily be about the story. However, it helps to know what your goal is and why you’re going through everything in the first place. In this case, the story revolves around Demon Turf’s character, Beebz. She’s a demon who’s barely a thousand years old — a child by demon standards.

However, despite her age, Beebz is far from unambitious as she’s bent on taking over the demon world. Yes, that’s right. Beebz is out to usurp the throne from the Demon King and crown herself the Demon Queen! However, like most kings, the Demon King doesn’t take kindly to anyone trying to grab hold of his power. As such, Beebz has to overcome trials, face adversity, and use force to get what she wants.

Unfortunately, it’s not such an easy task to do even with ambition and grit. The Demon World is inhabited by all kinds of deplorable beings. Various turfs have gangs with leaders whom Beebz has to defeat so she can rise to become their leader. Of course, each demon boss is difficult but they’re incomparable to the Demon King himself. Consequently, the task falls to Beebz to conquer this world chock full of demons to gain support for her “revolution.”

The story and setting of Demon Turf certainly aren’t as unique as the art style. Nonetheless, what it might lack in the story it makes up for in gameplay. We’ll get to that part later. For now, just know that you’re in it to help Beebz take over the world.



At first glance, Demon Turf might look jarring if you’re not used to the blend of 2D and 3D graphics. It’s certainly unique and the hybrid graphics look kind of odd if we’re being honest. Nonetheless, it does capture the vibe Fabraz seemed to have been going for. Getting a game to look this retro is no easy feat and we applaud the developers for an astounding accomplishment. No doubt old-school platformer fans will have a hoot just looking at Beebz and the world around her.

There’s a lot to love in Demon Turf once you adjust to the hybrid graphics. The 3D elements in the game are low-poly and surprisingly fit well with the 2D characters. This makes the entire game look polished despite what it may come off as in the beginning.

In addition, Beebz’s animations are clean and tight, allowing for challenging (but fun) platforming throughout. The concept is also fresh, charming, and works well with the kind of vibe it aims to put out. A lot of games don’t experiment with this kind of blend so it’s certainly a welcome change.

Overall, Fabraz certainly learned from their 2D Slime San game to elevate this 3D platformer into what it is now. Of course, if you can’t shake off the odd blend of 2D and 3D, it might not be for you. However, if you can get past that then there’s a whole world of fun waiting for you in the end.



Of course, what makes or breaks any kind of platformer is certainly the gameplay controls. That’s why it’s important to examine Demon Turf’s gameplay and how it fares in this area. Is it absurdly difficult to control, loose and inaccurate, or tight enough to be precise?

Thankfully, the team used everything they learned from their former 2D platformer to elevate Demon Turf. It truly shows and shines as you make your way throughout the demon world. Beebz is easy to control and moves smoothly wherever you take her. If you die, you’ll only have yourself to blame because the controls are polished and fair.



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Unfortunately, Demon Turf isn’t perfect when it comes to all controls and that’s certainly true in terms of combat. That’s because your attacks don’t deal damage to enemies so you’re forced to “creatively” kill them. Even if you want to kick every turf leader, you can’t. The most you can do is simply spin your enemies and push them somewhere dangerous. Whether it’s over a ledge or the spikes behind them, you have to use Beebz to force them into danger.

Sure, you could argue that this mechanic is intriguing and unique for an action game. However, it becomes more cumbersome and tedious as you progress through the game. It’s time-consuming and, honestly, a little unnecessary. Compared to the tight and exciting platforming, the action just misses the mark.

Furthermore, you’re required to defeat all the demons lumped into gangs battling against you before you can progress. Hence, the game feels slower-paced — the opposite of what the developers might have wanted you to feel.

Unfortunately, the boss fights are just as bad when it comes to combat. Most of them force you to use some sort of gimmick, based on one of Beebz’s special skills. Granted, this mechanic gives you some much-needed change in late-game areas to break the monotony. Nonetheless, they’re simply cumbersome to deal with after a few tries.


Level Design

Level Design
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Demon Turf is full of unique challenges scattered throughout its levels. You enter various turfs and go through multiple stages to get to the boss — not unlike most other platformers. Of course, there’s tons of difficulty before you can even get to that part. Each level is full of platforms, bottomless pits, and traps to trip you up.

As a result, there’s a lot of jumping involved in every stage — and from multiple platforms, too. You jump from floors, walls, double-jump, and even shapeshift into flying creatures just to get from point A to B. However, none of it is too unfair so everything feels well-balanced.

In addition, the level design isn’t as linear. Tons of these obstacle courses have multiple paths for you to take. These are handy for creative minds who want to solve puzzles in unconventional ways. Moreover, it makes the entire game feel a bit more dynamic because there’s no one way to finish a level.

Of course, part of the fun is also being able to beat each level within a set time. If you stay within the limit, you’re rewarded with a higher score. It’s enough to feel a sense of accomplishment especially with online leaderboards tracking each player. Moreover, it also fosters creativity in the player as you can beat the same level using different strategies every time.

Apart from this, Demon Turf also has tons of side quests. You can play Soccer Golf, do the combat arena, and much more to earn sweets and rewards. There’s even a “Photo Hunt” activity where you have to take pictures of hidden locations, too. Overall, this game can give you 40 solid hours of gameplay without getting bored. Moreover, even if you skip the non-essentials, you’ll still spend at least 20 hours on it.


Other Mechanics

Apart from the level design, Demon Turf also allows for manual checkpoints, freeing the player to plan their strategy. With it, you can plant a checkpoint and restart from further along if you want to try a risky move. However, you do have a limited number of checkpoints so make sure to use them wisely.

In addition, if you manage to get through the grueling boss fights, you’re rewarded with some things. This includes the title of “chief” and unlocking new versions of previous levels. Moreover, you get to collect the ever-important battery that you’ll need for the final boss.

Furthermore, Demon Turf also incorporates tons of add-ons and is jam-packed with great content. For example, after you defeat a boss, you can switch back to the pre-siege world through Midgi’s terminal. These might not be required but they’re incredibly fun to do before you progress further.

Moreover, you can also switch up Beebz’s actions and movements through collectible sweets. These act as the Demon Turf’s currency and are great for varying the gameplay. Lastly, there are companions you can buy with these as well.



Some games are just timeless even after the base game is finished. That’s especially true for creative games that let you solve puzzles in multiple ways. Thankfully, Demon Turf has that going for it because its levels are extremely replayable.

Sure, some players might beat things once and consider it done after the fact. However, others might want to smash through the leaderboards and come out on top. If you’re a fan of that, then replaying levels and trying riskier tactics might well be worth it.

Moreover, Demon Turf is tons of fun to play again if you like exploring already-conquered lands. This might not sound fun at first but there are tons of changes the developers added to vary gameplay. It’s also easy to teleport between checkpoints so you don’t have to feel like it’s a tedious task to do. Through it, you can run a victory lap and explore previously conquered lands without going through too much trouble.

To top it off, you can finish all the hidden locations and side quests, too. The Photo Hunt, for one, is noteworthy because of how much you can discover through it. On the other hand, you can also take pictures and post them on the Demon Turf Reddit just for fun.


Music & Sound

Some gaming franchises have iconic soundtracks that, without them, would make an installment feel almost incomplete. On the other hand, some games use the lack of sound to create more tension and support the theme. Regardless, sound plays an interestingly large part in game design and Demon Turf executes this well.

To make a comparison, the soundtrack within Demon Turf is reminiscent of Jet Set Radio or Splatoon. Rhythm and vinyl sounds exist in nearly every tune that plays. Moreover, there’s a lot of attitude to the music that represents your main character’s personality pretty well. In addition, the developers added voice acting to a lot of the cast which is a nice touch.


Verdict: Is Demon Turf Worth Trying Out?


Overall, Demon Turf is a wonderful platformer with tight controls and unique mechanics that bring out your creativity. It’s quirky, fun, and immersive because of its mechanics, art style, and game design. Of course, there are some dull moments because of the repetitive and tedious combat system. Nonetheless, it’s a wonderful experience if you’re a fan of platforming games and you need something new.


Demon Turf Alternatives: Similar Games You Can Play

Demon Turf might be highly replayable but it doesn’t last forever. Thankfully, there are tons of similar games like it that bring about that same whimsical and fun feeling it induces. What are these games? Here are just a couple of similar games you might want to try if you liked Demon Turf.


A Hat in Time


Playable on the Mac, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One, A Hat in Time is a game for everyone. In this action-adventure platformer puzzle game, you play as an alien girl named Hat Kid. Your objective? To explore and navigate a retro-inspired open world and try your best to make your way home.


SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom (Series)


If you like old cartoons, action, and platforming, then you’ll certainly enjoy this lovely game from the Nickelodeon franchise. At first, you might think it’s a strange game to recommend because it was released nearly 20 years ago. However, with its 2020 updates, it’s a joy to play and jump into, especially if you love SpongeBob. You can check it out on several platforms including PC, PS2/4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Xbox One.


Super Mario Odyssey


It was one of the biggest contenders for game of the year back in 2017 — and we understand why. After all, Super Mario Odyssey incorporated some unique mechanics that even allowed for 2-player gameplay. Join Mario and his hat as he ventures through a magical land to, well, save Princess Peach. Unfortunately, it’s only available on the Nintendo Switch so PlayStation, Xbox, and PC gamers have to look elsewhere.


Play Demon Turf and Enjoy Platforming!

Demon Turf
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Indie games have been shaking up the gaming industry these past couple of years and we’re certainly here for it. Demon Turf is just one example of what indie developers can do and platforming within the game just feels great. Of course, it isn’t perfect because the combat system could use some reworking (or an overhaul). Nonetheless, if you’re open to the 2D-3D hybrid aesthetic and love action-platformers, it’s certainly worth checking out.

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