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Netflix has become a staple in many households, offering a vast library of movies and TV shows for its subscribers. One popular series that has garnered a loyal following over the years is “Criminal Minds.” This gripping crime drama focuses on a team of profilers working for the FBI, solving complex cases and delving into the minds of dangerous criminals.

However, fans of “Criminal Minds” were in for a disappointment when they discovered that the show was no longer available on Netflix. The sudden removal of this beloved series left many wondering why it happened and where they can continue streaming their favorite episodes.

In this article, we will explore when “Criminal Minds” left Netflix, the reasons behind its removal, and provide alternative options for those who are still eager to watch this thrilling show.

So, if you’re a fan of “Criminal Minds” and are curious about its disappearance from Netflix, keep reading to find out more.


Criminal Minds Leaves Netflix

The departure of “Criminal Minds” from Netflix came as a shock to both long-time fans and new viewers who were just starting to delve into the captivating world of criminal profiling. The show had been a staple on the streaming platform for years, attracting a dedicated fan base with its intense storytelling and compelling characters.

However, on [departure date], “Criminal Minds” bid farewell to Netflix, leaving a void in the streaming library that many were not prepared for. The sudden removal of the show left fans scrambling to find out why it happened and where they could continue watching their favorite crime-solving team.

While it’s disappointing to see “Criminal Minds” leave Netflix, it’s not an uncommon occurrence in the world of streaming. Licensing agreements between networks, production companies, and streaming platforms are often subject to change, resulting in the removal of certain shows from popular services like Netflix.

Although the exact reasons behind “Criminal Minds” leaving Netflix have not been disclosed, it is speculated that the contract between Netflix and the show’s production company, CBS Television Studios, might have expired or not been renewed. This type of situation is quite common in the dynamic and competitive landscape of streaming platforms.

Despite the disappointment of losing access to “Criminal Minds” on Netflix, it’s important to note that the show’s departure does not diminish its impact or popularity. “Criminal Minds” was a successful series that spanned 15 seasons, attracting a massive fan base worldwide. The show’s engaging storytelling and talented cast will continue to be celebrated, regardless of its availability on any particular streaming platform.


The Departure Date

The departure date of “Criminal Minds” from Netflix marked a significant change for fans of the crime drama series. After being a fixture on the streaming platform for years, the show officially bid adieu to Netflix on [departure date]. This sudden departure left fans scrambling to catch their favorite episodes before they vanished from the streaming library.

While the exact reasons behind the departure date have not been publicly disclosed, it’s important to understand that the licensing agreements between streaming platforms and content providers often have finite terms. These agreements determine how long a show can be available on a particular platform before it is either renewed or removed.

In the case of “Criminal Minds,” it is likely that the contract between Netflix and CBS Television Studios, the show’s production company, reached its expiration date. Alternatively, negotiations for a renewal agreement may not have been successful, leading to the decision to remove the show from Netflix.

The departure date of “Criminal Minds” doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the series for fans. Although it is no longer available on Netflix, there are still other platforms where fans can continue to enjoy the thrilling and suspenseful episodes of the show.

It’s worth noting that the departure date of a show from Netflix doesn’t necessarily indicate its permanent removal from the streaming landscape. In some instances, shows may find new homes on other platforms or undergo licensing agreements that allow their return to Netflix at a later date.

For fans who were deeply invested in “Criminal Minds” and were caught off guard by its departure, it’s important to stay updated on any news or announcements regarding the show’s availability on other streaming platforms or the potential return to Netflix.


Reasons for Removal

The removal of “Criminal Minds” from Netflix left many fans wondering why such a popular and beloved show was taken off the streaming platform. While the exact reasons for the removal haven’t been officially disclosed, there are several plausible explanations behind this decision.

One of the primary factors could be licensing agreements and contract negotiations between Netflix and CBS Television Studios. Streaming platforms like Netflix often have limited rights to stream certain shows, and these rights need to be renegotiated periodically. It’s possible that the contract between the two parties expired, and either a renewal agreement couldn’t be reached, or CBS Television Studios decided to explore other streaming options.

Another reason could be the evolving landscape of streaming services. With the rise of numerous competitors in the streaming market, production companies and content creators are exploring different platforms to reach wider audiences and maximize their revenue potential. CBS Television Studios might have decided to prioritize their own streaming service or strike a deal with another platform that offered more favorable terms.

Additionally, the removal of “Criminal Minds” might be strategic for CBS Television Studios to boost viewership on other platforms such as their own network or other streaming services they have partnerships with. By limiting access to the show on Netflix, they could potentially direct fans to other platforms where they have more control over the distribution and monetization of the content.

It’s important to note that the reasons for the removal of a show from a streaming platform are multifaceted and often involve complex negotiations and business decisions. While it’s disappointing for fans to lose access to their favorite show, it’s essential to remember that streaming platforms are constantly adapting and evolving, and the availability of shows can change as a result.


Where to Watch Criminal Minds Now

Although “Criminal Minds” is no longer available on Netflix, fans of the crime drama series still have options to watch their favorite FBI profilers in action. Here are some of the platforms where you can find and stream “Criminal Minds” now:

  1. CBS All Access: One of the best places to watch “Criminal Minds” is on CBS All Access, the streaming service by CBS. You can access all 15 seasons of the show on this platform, allowing you to catch up on missed episodes or rewatch your favorite moments.
  2. Amazon Prime Video: Another option is to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video, which offers a wide selection of TV shows and movies. “Criminal Minds” is available to stream on Prime Video for those who have an Amazon Prime membership.
  3. Hulu: If you have a Hulu subscription, you’re in luck! “Criminal Minds” is available on this popular streaming platform, allowing you to follow your favorite profilers as they solve intricate cases.
  4. Cable Networks: Check with your local cable provider or cable networks such as ION Television, WE tv, or WGN America. These networks often air reruns of popular shows, including “Criminal Minds.” Set your DVR or browse the TV guide to catch the episodes as they air.
  5. Physical DVD Sets: For those who prefer to own physical copies, you can consider purchasing the DVD sets of “Criminal Minds.” Online retailers like Amazon or brick-and-mortar stores often carry the complete series or individual seasons for your convenience.

Remember to check the availability of “Criminal Minds” on these platforms, as licensing agreements and streaming rights may vary depending on your location and subscription.

While it’s disappointing that “Criminal Minds” has left Netflix, the options listed above provide ample opportunities for fans to continue enjoying the thrilling stories and intricate character developments that made the show so popular.


Alternatives to Criminal Minds on Netflix

If you’re a fan of crime dramas and looking for alternatives to “Criminal Minds” now that it has left Netflix, you’re in luck. There are several other captivating shows in the same genre that you can binge-watch to satisfy your craving for thrilling investigations and psychological profiling. Here are some notable alternatives:

  1. True Detective: This critically acclaimed anthology series delves into different complex cases each season. With its dark and atmospheric storytelling, compelling characters, and intense performances, “True Detective” is a must-watch for crime drama enthusiasts.
  2. Mindhunter: Produced by David Fincher, “Mindhunter” is a gripping series that follows FBI agents as they delve into the minds of serial killers to understand their motives. It offers a unique perspective on criminal profiling and psychological analysis.
  3. Breaking Bad: While not strictly a crime procedural, “Breaking Bad” is a highly addictive series that explores the transformation of a high school chemistry teacher into a ruthless methamphetamine producer. It delves into the underbelly of the criminal world with its gripping storytelling and complex characters.
  4. Dexter: This beloved series follows the life of Dexter Morgan, a forensic blood-spatter analyst by day and a vigilante serial killer by night. “Dexter” combines elements of crime drama with psychological thriller, creating a unique blend of suspense and dark humor.
  5. The Blacklist: If you’re looking for an intriguing mix of crime, mystery, and conspiracy, “The Blacklist” is worth checking out. The series follows a former government agent-turned-fugitive who offers to help catch elusive criminals on one condition – he only works with a rookie profiler.

These are just a few examples of the many thrilling crime dramas available to stream on various platforms. Whether you enjoy psychological profiling, complex characters, or intense investigations, there’s likely a show out there that will pique your interest.

Remember to explore different streaming platforms, such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or CBS All Access, as well as cable networks, to find these alternatives and discover new favorites.

While “Criminal Minds” has left the Netflix library, these alternative shows offer plenty of suspense, drama, and thrilling storytelling to keep you engaged.



The departure of “Criminal Minds” from Netflix may have left fans disappointed and craving for more episodes of their favorite crime drama series. However, it’s important to remember that the world of streaming is constantly evolving, and shows come and go as licensing agreements and business decisions change.

While the exact reasons behind its removal from Netflix have not been officially disclosed, there are numerous alternative platforms where fans can continue to watch “Criminal Minds.” Streaming services like CBS All Access, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu offer a range of options to catch up on the thrilling investigations and character developments that made the show so popular.

Moreover, fans can explore other crime dramas such as “True Detective,” “Mindhunter,” “Breaking Bad,” “Dexter,” and “The Blacklist” to fill the void left by “Criminal Minds.” These shows offer compelling storylines, complex characters, and suspenseful narratives that are sure to keep crime drama enthusiasts hooked.

While it’s natural to associate the departure of a beloved show with feelings of loss, it’s important to embrace the ever-changing landscape of streaming platforms. New shows and exciting content are regularly introduced, offering fresh experiences and opportunities for discovery.

So, if you’re missing “Criminal Minds” on Netflix, remember to explore other platforms, keep an eye out for any potential returns or availability changes, and immerse yourself in the wealth of options that the streaming world has to offer.

Happy streaming!

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