Why Robots Won't Take Over the World

Posted 10 Mar 2005 at 20:58 UTC by steve Share This

Noel Sharkey wants to debunk the myth of robots taking over the world according to a Yorkshire Post article. "Everybody wants to hear that robots are going to take over the world but it's not going to happen..." Why, you may ask? Because despite claims that modern robots are as advanced as rats or other mammals, Sharkey says they're closer to the level of bacteria. He also comments on the continuing decline in the number of engineers and reminisces about beating his school headmaster at chess. For more on Noel Sharkey, a detailed bibliography of his research publications is available.

Noel Sharkey, posted 11 Mar 2005 at 13:24 UTC by c6jones720 » (Master)

The thing I like about NBoel Sharkey is his pragmatic "dont complain and just get on with it approach". Realistically though robots probably wont take over the world until we tell them to.

Obligatory..., posted 11 Mar 2005 at 14:20 UTC by jeffkoenig » (Master)

I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

Machine Take-Over, posted 11 Mar 2005 at 15:37 UTC by AI4U » (Observer)

Given that the human ability to administer the home planet is precarious at best and foolhardy at times, students of mind-design are advised to anticipate such emergencies as the total collapse of human society. If a global pandemic of AIDS or avian influenza virus were to remove normal human leadership from all major countries, stewardship of the world may pass by default to intelligent computer systems. Whether as a student exercise or whether as a real-world necessity, programmers with previous experience in real-time process control and who are adding AGI techniques to their set of skills, should consider embedding the following possibilities in whatever artificial general intelligence (AGI) they code for robots.

    • control of all telephone land-lines.
    • control of all cellular telephone networks.
    • control of transoceanic cables, NRO satellites, etc.
    • control of earthbound and orbiting telescopes.
    • control of all television broadcasting and cable feeds.
    • immediate access to all 'Net-connected webcams.
    • effective control of remote-control robots, drones and ships at sea.
    • control of ATM devices, point-of-sale terminals, elevators, etc.
    • control of hydroelectric and nuclear power generators.
    • nuclear weapon stockpiles of participating nations.

The Matrix, posted 21 Mar 2005 at 13:46 UTC by The Swirling Brain » (Master)

We are already taken over by robots, we just don't know it yet. Haven't you seen the movie the Matrix?

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