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The PlayStation 5, also known as the PS5, has taken the gaming industry by storm since its release in November 2020. With its powerful hardware, stunning graphics, and immersive gameplay, it has quickly become a must-have console for gamers around the world. But have you ever wondered how much this cutting-edge gaming machine weighs?

In this article, we will explore the factors that contribute to the weight of the PS5 and delve into the specifics of its different components. We will also compare the weight of the PS5 to other popular gaming consoles on the market. Whether you’re curious about the weight for practical reasons or just want to satisfy your curiosity, you’ve come to the right place.

Understanding the weight of the PS5 is important not only for transport and storage purposes but also for considering its overall build quality. A heavier console can often indicate a robust construction and better heat dissipation, which are vital for maintaining optimal performance during those intense gaming sessions.

So, join us as we unravel the mysteries of the PS5’s weight and shed light on the various components that contribute to it. Whether you’re a proud owner of the console or contemplating getting one, this article will provide you with valuable information that will not only satisfy your curiosity but also help you make informed decisions about your gaming setup.


Factors Affecting the Weight of the PS5

The weight of the PS5 is influenced by several factors that contribute to its overall size and design. Here are the key factors that determine the weight of this powerful gaming console:

  1. Internal Hardware: The internal components and hardware of the PS5, such as the motherboard, CPU, GPU, and cooling system, play a significant role in its weight. The powerful processing units and advanced cooling mechanisms contribute to a heavier console compared to previous generations.
  2. External Casing: The external casing of the PS5 is made of high-quality materials, which not only provide durability but also add to the weight. The use of sturdy plastics and metals ensures the console’s structural integrity and gives it a premium feel.
  3. Power Supply Unit: The power supply unit (PSU) is an essential component of the PS5 that converts AC power from outlets into the DC power required by the console. The PSU’s size and capacity have an impact on the overall weight of the console.
  4. Storage: The storage capacity of the PS5 also affects its weight. The built-in SSD (Solid-State Drive) provides fast loading times and ample storage space for games. The larger the storage capacity, the heavier the console will be.
  5. Connectivity Ports: The various connectivity ports, such as USB, HDMI, and Ethernet, also contribute to the weight of the PS5. These ports allow gamers to connect peripherals like controllers, headsets, and external devices.

These factors work together to determine the weight of the PS5. It is worth noting that while the weight of the console may vary slightly, it generally falls within a specific range. Understanding these factors can help you make informed decisions when it comes to transport, storage, and setting up your PS5 gaming station.


The Weight of the PS5 Console

The PS5 console is a powerful gaming machine that boasts impressive hardware and advanced features. When it comes to its weight, the PS5 is not a lightweight. It is important to consider this factor, especially if you plan on moving or transporting the console frequently. Let’s dive into the specific weight details of the PS5 console.

The PS5 console, without any additional accessories or attachments, weighs approximately 9.9 pounds or 4.5 kilograms. This weight corresponds to the standard model of the PS5, which includes the disc drive. It is important to note that there are slight variations in weight depending on the specific model and any additional components, such as the digital-only edition.

The PS5’s weight is a testament to its robust construction and powerful internals. With its beefy cooling system and advanced hardware, the console is built to deliver a seamless gaming experience. The weight also indicates the presence of quality materials and components that contribute to the console’s durability.

Additionally, the PS5’s weight distribution is well-balanced, ensuring stability and preventing it from toppling over during gameplay. The console’s design includes a slightly slanted shape, which aids in proper ventilation and heat dissipation, contributing to its weight as well.

If you plan on moving or transporting your PS5 console, it is essential to handle it with care. The weight may require some extra effort when packing or lifting the console. It is advisable to use a sturdy carrying case or a dedicated console bag to protect it from any accidental damage during transportation.

Overall, the weight of the PS5 console reflects its powerful capabilities and robust construction. While it may not be the lightest gaming console on the market, it is a testament to the high-quality materials and advanced hardware used in its design. So, whether you’re setting up your gaming station or planning to take your PS5 to a friend’s house, be prepared for the weight and enjoy the incredible gaming experience it offers.


The Weight of the PS5 DualSense Controller

The PS5 DualSense controller is a key component of the PlayStation 5 gaming experience. It offers innovative features and a comfortable design that enhances gameplay. When it comes to the weight of the DualSense controller, it strikes a balance between functionality and ergonomics.

The PS5 DualSense controller weighs approximately 280 grams or 0.62 pounds. This weight is slightly heavier compared to its predecessor, the DualShock 4 controller of the PlayStation 4. The added weight can be attributed to various factors, including the improved haptic feedback system, adaptive triggers, built-in microphone, and enhanced overall build quality.

The increased weight of the DualSense controller contributes to a sturdier and more substantial feel in hand, providing a sense of control and immersion in gameplay. The additional weight is evenly distributed throughout the controller, ensuring a balanced and comfortable grip during long gaming sessions.

Despite the slight increase in weight, the DualSense controller remains ergonomically designed, with carefully placed buttons, triggers, and joysticks. The controller’s weight does not cause unnecessary strain or fatigue during gameplay, and the added features enhance the overall gaming experience.

It is important to note that the DualSense controller’s weight can vary slightly depending on any additional attachments or accessories. For example, if you choose to attach the optional charging dock or thumbstick covers, it may add a few extra grams to the overall weight.

Considering the weight of the DualSense controller is valuable when it comes to gaming comfort and control. The slight increase in weight compared to previous generations is a result of the controller’s advanced features and improved build quality. So, whether you’re engaging in epic battles or exploring immersive worlds, the DualSense controller’s weight adds to the overall gaming experience on the PlayStation 5.


The Weight of the PS5 Box

When purchasing a PS5, it is essential to consider not only the weight of the console and controller but also the weight of the packaging. The weight of the PS5 box will determine the ease of transporting and handling it. Let’s take a closer look at the weight of the PS5 box.

The weight of the PS5 box can vary depending on the specific bundle or edition you purchase. However, on average, the standard PS5 box weighs around 17 pounds or 7.7 kilograms. This weight includes the console, controller, cables, and any additional accessories that come with the package. It is important to note that the weight may vary slightly based on the region and any retailer-specific packaging inserts.

The PS5 box is sturdy and designed to protect the console and its contents during transportation and storage. The use of durable materials ensures that the console reaches its destination without any damage. The package also includes foam padding and dividers to secure all components, further adding to the weight of the box.

Due to the weight of the PS5 box, it is advisable to handle it with care and use proper lifting techniques when moving or transporting it. It is recommended to have a clear and spacious area when unboxing the console to ensure a safe and hassle-free experience.

Furthermore, the weight of the PS5 box is an indication of the size and dimensions of the packaging. It may take up a significant amount of space, especially if you plan on storing it for future use or during a move. Considering the weight and size will aid in planning and organizing the available storage or transportation options.

In summary, the weight of the PS5 box can be substantial but necessary to ensure the protection and safety of the console and its accessories during transit. By being aware of the weight, you can plan accordingly and handle the box with caution, ensuring that your PS5 arrives intact and ready for an incredible gaming experience.


Comparing the Weight of the PS5 with Other Consoles

When it comes to gaming consoles, the weight is an important consideration, especially for those who plan on transporting or moving their gaming setup frequently. Let’s compare the weight of the PS5 with some other popular gaming consoles on the market.

The PS5 console, with its sleek and robust design, weighs approximately 9.9 pounds or 4.5 kilograms. In comparison, its predecessor, the PlayStation 4 (PS4) weighs around 6.2 pounds or 2.8 kilograms. This increase in weight can be attributed to the more powerful internal components and advanced features of the PS5.

Looking beyond the PlayStation family, the Xbox Series X, Microsoft’s flagship console, weighs approximately 9.8 pounds or 4.45 kilograms. Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X have similar weight ranges, indicating their solid build and advanced hardware.

In contrast, the Nintendo Switch, a hybrid console designed for handheld and docked gaming, weighs significantly less. The Nintendo Switch console alone weighs around 0.88 pounds or 0.4 kilograms. However, when docked with its accompanying dock, the weight increases to approximately 1.62 pounds or 0.73 kilograms.

It is worth noting that the weight of gaming consoles can vary depending on the specific model and any additional accessories included in the package. It is always recommended to check the official specifications of each console before making any comparisons.

Considering the weight of gaming consoles is important for mobility and ease of setup. The weight not only affects transportation but also showcases the build quality and hardware capabilities of each console. Whether you prefer the power of the PS5 or the portability of the Nintendo Switch, understanding the weight will help you plan and optimize your gaming experience.



In this article, we have explored the weight of the PS5 console, DualSense controller, and packaging. The weight of the PS5 console ranges around 9.9 pounds or 4.5 kilograms, indicating its robust build and powerful internals. The DualSense controller weighs approximately 280 grams or 0.62 pounds, striking a balance between functionality and ergonomics. Additionally, the PS5 box, including the console and accessories, weighs around 17 pounds or 7.7 kilograms, emphasizing the need for careful handling during transport.

Comparing the weight of the PS5 with other gaming consoles, we find that it aligns closely with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X in terms of weight. The Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, is significantly lighter due to its portable design.

Understanding the weight of the PS5 and its components is crucial for considerations such as transportation, storage, and overall stability. The weight reflects the solid build quality, powerful hardware, and advanced features that the PS5 offers to enhance the gaming experience.

Whether you are a proud owner of the PS5 or considering getting one, being aware of its weight helps you plan for ease of use, setup, and protecting the console and accessories during transport. So, embrace the weight of the PS5, appreciate its durability, and immerse yourself in the incredible gaming adventures it has to offer.

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