Robots.Video: Sword Wielding WiiBot

Posted 26 Jan 2007 at 20:08 UTC by steve Share This

"Brian and I were talking in his office a couple weeks ago about the Kuka robots’ fast reactions to serial data, and I realized, hey, why not hook it to a WiiMote?" From this humble beginning comes WiiBot, one of the more bizarre robotic creations to turn up in while. A very large, very fast, very dangerous, industrial robot slinging a sword around under the control of a WiiMote. "The sword proved much, much, more frightening than the tennis racket. The KR16 has that model number because it can move 16kg at full speed and full accuracy. That’s a surprising amount of mass, and the sword doesn’t weigh anywhere near that mark. We all realized that the robot could decapitate us with little difficulty." Story via Gizmodo via Hackaday via Slashgear

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