Talk To The Swami For Only 75 Grand!

Posted 6 Oct 2007 at 21:17 UTC by The Swirling Brain Share This

What does Artificial Intelligence look like? Would you believe it if I told you AI looks like a Swami Head in a Fish Bowl? Maybe it's what creepy artificial intelligence looks like? For a mere $75 grand you can head down to Neiman Marcus to get one for your Foyer today! Even though it looks dumb, they say it's a head of his time! It has a character engine and can remember stuff, it has cameras for eyes that can distinguish faces, it has 30 micro-motors to do facial expressions and the thing runs off a laptop. If you ain't got nobody to talk to you're in good company because he ain't got no body either! Of course, at $75 grand you'd have to be filthy rich to afford a talking Swami head toy. But, if your real live in Swami ain't doing the job, you could replace him with this expensive robotic one, just like you did with your expensive robotic lawn mower and expensive robotic vacuuming. I mean why pay a human to do something that a robot can do much more expensively. And, if you were so filthy rich, and headed toward throwing away your money, I'm guessing you'd not keep it for yourself but only send it as a present to annoy someone like your X-Wife or pesky kid brother. My mind swirls why anyone would buy it for themselves but there must be a reason, right? Someone who is filthy rich needs to buy one for me to help me understand why anyone would buy one. Naw, you'll see these in garage sales really cheap next year sitting beside exercise equipment and old Boobaa toys that no one wants! I mean, if you don't have common sense not to buy this then perhaps artificial intelligence is what you need! Anyway, if you save your money or buy a Swami, either way you're probably someone who knows how to get ahead!

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