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Are you a fan of innovative home technology and design? Do you dream of a house that effortlessly combines cutting-edge features with stylish aesthetics? Look no further than HGTV Smart Home. This annual project by HGTV, the popular home and lifestyle television network, is a showcase of the latest advancements in smart home technology and design.

HGTV Smart Home is a remarkable collaboration between top-notch designers, architects, and technology experts. Each year, they come together to create a state-of-the-art, fully automated home that showcases the best of modern living. From smart thermostats and voice-controlled assistants to integrated entertainment systems and energy-efficient appliances, everything in the HGTV Smart Home is designed to make your life easier, more convenient, and more enjoyable.

Not only is the HGTV Smart Home a marvel of technological innovation, but it also sets trends in interior design and decor. The team behind the project carefully selects the latest furnishings, finishes, and color palettes to create a cohesive and visually stunning living space. From sleek and minimalist styles to cozy and rustic aesthetics, HGTV Smart Home offers inspiration for everyone’s taste.

Every year, HGTV Smart Home captures the imagination of audiences across the country and gets them excited about the possibilities of futuristic living. Viewers eagerly anticipate the big reveal of the location and design details, making it an event worth marking on the calendar.

Are you ready to delve into the magic of the HGTV Smart Home 2018? Get ready to be amazed as we take you on a virtual tour of this year’s spectacular creation. From the location and exterior to the interior spaces and outdoor areas, we will unveil all the exciting features that make this house a true marvel of modern design and technology.


What is HGTV Smart Home?

HGTV Smart Home is an annual project by HGTV that aims to showcase the latest advancements in smart home technology and design. It is a collaboration between renowned designers, architects, and technology experts who come together to create a fully automated home that combines innovation, functionality, and style.

The concept of a smart home revolves around the use of internet-connected devices and integrated systems to control various aspects of the house, such as lighting, temperature, entertainment, security, and more. HGTV Smart Home takes this concept to new heights by incorporating the most cutting-edge technologies available.

Each HGTV Smart Home is designed to cater to the needs and desires of the modern homeowner. Whether it’s energy efficiency, convenience, or entertainment, the smart home features aim to enhance the overall living experience. From voice-activated assistants to integrated home theaters, every aspect of the house is meticulously designed to offer the utmost comfort and functionality.

One of the key features of the HGTV Smart Home is its seamless integration of technology into the overall design. The team of designers and architects work together to ensure that the technology blends seamlessly with the aesthetics of the house. This attention to detail results in a visually stunning home that doesn’t sacrifice style for functionality.

HGTV Smart Home sets trends in interior design and decor as well. The designers carefully select furnishings, finishes, and color schemes to create a cohesive and visually appealing environment. Each room is designed with a specific theme and style in mind, creating a harmonious flow throughout the house.

Throughout the years, the HGTV Smart Home has become a source of inspiration for homeowners looking to incorporate smart home technology into their residences. It showcases the endless possibilities that technology offers to create a more comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable living experience.

Now that you have a better understanding of what HGTV Smart Home is all about, it’s time to unveil the location and design details of the highly-anticipated HGTV Smart Home 2018. Get ready to be amazed as we uncover the beauty and ingenuity of this year’s creation.


HGTV Smart Home 2018: Location Revealed!

The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived—the location of the HGTV Smart Home 2018 has been revealed! This year, the stunning smart home is nestled in the picturesque town of [location]. Known for its [highlight unique characteristics or landmarks], [location] provides the perfect setting for the ultimate smart home experience.

The carefully chosen location of the HGTV Smart Home 2018 offers a wonderful blend of natural beauty and modern amenities. Residents of [location] will have access to [list nearby attractions, amenities, or activities] while living in the lap of luxury in this technologically advanced abode.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or a city dweller, [location] has something for everyone. Imagine waking up to breathtaking [mountain views, ocean vistas, or lush forests], or strolling along the charming streets lined with boutique shops and cafes. With [name of famous landmark or attraction] just a stone’s throw away, residents of the HGTV Smart Home 2018 will have endless opportunities for exploration and entertainment.

As with previous years, the location of the HGTV Smart Home is carefully chosen to showcase the unique qualities of the surrounding area. From architectural influences to outdoor living spaces, every aspect of the house is designed to seamlessly blend in with the charm and character of [location].

Get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty and allure of [location] as we take you on an exclusive virtual tour of the HGTV Smart Home 2018. Explore the stunning exterior, discover the innovative features, and be inspired by the meticulous attention to detail that has gone into creating this extraordinary residence in the heart of [location].

Now that the location has been revealed, it’s time to delve even deeper into the remarkable features that make the HGTV Smart Home 2018 a technological marvel and a design masterpiece. Join us as we uncover the wonders of this year’s kitchen, master suite, living areas, outdoor spaces, and more.


The Exterior: A Sneak Peek

As you approach the HGTV Smart Home 2018, you’ll be captivated by its stunning exterior. The design seamlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with the natural beauty of the surrounding [location]. The creators of this year’s smart home have thoughtfully incorporated materials and architectural elements that harmonize with the local environment.

From the moment you set eyes on the smart home, you’ll notice its striking facade. The combination of sleek lines, modern finishes, and carefully chosen color schemes creates an eye-catching exterior that exudes sophistication and style. The use of [specific architectural features or materials] adds a touch of uniqueness to the overall design.

The landscaping surrounding the HGTV Smart Home 2018 is nothing short of breathtaking. Lush gardens, thoughtfully placed trees, and vibrant flowers create a serene oasis that complements the architecture of the house. Picture yourself enjoying a cup of coffee on the [front porch or balcony], surrounded by the tranquility of nature.

Another standout feature of the exterior is the outdoor living spaces. The HGTV Smart Home 2018 is designed to showcase how technology can enhance your outdoor experience. From an automated irrigation system that keeps your plants thriving to a state-of-the-art audio system that allows you to enjoy your favorite tunes while relaxing by the pool, every detail has been meticulously planned to create the ultimate outdoor retreat.

The HGTV Smart Home 2018 also embraces sustainable design practices. Energy-efficient windows, solar panels, and smart landscaping strategies are just a few examples of how this smart home reduces its environmental impact. Not only will you be living in a stylish and technologically advanced home, but you’ll also be contributing to a more sustainable future.

Now that you’ve had a sneak peek of the exterior, get ready to step inside and discover the wonders that await you. The HGTV Smart Home 2018 is a masterpiece of design, functionality, and innovation, and it’s just waiting for its lucky new owner.


HGTV Smart Home 2018: The Kitchen

Prepare to be amazed as we step into the heart of the HGTV Smart Home 2018—the kitchen. This year’s kitchen is a perfect blend of style, functionality, and cutting-edge technology, creating a space that any chef or cooking enthusiast would dream of.

The kitchen boasts a contemporary design with clean lines, sleek finishes, and top-of-the-line appliances. Every detail has been carefully considered to create a space that is not only visually appealing but also highly functional. From ample storage options to intuitive layout, the HGTV Smart Home 2018 kitchen is designed to make cooking and entertaining a breeze.

But what truly sets this kitchen apart is the incorporation of smart technology. Imagine controlling your appliances simply by using voice commands or through a mobile app. The kitchen is equipped with state-of-the-art smart appliances that allow you to preheat the oven, adjust cooking settings, or brew a fresh cup of coffee, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

Not only does the HGTV Smart Home 2018 kitchen offer advanced technology, but it also embraces sustainable practices. Energy-efficient appliances, smart lighting, and water-saving fixtures make this kitchen an eco-friendly space that reduces your carbon footprint without compromising on performance.

When it comes to design, the kitchen features a harmonious blend of textures, colors, and materials. The carefully selected backsplash, countertops, and cabinetry create a modern and inviting atmosphere. The kitchen island serves as a focal point, providing ample workspace as well as a gathering spot for family and friends.

While functionality and technology are at the forefront, the kitchen also caters to the needs of entertainment and socialization. With an open floor plan that seamlessly connects to the dining and living areas, the HGTV Smart Home 2018 kitchen allows you to interact with your guests while preparing a delicious meal.

Whether you’re a culinary aficionado or simply love spending time in a well-designed space, the HGTV Smart Home 2018 kitchen will exceed your expectations. Get ready to unleash your inner chef and experience the joy of cooking in a kitchen that exemplifies the perfect marriage of style and functionality.


Explore the Master Suite

Prepare to indulge in luxurious comfort as we enter the master suite of the HGTV Smart Home 2018. This private oasis is designed to provide the utmost relaxation and serenity, ensuring that you wake up refreshed and ready to embrace the day.

The master suite is a sanctuary of sophisticated design and thoughtful details. The designers have carefully selected a soothing color palette, plush textures, and tasteful furnishings to create a space that exudes tranquility and elegance.

As you step into the master bedroom, you’ll be greeted by a spacious and airy atmosphere. Natural light pours in through large windows, casting a warm glow on the room. The layout is designed to maximize space, allowing for a separate sitting area or a cozy reading nook.

No luxury is spared in the master suite. The bed is a true masterpiece, providing ultimate comfort and support for a restful night’s sleep. Soft, high-quality bedding invites you to sink into a peaceful slumber, enveloping you in a world of relaxation.

The master bathroom is equally impressive, boasting a spa-like ambiance. Immerse yourself in the large soaking tub or indulge in the invigorating shower, complete with luxurious fixtures and state-of-the-art technology. The bathroom also features ample storage space, ensuring that all your essentials are effortlessly organized.

But what sets the master suite of the HGTV Smart Home 2018 apart is the integration of smart technology. Imagine being able to control the lighting, temperature, and even the blinds with a simple voice command. The master suite is equipped with innovative smart home features that allow you to create your ideal environment with just a few words.

From the moment you step into the master suite of the HGTV Smart Home 2018, you will feel a sense of serenity and luxury wash over you. It’s a haven where you can escape the daily stresses and immerse yourself in a world of comfort and relaxation.

Now that we’ve explored the master suite, get ready to discover the captivating living areas of the HGTV Smart Home 2018. From the inviting family room to the stylish dining area, every space is designed to inspire and elevate your everyday living.


The Living Areas: Comfort and Style

Step into the living areas of the HGTV Smart Home 2018 and prepare to be enveloped in a world of comfort, style, and beauty. Each living space has been meticulously designed to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for both relaxation and entertainment.

The family room is the heart of the home, a space where you can gather with loved ones and create lasting memories. Sink into plush sofas and chairs, surrounded by soft textiles and cozy accents. Large windows allow natural light to flood the room, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.

The focal point of the family room is the entertainment center, equipped with all the latest technology for a truly immersive experience. From a state-of-the-art television and surround sound system to streaming capabilities and voice-controlled features, this space is designed for the ultimate in entertainment and relaxation.

The dining area of the HGTV Smart Home 2018 is an elegant and sophisticated space where you can enjoy meals with family and friends. A stunning dining table takes center stage, surrounded by comfortable and stylish chairs. The lighting fixtures add a touch of glamour, creating a setting that is ideal for both formal dinner parties and casual gatherings.

Adjacent to the dining area is a contemporary and well-equipped kitchenette. Perfect for serving drinks and hors d’oeuvres, the kitchenette offers convenience and functionality in a compact space. It’s the perfect addition to the living areas, allowing for seamless entertaining and effortless hosting.

Throughout the living areas, the design elements harmonize effortlessly, creating a cohesive and visually captivating environment. The use of natural materials, such as wood and stone, adds warmth and character, while carefully chosen textiles and decor pieces enhance the overall aesthetic.

But the true magic of the living areas lies in the integration of smart home technology. Imagine adjusting the lighting and temperature with a simple voice command or controlling the music playlist from anywhere in the room. The living areas of the HGTV Smart Home 2018 exemplify how technology can enhance our everyday lives, creating a space that is both comfortable and cutting-edge.

Whether you’re hosting a gathering, curling up with a book, or simply enjoying some quiet time, the living areas of the HGTV Smart Home 2018 provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation, entertainment, and stylish living.

Now that you’ve experienced the comfort and style of the living areas, it’s time to step outside and explore the inspiring outdoor spaces of the HGTV Smart Home 2018. From lush gardens to inviting patios, get ready to be inspired by the possibilities of outdoor living.


Get Inspired by the Outdoor Spaces

The outdoor spaces of the HGTV Smart Home 2018 are a haven of beauty, tranquility, and functionality. From the moment you step outside, you’ll be captivated by the carefully designed landscapes and the seamless integration of technology and nature.

The gardens surrounding the smart home are a sight to behold. Lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and carefully manicured lawns create a picturesque backdrop for outdoor living. Imagine taking a leisurely stroll through the gardens, as the sound of birds chirping and the gentle breeze envelop you in nature’s embrace.

As you explore further, you’ll discover a variety of outdoor living spaces that are perfect for relaxation, entertainment, and connecting with loved ones. The patio area is a true oasis, with comfortable seating, stylish furnishings, and picturesque views. It’s an ideal spot for enjoying your morning coffee, reading a book, or hosting an intimate gathering.

The HGTV Smart Home 2018 also boasts a breathtaking pool area. Imagine taking a refreshing dip on a hot summer’s day, surrounded by elegant landscaping and the chirping of birds. The pool area is designed to be a haven for relaxation and recreation, with luxurious loungers and a soothing atmosphere.

But the true magic of the outdoor spaces lies in the integration of smart technology. Imagine being able to control the outdoor lighting with a simple voice command or adjusting the temperature of the pool remotely. The outdoor spaces of the HGTV Smart Home 2018 showcase how technology enhances our outdoor living experience, providing convenience and control at our fingertips.

For those who enjoy outdoor cooking and dining, the outdoor kitchen area is a dream come true. Equipped with a grill, sink, and ample counter space, it’s the perfect spot for hosting barbecues and al fresco dining. Gather around the kitchen island with family and friends, sharing meals and creating memories in the fresh air.

Whether you’re seeking relaxation, entertainment, or a connection with nature, the outdoor spaces of the HGTV Smart Home 2018 provide endless inspiration. It’s a testament to the possibilities of outdoor living, where technology and design come together to create a seamless and enjoyable outdoor experience.

Now that you’ve experienced the beauty and inspiration of the outdoor spaces, it’s time to find out how you can enter for a chance to win the extraordinary HGTV Smart Home 2018. Stay tuned as we unveil the details on how you can make this remarkable home your own.


How to Enter for a Chance to Win HGTV Smart Home 2018

Have you ever dreamt of owning a cutting-edge smart home filled with luxurious features and innovative technology? Your dreams could become a reality through your chance to win the HGTV Smart Home 2018. Here’s how you can enter for a chance to make this extraordinary home your very own.

The process to enter the HGTV Smart Home 2018 giveaway is surprisingly simple. Just visit the official HGTV website or tune in to the HGTV television network for the entry period announcement. Once the entry period begins, follow the instructions provided to enter the sweepstakes.

Typically, the entry process involves filling out an online form with your personal information, such as your name, address, and contact details. You may also be required to answer a few questions or complete additional steps to complete your entry. However, the exact entry requirements may vary, so be sure to carefully read and follow the instructions provided.

Remember, there is typically a limit to the number of entries per person, so make sure to abide by the rules to avoid disqualification. It’s important to note that the HGTV Smart Home giveaway is typically only open to legal residents of the United States who are at least 21 years old. Be sure to review the official rules for complete eligibility requirements and any restrictions that may apply.

Once the entry period is over, the HGTV team will carefully select the winner from all eligible entries received. The winner will be chosen through a random drawing, ensuring fairness and equal opportunity for all participants. If you’re the lucky winner, you’ll be notified by phone, email, or mail, depending on the contact information provided during the entry process.

Winning the HGTV Smart Home 2018 is an exciting opportunity that comes with a unique set of responsibilities and considerations. As the winner, you’ll need to complete certain legal and tax obligations, so make sure to consult with professionals to properly navigate the process.

Entering for a chance to win the HGTV Smart Home 2018 is a thrilling experience that could turn your dreams into reality. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to own a technologically advanced and beautifully designed smart home. Keep an eye out for the entry period announcement, and take that first step towards making the HGTV Smart Home 2018 your very own.



The HGTV Smart Home 2018 is a testament to the possibilities of innovative design and cutting-edge technology. From the breathtaking exterior to the luxurious interior spaces, every detail of this remarkable home has been meticulously planned and executed to create a seamless marriage of style and functionality.

Step into the world of the HGTV Smart Home 2018, and you’ll be transported into a realm of comfort, convenience, and inspiration. The smart home features, including voice-controlled assistants, integrated entertainment systems, and energy-efficient appliances, offer the ultimate in modern living.

As we explored the location and design details, we unveiled the wonders of the kitchen, master suite, living areas, and outdoor spaces. Each area showcases the remarkable integration of smart technology and meticulous design, providing homeowners with an unparalleled living experience.

Entering for a chance to win the HGTV Smart Home 2018 can ignite your dreams of owning a home that exemplifies the best of modern living. Stay tuned to the HGTV website or television network for the entry period announcement, and make sure to follow the instructions carefully to maximize your chances of winning.

Whether you win the HGTV Smart Home 2018 or simply draw inspiration from its innovative features and stunning design, this remarkable project sets the stage for the future of smart homes. It shows us what is possible when technology and design seamlessly come together to create spaces that enhance our lives.

So, get ready to imagine a life where your home anticipates your needs, effortlessly adapts to your preferences, and offers a level of comfort that goes beyond your expectations. Come along on this journey of style, functionality, and inspiration with the HGTV Smart Home 2018.

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