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Welcome to the fascinating world of drones! Drones have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering exciting possibilities for photography, videography, and even recreational flying. One such drone is the Bebop Drone, a high-performance quadcopter that combines advanced features with intuitive controls.

While the Bebop Drone is packed with impressive capabilities, knowing how to turn it off is essential for every drone enthusiast. Whether you’re ending a flight session or need to power down the drone for maintenance, understanding the various methods for turning off the Bebop Drone is crucial.

In this article, we will explore three different methods for turning off the Bebop Drone and provide you with tips for ensuring a safe and successful shutdown. By following these instructions, you’ll become familiar with the different approaches and gain confidence in operating your Bebop Drone.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the methods for turning off your Bebop Drone and discover which one works best for you.


Method 1: Using the Power Button

The simplest and most straightforward way to turn off your Bebop Drone is by using the power button. Located on the side or underneath the drone, the power button allows you to easily power down the device.

To turn off your Bebop Drone using the power button, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the drone is in a stable and safe position, away from any obstacles or hazards.
  2. Locate the power button on the drone. It is typically marked with a power icon or the word “power.”
  3. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds until the drone’s LED lights turn off.
  4. Release the power button, and the Bebop Drone will shut down completely.

It’s important to note that turning off the Bebop Drone using the power button should only be done when the drone is on the ground and in a stable condition. Using this method during flight may cause the drone to abruptly disconnect and potentially crash. Always prioritize safety and use this method in a controlled environment.

Using the power button to turn off the Bebop Drone is a quick and convenient method that ensures a smooth and proper shutdown. However, if you prefer to use a more app-based approach, continue reading to learn about the second method using the FreeFlight Pro app.


Method 2: Using the FreeFlight Pro App

If you want to have more control over your Bebop Drone’s functions and settings, using the FreeFlight Pro app is the way to go. This app, developed by Parrot, allows you to connect your smartphone or tablet to your Bebop Drone and access a wide range of features, including the ability to turn off the drone remotely.

Follow these steps to turn off your Bebop Drone using the FreeFlight Pro app:

  1. Make sure your smartphone or tablet is connected to the Bebop Drone via Wi-Fi and that the FreeFlight Pro app is installed.
  2. Open the FreeFlight Pro app and ensure that you have a stable connection to the Bebop Drone.
  3. Navigate to the control menu or settings within the app.
  4. Look for the option to shut down or power off the drone.
  5. Select the option to turn off the Bebop Drone.
  6. Wait for the app to send the command to the drone, and the drone’s LED lights will turn off when it successfully shuts down.

Using the FreeFlight Pro app to turn off your Bebop Drone offers convenience and remote control capabilities. This method is particularly handy when your drone is not within arm’s reach, or if you prefer a more intuitive app interface for managing your drone’s settings.

Please note that it’s essential to have a stable Wi-Fi connection between your smartphone or tablet and the Bebop Drone to ensure a successful shutdown. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the app’s layout and functionalities to navigate to the power-off option easily.

Now that you know how to turn off your Bebop Drone using the FreeFlight Pro app, let’s explore another method that allows for an emergency shutdown in critical situations.


Method 3: Emergency Stop using the Emergency Button

In certain situations, you may need to quickly stop your Bebop Drone, especially during emergencies or when you encounter unexpected obstacles. The Bebop Drone is equipped with an emergency button that instantly brings the drone to a halt, ensuring the safety of the aircraft and its surroundings.

Here’s how to perform an emergency stop using the emergency button:

  1. Locate the emergency button on your Bebop Drone. It is usually located on the top or underside of the drone, marked with an emergency icon.
  2. In the event of an emergency or if you need to stop the drone immediately, press and hold the emergency button.
  3. The drone will stop all motors and come to a complete halt.

The emergency stop using the emergency button is a crucial feature that can prevent accidents or damage to your Bebop Drone. It is highly recommended to familiarize yourself with the location of this button before each flight and understand how to use it effectively.

Remember, the emergency stop should only be used in critical situations where conventional stopping methods are not sufficient. After performing an emergency stop, thoroughly inspect your drone for any damage and ensure that it is in proper working condition before proceeding with any further flights.

Now that you’re aware of this essential emergency stop feature, let’s move on to some valuable tips to ensure a safe and successful shutdown of your Bebop Drone.


Tips for Turning Off the Bebop Drone Safely

When it comes to turning off your Bebop Drone, safety should be your top priority. Follow these tips to ensure a safe and seamless shutdown process:

  1. Choose a suitable landing spot: Before powering off the Bebop Drone, ensure that it is in a stable position and safely landed on a flat surface. Avoid landing on uneven ground or surfaces that may cause the drone to tip over.
  2. Check for obstructions: Before powering off the drone, visually inspect the area around it for any potential obstacles or hazards that could interfere with the landing process or obstruct the props. Clear the area if necessary.
  3. Follow the flight limitations: Adhere to the flight limitations set by both local regulations and the manufacturer. Flying within designated areas and respecting altitude restrictions will contribute to a safer landing and shutdown.
  4. Allow time for cool-down: After an intense flight or prolonged use, allow your Bebop Drone to cool down for a few minutes before powering it off. This helps prevent potential overheating issues and ensures a longer lifespan for your drone.
  5. Keep the drone firmware up to date: Regularly check for firmware updates for your Bebop Drone and ensure that it is running on the latest version. Up-to-date firmware helps enhance the drone’s performance and may include important safety improvements.
  6. Store your drone properly: When you’re done flying, make sure to store your Bebop Drone in a secure and protective case or bag. This helps safeguard it from potential damage and ensures that it is ready for your next adventure.

By following these tips, you can optimize the safety of your Bebop Drone and have peace of mind during each flight session. Remember to exercise caution, stay within the regulations, and prioritize the well-being of yourself, others, and the drone itself.

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge on how to turn off your Bebop Drone and the essential safety precautions, you can confidently embark on your drone-flying journey.



Turning off your Bebop Drone safely is a crucial part of being a responsible drone operator. In this article, we explored three methods for turning off the Bebop Drone: using the power button, utilizing the FreeFlight Pro app, and performing an emergency stop using the emergency button.

By familiarizing yourself with these methods, you can confidently power down your drone in various scenarios. Whether you’re landing your drone after a successful flight, using the app for remote control, or needing to quickly stop the drone during emergencies, these techniques provide you with the necessary knowledge to shut down the Bebop Drone with ease.

Remember to prioritize safety throughout the shutdown process. Choose a suitable landing spot, check for obstructions, and ensure that you follow flight limitations to ensure a smooth landing. Allowing your drone to cool down and keeping it firmware up to date will contribute to a longer lifespan and better performance.

With these tips and techniques in mind, you’re ready to navigate your Bebop Drone confidently and responsibly. Enjoy the incredible experiences and creative possibilities that flying a drone provides, and always prioritize the safety of yourself, others, and your drone.

So, go ahead and embark on your drone-flying adventures, knowing that you have the knowledge to safely power down your Bebop Drone whenever needed.

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