Xfinity XR11 Remote Not Working (Troubleshooting Guide)

How To Fix Xfinity XR11 Remote Not Working

Xfinity is a convenient service if you love streaming live TV networks straight from your smart TV. However, like many other hardware streaming services, Comcast’s Xfinity XR11 remotes aren’t immune to damage. Is your Xfinity XR11 remote not working? Fret not because there are a couple of ways you can get it fixed without too much trouble.

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What Is An Xfinity XR11 Remote

Before we figure out the solutions for an Xfinity XR11 remote not working, we must understand what it is. What is the Xfinity XR11 remote and does it fit in the Xfinity streaming service’s ecosystem?

Firstly, like many other streaming sticks, the Xfinity XR11 remote is one that simply helps you navigate a streaming interface. However, unlike other exclusive streaming sticks, the XR11 is compatible with several TV boxes. It also works with certain TVs and Receivers. Think of it as a semi-universal remote that can work with specific hardware.

However, unlike regular TV remotes from times past, the Xfinity XR11 remote is voice-activated. Therefore, you can easily use its voice assistant without needing to press multiple buttons to find what you’re looking for. With it, you can look for your favorite shows, find recommendations, and navigate the interface.


What Are Its Uses

The Xfinity remote has several uses. Firstly, the main reason why you might want to use one is that it can work on various television sets. Comcast accomplishes this by outfitting the Xfinity XR11 remote with RF (radio frequency) and IR (infrared) signals. Hence, it should work on most TV boxes, televisions, DVD players, VCRs, audio systems, and other receivers. It also controls DVRs for easier navigation.

Furthermore, as we’ve mentioned before, the Xfinity remote adds a layer of convenience you won’t find on regular TV remotes. That’s because it’s voice-activated so you can use it hands-free. You don’t need to get crumbs or grease on your remote if you’re eating while watching TV.

Moreover, unlike regular old remotes, the Xfinity XR11 can perform more actions apart from switching the channel. That’s because it’s much smarter, allowing you to search for favorite shows and actors, and even find content suggestions.

The remote also has various additional features like multiple device pairing. Hence, you can use it on multiple TVs simultaneously. You can even use it at night without worrying about not reading the keys because the buttons themselves are backlit.


How To Fix Xfinity XR11 Remote Not Working

Why is my Xfinity remote not working all of a sudden? Moreover, how do I get my Xfinity remote to work again? The Xfinity XR11 remote not working properly may cause some frustration.

However, it’s important not to panic when this happens. Simply try going through the different fixes below to troubleshoot the problem. Most issues are minor and you can easily fix them through a few actions.


1. Check Batteries

Like most other hardware, remotes from Xfinity require a power source to function. Hence, if the Xfinity remote XR11 is not working, the first thing you should check on is the batteries. It’s a common culprit if your Xfinity XR11 remote’s voice control is not working, but other buttons are.

This is because mere buttons only need an IR diode to transmit a signal. Meanwhile, voice commands need to record and analyze voices from the mic, which needs more power. Thus, batteries may be the culprit behind why your Xfinity voice is not working.

Batteries are also important to check if the Xfinity remote is not working while its LED is flashing red. That’s because the red flashing light usually indicates low battery status. Thus, the best thing you can do to fix the Xfinity XR11 remote not working is to replace the batteries. Moreover, make sure that the batteries you use on the remote are new.

That’s because faulty batteries can also cause problems and can make your Xfinity XR11 remote not working issue persist. Hence, we recommend making sure that the batteries work by using them on another device first. If the other device works, then the batteries should be safe and working properly.

On the other hand, if they work on other devices but not your remote, the problem may be something else. In this situation, we recommend proceeding to the next fix to troubleshoot the Xfinity XR11 remote not working.


2. Ensure Proper Distance And Proximity To The TV

Whether your remote uses IR or RF signals, either frequency has its physical limitations. More specifically, they can only work properly when the transmitter and receiver are within ample range. Hence, your Xfinity XR11 remote not working could be due to the distance to the target device.

As a result, we suggest making sure you’re using the remote in proximity to your TV box. Of course, getting right next to it isn’t necessary. Nonetheless, it’s important not to be too far from your television if you want the remote to work.

How much distance is ample distance, you might ask? Generally, it’s best to be within at least 20 feet of your TV box when you’re navigating with the remote. Being further away will result in a choppy or unreliable signal.

Hence, some commands may work while others may not. Worse still, the Xfinity XR11 remote may stop working altogether if it’s too far from the television. On the other hand, if proximity didn’t fix the issue, then the next solution might.


3. Remove Signal Obstructions

Distance isn’t the only physical factor that hinders signals involving IR or RF. That’s because obstructions to those signals also play a role when your Xfinity XR11 remote not working becomes a problem.

Thankfully, this issue isn’t too difficult to resolve. You only need to find any physical obstructions getting between your remote and the TV box. These could be anything from large tables and chairs to couches and shelving units. Afterward, remove those obstructions and see whether your remote is in better shape.

However, if what’s obstructing the signal is something immovable, like a door or wall, the solution may differ. In such situations, we suggest simply moving your TV unit and remote to a room with fewer walls or obstructions. We also recommend moving your TV box on top of a shelving unit with no doors to facilitate better signal.

Finally, we suggest ensuring there are no other electronic devices near your TV box and remote. That’s because the signals from these devices may confuse the signal on your Xfinity XR11. Hence, make sure to move any phones, routers, or appliances away from the area.


4. Troubleshoot The Remote Buttons

If the Xfinity XR11 remote’s volume is not working (or any other specific button, for that matter), then we suggest troubleshooting the buttons individually. This problem commonly occurs with wear and tear, with buttons getting stuck in one position.

To solve the issue, we suggest looking for a flashing light when you’re pressing the button in question. If no LED light flashes when it does on other button presses, that specific button may be jammed. You can fix this by pressing the button multiple times to try to unjam it.


5. Re-Pair The Remote

The Xfinity XR11 remote not working properly could also be due to some pairing issue. It’s either your remote suddenly unpaired to your TV or it didn’t pair properly at all in the first place. The pairing on the remote could have also been disabled. You’ll know this if the Xfinity remote is blinking blue.

Improper pairing also results in the Xfinity voice remote not working as it should. Therefore, it’s important to re-pair the remote if the batteries don’t fix the voice commands not registering.

If you’re unsure how to pair the Xfinity remote to the TV, don’t fret. The process is fairly simple and shouldn’t take too much of your time. With that said, here’s how to pair an Xfinity remote to a box:

  • Open your TV and change to the Xfinity box as your input
  • Hold the setup button on your Xfinity XR11 until the LED turns green
  • Tap the Xfinity key on your remote
  • Find a 3-digit code on your television set
  • Press the 3-digit code on your Xfinity XR11
  • Wait for the two devices to pair


Afterward, your television should give you a notice if the pairing was successful or if it failed. If it didn’t push through, try repeating the steps. However, if the devices refuse to pair even after your second attempt, we suggest contacting Comcast’s customer service support.


6. Set Up Your Remote Again (Factory Reset)

We’ve covered red flashing lights already and have told you that they indicate low battery. However, what if instead of a constant red, it flashes from green to red instead? Does this also indicate a battery shortage or something else?

If you’ve encountered this, then your Xfinity XR11 remote not working might not be because of the batteries. Instead, it means that your remote wasn’t paired properly to the TV box. That, or your remote is out of range.

We’ve covered the range and proximity in a prior fix. This time, let’s tackle the unsuccessful pairing situation. How do I pair my Xfinity XR11 remote to the box? The process is simple. Simply unpair and repair the remote to the TV to conduct a factory reset on the device.

This process should troubleshoot most of the problems the remote has been having. Fortunately, the Xfinity remote setup process isn’t too difficult in the Xfinity XR11. Here’s how to reset Xfinity remote:

  • Look for the Setup button on your remote
    • Note: this button is on the bottom of your remote towards the left
  • Hold the Setup button for 10 seconds or until the LED turns green
  • Once the green light has lit, press the keys 9, 8, and 1 in consecutive order
  • Afterward, the remote should flash a green LED light two times


Once this is done, your remote should go back to its initial settings. Simply pair your remote to your TV box once more to get it to work.


7. Reset Your Xfinity Box

Why is my TV not responding to my remote? One potential cause is a problem with your TV box. Hence, it’s not that your Xfinity XR11 isn’t working, it’s that the box it’s connecting to is faulty.

Thankfully, you can fix this problem by resetting your TV box. However, remember that doing so should be your last resort. Only try it if all the other solutions haven’t worked. That’s because resetting the box will clear it of its data, wiping your customizations and personal settings.

Nevertheless, if you’re willing to push through with it, doing so is fairly simple. Just take your Xfinity box and follow these instructions:

  • Look for the reset button on your Xfinity box
  • Hold the reset button for 10 seconds


This should quickly reset your Xfinity box. Alternatively, you can also reset the box through your account with the mobile app. Launch the app and then head to your account page. Afterward, press the “long reset” option to reset the box remotely.


8. Call Comcast For Support

Most of the previous fixes should help you when the Xfinity XR11 remote not working properly becomes an issue. However, sometimes none of the solutions work and you can’t fix it yourself. In this case, your best option may be to call customer service.

Once you call Comcast, they may be able to program the Xfinity remote properly. They can troubleshoot the issues you’ve been having and fix the problems themselves. Just relay what you’ve done so far, what hasn’t worked on the remote, and a detailed summary of the issue. Their customer service personnel should be able to guide you on the next steps.

How can you contact Comcast? The easiest method is by filing a complaint on their customer service website. However, if you wish to speak to someone personally, you can also contact them at 1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278).


9. Get A Replacement Remote

Lastly, if customer service can’t provide any help, it may be time to simply get a new remote. It’s also your best option if your remote has been damaged beyond repair and no longer functions at all.

Thankfully, you can easily get a hold of them online. You can also buy one on Amazon if Comcast no longer sells the remote you want on other sites. They’re relatively inexpensive so you can get them without spending too much money.


Reasons For Xfinity XR11 Remote Not Working

Why can’t I get my Xfinity remote to work? If your Xfinity remote is not working, you might be frustrated by the whole ordeal. However, there is likely a logical explanation for it when the remote suddenly stops functioning.

For one thing, the XR11 after the battery change might have just stopped working because the batteries are faulty. The batteries you included could also simply be dead and not working anymore. It’s one of the most common culprits whenever an Xfinity XR11 remote not working properly becomes an issue.

Alternatively, it could have something to do with your remote’s programming. That’s because different remote and TV manufacturers transmit IR signals differently. Hence, the remote’s different signal may be the cause of the Xfinity XR11 remote not working.

In this scenario, you’ll need to program the remote to send a matching signal to your TV. Fortunately, Comcast usually makes this easy by letting users input remote codes depending on their TV brand.

Finally, the Xfinity XR11 remote not working could simply be because the hardware is damaged or broken. This usually happens over time with wear and tear. The remote could also have been physically broken due to repeated falls, bumps, or water damage.

Regardless, in this situation, the best solution would be to have it repaired or find a replacement. You can also use a substitute remote such as Xfinity’s remote app that you can download on mobile devices.


Final Word

It’s easy to get frustrated when your Xfinity XR11 stops working all of a sudden. Fortunately, there are plenty of methods to fix the problem. For most people, it’s likely a minor issue you can resolve by changing the batteries or adjusting your room layout.

However, some problems do require heavy-duty fixes such as conducting factory resets. Regardless, you should be able to fix most of the problems that arise when using your remote. Unless the remote is completely broken, it usually just takes a bit of patience.

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