How to Bypass Google’s Family Link (A Step-by-Step Guide)

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Google Family Link is a handy tool for parents who want to control what their children’s devices can do. However, there are loopholes and ways you can learn how to bypass family link restrictions and regain your freedom. We’ve detailed them below so you can understand how you (or your kids, if you’re a parent) might circumvent the system.


What Is Google Family Link?

Google’s Family Link app is a tool that allows parents to know what their kids are up to online. It’s also a handy restriction tool that can let you set parameters or digital “rules” for the family to follow. For example, parents can use Family Link to manage their children’s screen time.

With that said, Family Link is a great way to safeguard your kids from consuming too much digital media. However, it is limited in that not all smart devices and consumer electronics are compatible with the app.

In addition, while Google’s family link separates parent access from children’s access, it’s not a content-blocking tool. Hence, you can’t use it to restrict what kids can access on apps or web browsers.

If content blocking is what you want, you might have to adjust the settings on each app. For example, YouTube has a specific restricted mode for teens 13 years old and up. It should help filter out explicit content. However, these tools are usually not fool-proof and some inappropriate content may still slip through.


How To Bypass Family Link

how to bypass google family link
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Here are all the methods for how to bypass family link restrictions and how you (or your kids) might circumvent the system.


1. Ask Your Parent

The easiest way to learn how to bypass family link restrictions is by asking your parents to remove your account. Doing so will remove any restrictions the family account has on what you can do on your device.

Of course, it’s not as easy as that. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be reading this if you could just ask your parents. Nonetheless, perhaps you can negotiate with them if you’re old enough to make your own choices.

If your parent agrees, they only need to log in using their Google account in the family link app. Then they can head to the settings and remove the name of the member they wish to disconnect.


2. Use A Different Google Account

Family Link can be a pain in the neck if you’re restricted by the limitations set by your family access. However, you can learn how to bypass family link restrictions by simply creating a new Google account.

Once you do this, the new account shouldn’t be restricted by your family’s settings at all. As a result, you can act as an independent user who can set their own rules and has free access. It’s a decent way to bypass restrictions without having to unlock anything within the family link account.


3. Get A Proxy Virtual Private Network (VPN)

If your current Google account is essential, the next best way to learn how to bypass family link restrictions is through a VPN such as ExpressVPN and IP Vanish. This is because using a VPN can mask your IP address (and your location) to, essentially, let you go “undercover.”

It’s a solid method as you no longer need to learn how to turn off parental controls. Moreover, you don’t need to learn how to bypass family link restrictions for YouTube or other apps manually. You can just let your parents think you’re still going about your business normally while freely accessing the internet.

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4. Create A New WiFi Network On Your Router

Circumventing the family link’s limitations isn’t restricted to tinkering with settings on your device. You don’t necessarily have to learn how to hack the family link on Android or iPhone devices specifically. That’s because you can easily bypass restrictions by hacking your family router.

This is because most parents don’t change the default password on their home routers. As a result, you can easily run a quick Google search to find your router model’s default password. Once you’ve found it, you can log in and set up another admin account and make a different SSID. This should let you create a new WiFi network with no restrictions.

Afterward, you can easily connect your WiFi device to this new network. This means you don’t need to worry about restrictions when accessing YouTube content or downloading apps. You also don’t have to learn how to bypass family link time limits as you’re no longer restricted.


5. Reset The Family Router

What if you want to learn how to bypass family link screen time restrictions without having to create a new SSID? Perhaps the process is too complicated for you and you’re afraid of making a wrong move and wrecking your router. Or maybe your parents did change your router’s default password so you can’t access its settings.

In this case, the best way to learn how to bypass family link restrictions is by resetting the router itself. You can easily do this by pressing the reset button on the back of your family’s router. Doing so will revert the router to its factory settings.

Moreover, this renders your parents’ customizations null and void. Hence, the router will now recognize only the original password it came with. It also won’t have any of the parental control settings your parents have set up.


6. Use Complex Jargon

It’s useful to learn how to bypass family link restrictions on Chromebooks or laptops by tinkering with the settings. However, there is a simpler method that doesn’t require any tinkering at all: using complex language.

Doing so means that your parents will still monitor your activity and what you do online. However, the difference is that they may not suspect your activity as easily if you mask it in complex jargon. For instance, you can use scientific names or big words that pertain to something you’re looking up.


7. Use A Proxy Server

Using a proxy server is a solid way to hide your IP address so your parents can’t track you. This will allow you to access restricted websites and bypass search filters your parents have set up. You can do this on any browser. However, we’ve outlined the process for Google Chrome below to give you a rough guide:

  • Launch Chrome
  • Navigate to the “Customize and control Google Chrome” menu
  • Press “Settings” and go to System > Open proxy settings
  • Add a network and choose “Settings”
  • Type in a proxy server address and port number (you can search for reliable proxy server addresses online)
  • Click “OK” to save


8. Redownload The App

You can also learn how to bypass family link restrictions by deleting and reinstalling the app. This is handy if you’ve already hit the time limit set by your parents. It’s an easy way to continue accessing your favorite apps and extend your screen time without messing with custom settings.


9. Change The Date & Time

Altering your phone’s date and time is an easy method for how to bypass the family link’s bedtime limitations. This is because parental time controls are always dependent on your local time. It doesn’t refer to a central time or server to know it’s already bedtime. Hence, you can easily continue browsing without worrying about restrictions.


10. Use A Private Browser

Browsing the internet in incognito mode or a private browser is fairly popular these days. It helps cover your tracks when you’re looking up something a little touchy or taboo. This is also useful if you want a clean way to browse the internet without being tracked by your parents.

Many popular browsers, including Google Chrome, will already have this feature by default. You’ll only need to access it by hitting the “more” menu (usually a hamburger or ellipses icon) on the browser. Then select “new incognito tab” and you can immediately start browsing privately.


11. Factory Reset Your Device

If you want to learn how to bypass the family link on Samsung, Apple, or any other device without getting caught, then it may be worth doing a factory reset. Sure, this process might sacrifice all your precious setting customizations and data. Nonetheless, it’s a decent option if you’re truly desperate.

Now, we recommend backing up all of your data to the Cloud or an external device before proceeding. This is because a factory reset will wipe all of your device’s information — including files and apps. Backing up your data will ensure you can regain access to them after the reset.


How Does Google Family Link Work?

Google Family Link works by letting parents create and manage Google accounts for their children. These accounts work similarly to regular adult accounts. However, the parents’ accounts can place certain restrictions on what their children’s accounts can do.

For example, you can manage how much screen time your child is allowed for a day. You can go even further and set time limitations for individual apps to curb addiction.

Furthermore, you can access information related to various devices like their location. Google also allows parents to see all the devices where their child’s accounts are logged in. You can even play a sound to find your child’s device whenever it gets lost.

Moreover, you can enact restrictions and adjust permission settings for what your child can install from the Play Store. If you want, you can also set up an approval process for all the app installations that go down. Hence, you can approve or deny apps your kid tries to download on the Google Play Store.

Unfortunately, Google Family Link cannot block inappropriate content on any apps your child installs. As a result, you can only block explicit content per app, depending on what your child uses. For example, you can set filters on what the child can search on Google’s engine. You can also disallow your child from searching explicit lyrics in the Google Play Music app.


How To Set Up Family Link

To set up a family link, all you require is a compatible Android device for you and your children. These devices must be running Android 7.0 or later. Moreover, you must set up your child’s account and link it to yours using Family Link.

For a more detailed guide on how to set up a family link, see the instructions below:

  • Install the Family Link app on your device from the App Store or Play Store
  • Make a Google account for your child
    • You can do this through the app or via on a browser
  • Open the Family Link app to link your child’s account
    • Note: you may need to download Family Link on your child’s device  as well to complete the process
  • Follow the instructions given


Pros And Cons Of Bypassing Google Family Link

Learning how to bypass family link restrictions has several benefits. The most crucial one is gaining freedom over how you use your devices and the internet. Gaining freedom and control will provide you more autonomy over your content consumption.

However, bypassing these restrictions also means you have to deal with the consequences. The biggest one is, arguably, potential conflict with your family. This is especially true if you use methods that are more easily traced such as resetting your router.

In addition, some of these methods are a bit dire and can come with compromises. For example, while factory resetting your device will wipe its parental controls, you’ll also lose all your data.


Final Word

how to bypass family link
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Learning how to bypass family link restrictions is surprisingly easy. There are many ways to do so from the simple to the convoluted. You can simply change your phone’s date and time or conduct a factory reset to bypass every restriction altogether. However, remember that bypassing parental controls will come with its consequences, especially concerning family relationships.

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